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  1. premierplayer

    Have I interrupted you?

    Yes this, just not worth the heartburn, move on, lots of choices.
  2. premierplayer

    Date Clues of Modern Ludwig Snares

    I have a recent addition LM404, can't find a date stamp, no # on the Keystone badge. It has a paper tag on the interior with, I'm guessing a serial #, 3HE083762. Previous owner says he bought it at GC in 2019?? Can any of you Ludwig gurus give some help dating this drum? Drum has Remo heads...
  3. premierplayer

    Hi hat bottoms..we don't talk much about them

    1st choice, A MS bottom / K top 2nd choice, Z bottom / K top 3rd choice, A MS bottom / A MS top (these are the same as New Beat tops) 4th choice, A MS top as BOTTOM / K top (matched kinda' thang) all 14" cymbals I haven't gotten past my 1st choice in years, that's what I play. If I were to add...
  4. premierplayer

    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    VA peeps, Merry Christmas! https://richmond.craigslist.org/msg/d/urbanna-zildjian-24-medium-ride-cymbal/7561068567.html
  5. premierplayer

    OT - Canadian Bands

    Gary Peterson - The Guess Who
  6. premierplayer

    Holy Grail cymbals

    No such thing. Just when you think you've found it, there comes another. YMMV
  7. premierplayer

    The magic 3A stick!

    Ordered 3 pair, I've been playing VF 5a for soooo long, we'll see how this turns out.
  8. premierplayer

    Let's play Ludwig "would you rather"....

    I would go new, just not into all the vintage issues. Now, the Blue Strata, sorry, not a fan.
  9. premierplayer

    30 years - Same kit

    I seem to max out at about 5 years before a change, I have a few drum bits I've picked up along the way that are 20+ years. But no kits. I like Pearl drums, but no recommendations, they've got a LOT of great stuff, and their tom arms are the best :laughing6: Welcome to DFO
  10. premierplayer

    Mij restoration

    ahhh, the flower power stickers, had them on the rear windows of my first car, 64 VW, groovy
  11. premierplayer

    Your personal gig dress code

    Stage blacks mostly all indoor gigs. Summertime outdoor gigs, Hawaiian shirt usually, sometimes shorts. Then there a couple of events every year, coat and tie. It's kinda' fun actually.
  12. premierplayer

    Thanksgiving = Sweet Potato Casserole

    Me & Betty, I'm making & taking this and ice cream to the in-laws for dinner tomorrow. https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/best-apple-crisp/3715a45c-3c00-430c-bbe2-9865f9013238
  13. premierplayer

    Warped vintage cymbals........how do they get that way ??

    My first thoughts, stand knocked over, dropped, stepped on, or run over with car/truck/van/trailer. It happens. In my experience, there is usually cracking/tearing involved with a poorly tensioned cymbal.
  14. premierplayer

    Putting rivets in a metal snare drum shell

    So how does this Bronze snare drum sound without a vent? What is the return policy? just kidding My glass is half empty on eight holes, I like @1988fxlr idea.
  15. premierplayer

    Sentimental value of gear!

    I've said "never" a few times, then after some time passed, I've let them go. There has been some sellers remorse on occasion. It's been a catch and release program here all along the journey.
  16. premierplayer

    K sweet 21" ride/crash or Sabian ride/crash 21" ?

    If you have the opportunity, A-B a Zildjian "A" Sweet ride to a Zildjian "K" Sweet ride.
  17. premierplayer

    What have you got on order now ?

    Pulled the trigger, couldn't wait any longer. No self control :rolleyes:
  18. premierplayer

    Guitar Polish on Lacquered Drums?

    Meguire's car products, paste wax, cleaner/wax, liquid wax, spray on detailer. Pretty much I've used them all at one time or another. No issues. Good results.
  19. premierplayer

    Is this cymbal inverted?

    That's inverted. All of those holes have destroyed the tension, someone has stomped on the H-H and it collapsed. Put the cup on your knee, hands on the edge and give it a quick tug, kinda' pop it. Should come right back. Be gentle with it, or it will invert again.