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  1. TheBeachBoy

    Duct Tape on Cymbals! Arrrggghh! How do you remove the glue without destroying the cymbal?

    Maybe if you used a hack saw or hammer to remove it :)
  2. TheBeachBoy

    Is country drumming boring?

    Depends. If it's the outlaw stuff like Waylon or Merle, or the Bakersfield sound of Buck Owens or Dwight Yoakam, or even the occasional Garth Brooks, then I enjoy playing it. If it's newer but has that classic sound, like Midland or Sturgill Simpson then I also enjoy it. Beyond that it's not...
  3. TheBeachBoy

    Home Recording, simply

    A cheaper treatment option is a large comforter from the thrift store. Take two mic stands and make T's out of them to hold it up, or build a frame from PVC pipe.
  4. TheBeachBoy

    Home Recording, simply

    That mic/interface combo is definitely an upgrade plus you can always add another AT2020 for stereo pair overheads or my choice would be a bass drum mic. Treating the room will help a ton too. I added some blackout curtains to the wall that my drums face and it helps reduce unwanted reflections...
  5. TheBeachBoy

    Your personal gig dress code

    One of my side projects was a 60's garage rock (Animals, Ventures, etc) so we wore suits with skinny ties. Didn't bother me. Now with my main gig if I have to wear a suit it means $$$. Still won't wear shorts to a gig, no matter how hot it is. If it's a poolside gig I'll wear khakis and an Aloha...
  6. TheBeachBoy

    Singing Drummers

    I mostly do background and harmonies. I'll do a lead occasionally but I don't like to do that often. I like the drums because I can kind of be in the spotlight but I'm not the center of attention. If I sing a lead now I'm in the center.
  7. TheBeachBoy

    Your personal gig dress code

    Black sneakers or my brown Chelsea work boots, blue jeans, and either a shirt with something funny on it, or a button-up western shirt if the weather is cool enough. This is for majority of gigs but we'll dress up more if it's a wedding or other more formal event.
  8. TheBeachBoy

    Thanksgiving = Sweet Potato Casserole

    The only turkey I really liked was the one time I made dinner for my wife and me. Usually it's too dry. Never been a fan of sweet potatoes but I'll eat mashed and funeral potatoes and ham all day long. Plus green bean casserole.
  9. TheBeachBoy

    How did you feel when you found out your drum hero didn’t play on a track?

    Love Me Do, Back in the USSR, Dear Prudence, Ballad of John & Yoko, Blackbird, and of course Yesterday.
  10. TheBeachBoy

    How did you feel when you found out your drum hero didn’t play on a track?

    I did this for an old band where I played bass but we recorded at my house and the band's drummer used my kit. His playing wasn't terrible but it needed tightening up and it was easier for me to just re-record the whole album. We recorded live together and there was too much bleed to fix the...
  11. TheBeachBoy

    Gigs, feast or famine.

    Our typical slow season is summer since all the ASU students and the snowbirds go back home and the locals go on vacation to cooler climates. Still, we average at least 2 to 3 gigs a week in the slow season and our singer manages at least 4 or 5 solo shows. Our good season starts in October and...
  12. TheBeachBoy

    Sobering Gig Cancellation

    Glad no one got hurt. Such a random thing to happen and no way to predict it. I always hate when there's a TV mounted on the wall above/behind me. You never know if it was properly installed or if it was ever hit by another group during setup and the fasteners weakened.
  13. TheBeachBoy

    Sakae flat base cymbal stands

    Not sure where you can find them but I wish I got more than two when they were on sale. I'm using the early 2000's Ludwig flat base stands and they're probably close to retirement from gigging and I like the ones I use in my home studio.
  14. TheBeachBoy

    Very much O.T.: who has porch pirate anxiety?!?

    Generally they deliver stuff hidden off the street on the side of our house but sometimes they deliver at the front door. I built a little privacy fence on the front porch to keep deliveries hidden and to give the house a little extra flair.
  15. TheBeachBoy

    It’s LudVig, you morons! DCP voicemail

    Pay-stee or Pie-stee?
  16. TheBeachBoy

    Your Approach to the Ride Cymbal Bell

    Just like the best jokes. Inside.
  17. TheBeachBoy

    Bass drum losing its virginity

    I've used spade bits before for XLR jacks, but a hole saw is the better choice. Pilot then hole saw from each side and you won't have any tear-out.
  18. TheBeachBoy

    Fresh off the press. My new video "How to fix your bass drum head in less than a minute"

    If anything, having a backup means you probably won't bust the head at a gig in the first place :icon_lol: I keep my patch in my cymbal bag and forget it's even there. I've busted two heads before, and fortunately one at the end of the gig and the other closer to the end but a very low-key...
  19. TheBeachBoy

    Fresh off the press. My new video "How to fix your bass drum head in less than a minute"

    Nice video. To the point without fluff. I've been carrying one of these patches for a few years now ever since I heard of them. Fortunately I haven't had the need yet, but it's nice knowing I've got backup.
  20. TheBeachBoy

    Anyone gone from 22 or 24 to 20 bass drum?

    I only have a Fullerton era Rogers kit with a 20" so it's not really a fully fair comparison. Those drums punch way above their size, but even then I wouldn't gig with it regularly. I have it set up as a recording kit and it's great at that, but I still prefer a 22 or 24 for gigs. There's just...