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  1. premierplayer

    Ole K, Japan, Kingston 22

    SOLD Extra dark and Spooky @ 2227 grams. Some minor keyholing (.44x" hole size), some light edge dings and dents, nothing crazy. Dirty and heavy patina. I have done nothing to clean or preserve this one. $149 prefer a local sale
  2. premierplayer

    FB Marketplace

    So I've got a 3 piece listed. Guy messages me asks me for my best price and will I meet him 1/2 way? I tell him listed price is my best price, and I'll meet him 1/2 way if he gives me a nonrefundable deposit. I'm out of line?
  3. premierplayer

    Replacing beater felt pads?

    So, I have at least a half dozen DW dual beaters with the felts worn down to the hard plastic. Replacement beaters are $20 a pop, for me that's x's 2 as I play a double pedal. My gears have been turning since we discussed beater angle adjustment devices with @michaelg . I need to replace two...
  4. premierplayer

    Gretsch, Catalina Maple 16 x 16 FT

    Dark Gloss Cherry, 7 ply. New G2 batter, reused Gretsch clear resonant (has dents, handling I guess) This is a players drum, a solid 6 footer. I did a hoops/heads off detail, touchup & polish. Found 2 non original tension rods and a little bit of flaking on the hoops all right behind the eyelets...
  5. premierplayer

    Touch-up markers

    I bought these for touch-ups on newly installed hardwood flooring at the orange big box. They are also awesome for touching up drum shells. Hope this helps someone out.
  6. premierplayer

    sciatica, not a good thing

    I started typing the whole story, TMI! I've seen the Dr and I'm on meds, and got some relief, BUT... It's hard for me to sit down, pinches the nerve running down the back of my left leg, PAIN, from my butt to my ankle. Have any of you guys/gals been through this and made a change for the better...
  7. premierplayer

    Gretsch & UFIP

    https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/msg/d/silver-spring-vintage-gretsch-pearl/7505365945.html Wrong place, sorry, mybad. I tried to delete, fail. TIA Mods
  8. premierplayer

    There was a crack, but it's been repaired.

    https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/msg/d/burke-meinl-byzance-22-jazz-medium-ride/7501308928.html What the heck did they do that with? :dontknow: A shovel?
  9. premierplayer

    Renown education, please

    Do all renown's have "Renown" on the badge? I'm going to look at a used kit and need some Gretsch education.
  10. premierplayer

    OT, Buffalo peeps

    Hope this finds everyone, + friends & family OK up there.
  11. premierplayer

    Gruv-X, a new twist on cymbal sizzlers

    Just came across this on my FB feed (Dale's DS) <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https://www.facebook.com/dalesdrumshop/posts/10159413166498070&show_text=true&width=500" width="500" height="703" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"...
  12. premierplayer

    Paiste, 18 thin crash / SOLD

    DFO'ers get $125 and free ship to 48 US Makes it a hundid dolla symbol, it's a good hundid dolla symbol, oh yeah John Bonham... https://reverb.com/item/48651149-paiste-18-thin-crash
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    Vistalite question

    Asking for a friend, not really. I've been thinking maybe I'd like to piece together a VL jelly bean kit on the cheep. Looks like there are some deals out there on single headed drums. If I were to add lugs, a hoop, and a head I could be getting a value priced two headed drum. My...
  15. premierplayer

    Christmas drums you didn't get

    https://smd.craigslist.org/msg/d/owings-christmas-drums-pc-shell-pack/7254505135.html I bought these to put in a rehersal space in NWDC, we haven't used that space for 10+ months. I haven't even played them. I paid $350, not the best buy I ever made, but they are near perfect/like new, that...
  16. premierplayer

    North drums

    https://annapolis.craigslist.org/msg/d/showell-1970-north-drum-collectors-set/7246090483.html You don't see these often. Hope this can satisfy someones itch. Not mine, and I'm not connected in any way. I just spotted these on Craigs and thought I'd share. If someone here picks these up, please...
  17. premierplayer

    Drum rugs, whats you got

    We haven't done this in a while, here's one of mine that has been arround a while. There have been changes for different kits, and hardware changes. Second pic is everything in its place for todays social distance Birthday hit.
  18. premierplayer

    SOLD! Yamaha, Stage Custom, 4 pc. shell pack

    Gold Metallic, VGC, see pics. Local pick up, cash deal, $350 I'm located 20 minutes South of the Washington Beltway on MD Rt 4. (Joint Base Andrews exit) 24 x 17 Bass 12 x 9 Tom 16 x 16 Floor Tom 14 x 6.5 / 10 lug Snare
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    Looks like it's been taken down completely now. My sad. Thanks for everything Chad and Patrice, it was a good ride.
  20. premierplayer

    Faces to the names

    We haven't done this for a while. How about we attach some smiles to those screen names :happy7:. I'll start, here I am doing some head swaps poolside today. How about you guys post up a current head shot, so we can attach a face to those crazy posts.