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  1. dingaling

    How do you record your practice sessions?

    Do you use video to record your practice sessions? What do you use? iPhone?
  2. dingaling

    JCR cowbells

    Hi- I don’t think I’ll be needing these anymore so on to a new family they go. 4 JCR cowbells. All in very good-great condition. Top left clockwise: approx 4” 8” 7” 8” Pretty much covers every gig. $300 each or $900 for all 4 plus shipping.
  3. dingaling

    Drum collection videos

    This should be a fun thread.
  4. dingaling

    Ludwig snare grommet

    I saw a couple Ludwig snare grommets with a seam. Does that mean they have been replaced? I think my Ludwig grommets were all seamless.
  5. dingaling


    Hi- Selling 2 bar to bar clamps and 2 bar to cymbal holder clamps. Worth $100 but selling for $25 plus shipping. PM me if interested. Thanks
  6. dingaling

    Super duper cool jazz kit

    Maxwells has these new jazz sizes vistalites. They look so cool and I’d love to get one.
  7. dingaling

    Ludwig 6-ply 70’s

    I’m sure this has been discussed but I’m curious what you think about 70’s 6 ply kits. They seem to hold less value than 3 ply but does anyone prefer them?
  8. dingaling

    OT- New Cat

    The best cat who ever lived passed away last month. I had him and his sister. Obviously a very grief filled couple weeks followed. The sister cat has been really depressed. She’s never been alone before. So I decided to adopt a new kitten to keep her company. They are still getting used to...
  9. dingaling

    Sonor Lite Snare

    This is iconic. Just happen to have 2 of the exact drum. Selling this very good condition Sonor lite in Scandinavian birch. Minor pitting otherwise as new. $1,200 plus shipping or pick up in NYC area. Would consider a trade for craviotto solid shell 6.5 snare. Pretty, ain’t she?
  10. dingaling

    Extra deep snare drums

    Let’s see your extra deep snares. (Anything deeper than 8”) This 14x10 sounds awesome.
  11. dingaling

    Drumming and the brain

    An interesting insight.
  12. dingaling

    Breakbeats upgraded

    I love watching videos like these that show heads and edges go a long long way in a drums sound.
  13. dingaling

    Best way to clean up mahogany finish

    Just bought a Ludwig Mahogany drum. Looks a bit scratched up. Any suggestions on covering up the scratches?
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    Aliens come down and take you away forever, they say you can only take a suitcase of clothes and 1 kit with 1 bass and 2 toms, 1 ride, 1 crash, and 1 set of hats with supporting hardware (and some sticks). If you don’t already own it they will buy it for you to take with. What kit and cymbals...
  15. dingaling

    8-Lug Snares

    I don’t know if we give 8-lug snares enough love. Canopus uses mostly 8-lugs for snare. I have a Canopus steel 5” snare drum 8-lug that sounds amazing, I love it. My vintage Ludwig 5” jazz fest and Acrolite are 8-lug. I think every other snare I have is 10-lug. I feel like the drum...
  16. dingaling

    Show off your piccolo snares!

    I’ve been playing drums for many years and just noticed how many piccolo snares I now have. All sound totally different. (I consider a piccolo anything under 5”) 4x14 N&C SS Maple 4.5x14 Brady Jaharra ply (bought on this forum from a member) 4x14 Ludwig Downbeat (I bought really cheap on eBay...
  17. dingaling

    Ludwig Acrolite official thread

    I’ve gotten into Ludwig Acrolite snares as of recent. There’s quite a few comparison videos of different years models. Since most drummers have one, let’s see a pic yours and post the year if you know it. Let’s open this up to aluminum only Acrolite or Black Acrolite’s. Does anyone have...
  18. dingaling

    Embracing wabi-sabi

    I’ve been working on Japanese Wabi-Sabi, which is where you embrace an aesthetic flaw as beauty. Follow me here, so if your drum has a scrape in the finish, it actually makes the drum more attractive because of its imperfections. In nature, very few things are aesthetically perfect so it’s...
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    Completed my Ludwig snare triology today. Just found a black Acrolite 6.5 snare to add to my 6.5 black beauty and 6.5 hammered bronze. Should be here early next week. Anyone play one of those? Feedback?
  20. dingaling

    Gretsch with reinforcement rings

    I know it’s been brought up with the photos of Cindy Blackman playing a Gretsch kit with obvious added re-rings. Has anyone tried this? I would assume it would add more focus to the sound and take away some of the ring? I’d really love to hear one. I know a few companies that could add...