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  1. TheBeachBoy

    Rewrapped my Pearl Exports

    A couple weeks ago I rewrapped my Pearl Export kit. The kit was originally wine red and around 2004 I painted it a duco blue/cream color. Five years ago I had stripped the wrap and stained it but wanted to do something different, plus it needed a deep cleaning from all the rust. We've gotten...
  2. TheBeachBoy

    Ever have one of those gigs?

    It starts off with a cold I got from my kid's first week of school. I'm not feeling too bad, just a bit tired. I stayed away from everyone and wore a mask when I had to go inside. Start setting up and the zipper pull tab breaks off my stick bag. No problem, I can still open it. Next, I've been...
  3. TheBeachBoy

    NMD - New Mic Day

    I just bought a Behringer BA 19a boundary mic for my main gigging kit, my Pearl Exports. Previously I had been using a Gear One MK1000 I picked up years ago from a bad person Stupid Deal of the Day for $20 or $30. Nothing wrong with that mic, it actually sounds much better than you'd expect. Just time...
  4. TheBeachBoy

    This stage - Safe or not?

    My singer and I played a restaurant in Tempe last Tuesday that had this for the stage. I opted to set up in front on the ground because honestly, it doesn't look very safe. The manager was fine with that because it was a slower day right after a big holiday and it's just a duo. We're playing...
  5. TheBeachBoy

    Attack heads and durability

    I got some Attack heads (batter and snare side) last year on sale and finally put a set on. I put it on Feb 22nd and took this pic March 9th, so just about two weeks and six gigs. Is it common for the coating to wear out so fast? I really like the sound and at least I don't use brushes but I'm...
  6. TheBeachBoy

    Another LED strip thread

    A couple weeks back I got an LED strip to put on my bass drum for our big Christmas/Holiday party we do every year. Unfortunately the package arrived just as I was leaving for the gig but I did eventually get it set up. Ended up putting them on the inside of the BD hoop. I thought about putting...
  7. TheBeachBoy

    Just swapped out my Acrolite P83 for INDe

    My P83 has generally been pretty good, and I like to keep things stock if I can help it, but the threaded ball that's attached to the slide plate has never stayed in place and it's too much of a liability at gigs so it was time to get something new (after dealing with it for 15+ years). After a...
  8. TheBeachBoy

    Semi-OT: Drummer Dad milestone achieved

    Our son just turned 18 months at the beginning of August and last Christmas my mom gave him a Little Tikes drum. He doesn't play with that too much but he loves the drum sticks that came with it (mostly chewing on them). He also plays with a toy bongo some of our friends gave him. So, just the...
  9. TheBeachBoy

    Quarantine bongos rebuild project

    During our state's lockdown I was looking for projects I could do without having to go to Lowe's or Home Depot. When I was doing some spring cleaning I found these bongos I've had since some time in the early 2000's. They had seen better days as the 6" head was ripped and there were some...
  10. TheBeachBoy

    Live streams

    Since more of us are doing live streams to try to fill the void of playing live, it's easier for us to share our music with everyone. I figured it would be cool to hear everyone else since we don't often get that chance. I'll start with ours from yesterday. I updated with a link the camera guy...
  11. TheBeachBoy

    Sacrilege to drill out mounting hole?

    I have a 50's Zildjian A that has the smaller mounting hole. My stands have the 6mm post, but every time we play a backline setup the cymbal sits really tight since those are all 8mm. I'm afraid of cracking it since it doesn't swing as freely. Is it a no-no to drill it out to match a modern...
  12. TheBeachBoy

    OT: My son's 1st birthday

    Many of you may remember me posting about having our son. Well, he turned one today. He and my wife actually share the Groundhog Day birthday and it was/is her favorite gift. He loves tapping on everything, so only time will tell if he wants to play drums. It's truly amazing how many milestones...
  13. TheBeachBoy

    Played at the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

    As the title says, we played the Barrett-Jackson car auction yesterday (Friday). We had the 11am to 1:30 slot so it was pretty warm on stage, especially with the carpeting they had, and I was in the direct sun the entire time, just barely under the awning. We were in the midway, so lots of...
  14. TheBeachBoy

    Halloween Gig Sunday

    We didn't really have any Halloween gigs this year (Friday the singer and I had two gigs & no gig Sat.), so we decided to dress up yesterday. A fan/friend of ours dressed up as our bass player. He told me and the guitarist about it a couple weeks ago, so with that knowledge I decided to dress up...
  15. TheBeachBoy

    The smallest stage

    We've all played small stages, but I think this one wins for smallest. They're called De Vierkante Meter, which literally means "One Square Meter" Here's one video of them:
  16. TheBeachBoy

    What's going on with this kit?

    I saw this on Reddit. The more you look, the worse it gets. I figured DFO could use a little levity after some of the more serious threads here lately.
  17. TheBeachBoy

    4th of July weekend gig

    Played a Scottsdale bar called Rockbar this Saturday. We were worried that because it was the weekend after the 4th that everybody would either still be out of town or too burnt out to come out. Fortunately we were very wrong and we had one of the best turnouts we've ever had there. It was...
  18. TheBeachBoy

    OT: It's been a month of fatherhood

    It's been a month since my son was born. Good grief does time fly when you're busy feeding and changing diapers... My wife's parents were here for a week (they live out-of-state) and my mom stayed a couple nights, plus my sister, brother & sister-in-law stopped by a few times to help out too...
  19. TheBeachBoy

    OT: I'm a dad!

    My wife started having some light contractions Friday afternoon, but not so bad that I had to skip my gig. Made it back home a little after 10 pm and the contractions were getting stronger and more consistent. She tried going to sleep, but they were getting bad enough we went to the hospital...
  20. TheBeachBoy

    OT: Weezer's (surprise) Teal Album

    So Weezer just released their Teal Album before they release the Black Album in March. There was no promotion or hint that it even existed, just "Here it is!" Of course, it starts off with "Africa" and includes mostly 80's covers by the Eurythmics, a-ha, Tears for Fears, but also throws in the...