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    OT:A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs Podcast

    If you are into music history check this podcast out. I've been binging for awhile now - up to about 100. The author, Andrew Hickey, is up to 155 - so I'll be caught up at some point. Exhaustively detailed - he starts in 1938 and will end it in 1999. It is one man's opinion - but highly...
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    Zak Starkey on Who Tour - Pads for Cymbals

    I just saw this - Zak using pads instead of cymbals. It appears the drums are real - but not sure - the DW's look a bit different. I'm sure it's to bring volume levels down for especially Pete and Roger. The nature of the instrumentation might also have something to do with it. Interesting.
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    Another Gadd Aja Story

    This is an excerpt from a Gary Katz interview I had seen on YT but can't find now - but I found an excerpt and pasted below. Pretty incredible and hilarious. You gotta love Steve! "One day, you’re talking about the song called “Aja” that has some really interesting anecdotal material, that...
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    Chaffee Book CD's / Audio Files

    I just found the CDs from Gary Chaffee's Time Functioning and Sticking patterns. I have been working out of the books. They were pretty scratched up but I cleaned them up only to discover I have no drives on any of my computers to see if they work. I wanted to rip them. Looked around but don't...
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    Vinnie and Gadd Recording

    This may have been posted already - really cool. The tune is Six Million Dollar Man Theme from the album Superheroes by Randy Waldman. Just found this - if you can listen to the finished tune - I'd love to see what they were looking at. So interesting to hear the drums raw through I guess a...
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    Vocalist Disagrees With Bernstein's Tempo

    Pretty interesting... No clicks here.
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    Late 60's Flashback

    Pretty interesting lineup - Buddy Miles and Roland Kirk too! I guess every generation will say the same thing about their early musical memories - but late 60's early 70's really was a wide open frontier where anything seemed possible - and people were open to new things (obviously drugs too).
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    Setlist App (Droid) Recommendation

    I just got a recurring gig and have to learn quite a few tunes by mid month. I usually write my charts ( my own hieroglyphics) on paper and arrange per set list. I'm thinking I'd like to scan each chart and load them so I can pull up alphabetically. This is probably going to be a gig without a...
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    Bill Schnee Gadd Story

    I just started watching this - it's the first six minutes. Great story - I'm also reading the Steely Dan bio - and back then it was all about the drummer.
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    Delaney & Bonnie & Friends Copenhagen (December 12, 1969)

    I've been watching interviews with Bobbly Whitlock and he mentioned their only European tour. Pretty cool - the sound is not the greatest but it's really interesting. Gordon on Camco's (I'm pretty sure) Delaney Bramlett, Bonnie Bramlett, Eric Clapton,, George Harrison, Rita Coolidge, Bobby...
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    Billy Higgins - Excellently Shot

    Lot's of long close ups - mix sounds really nice too. It's one thing to listen to jazz - but when you see it a whole different ballgame. Why are all the best videos like this produced outside the US? (Actually of course I do know why.} This appears to be from Norway.
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    Just heard this term for the first time - I would venture to say that the majority of us here are prosumers. I am for sure. "An amateur who purchases equipment with quality or features suitable for professional use"
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    Police - Merry Christmas

    Stumbled upon this - early Police - 40 years ago. Three guys... Wow - this is what it's all about Charlie Brown
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    Jo Jo Mayer Hiram Bullock

    Music starts @ 1:20 - Jo Jo grooving nicely (although he's hardly shown - on a German show!) - and Hiram's solo at the end... don't miss it
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    Original Tune - Recent Posts

    With a lot of posts regarding recording and video I thought I'd share my recent efforts. Still bumbling around trying to figure it all out - that includes the playing too. A tune from our guitarist. He sent me the guitar parts and a simple bass part. He really gave me no input prior. It's so...
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    Covid Video

    Keeping ourselves occupied - learning about video editing. " Idle hands...."
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    Whisper Room

    Looking for insight on Whisper room or other types of portable isolation rooms. Searched the forum but didn't find much. I know they are expensive and not totally sound proof - but I'm trying to figure out alternatives if my current practice facility goes out of business.
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    OT - If You're Feeling Blue

    All the Sound and Fury we are usually into doesn't seem to touch me like this during these times:
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    Pearl Wood Fiberglass 22-13-16 Sold

    Pearl Wood Fiberglass Drums (Current Version) For Sale 14 x 22, 9 x 13, 16 x 16 in Satin Cocoa Burst The rack was drilled and an INDe Mount was installed. Kick was drilled and a Ludwig bass drum mount installed. Post is included. Kick has PS3 and the Pearl front head. The toms have G2’s on...
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    Fillmore East Show Schedule

    Check these line ups out - was at a few. http://www.fillmore-east.com/showlist.html