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  1. Santino

    Your personal gig dress code

    I say keep it simple.
  2. Santino

    What is missing from this “clanger”?

    There should be a circular band with two holes that line up with the existing holes. Beater rod inserted into circular band and tightened by a bolt/wingnut running through the matched holes. Several samples can be found on reverb.
  3. Santino

    New Metallica Album and Tour Announced

    Smell the Glove!
  4. Santino

    Sentimental value of gear!

    I received my first kit a month before my 5th birthday. 4pc Stewart set in BDP. Worth a couple of hundred on the market. Worth a lot more to me. Still does the occasional jazz gig with me.
  5. Santino

    Major Metal band confesses to it finally !!!

    I can believe you beat VB in posting this.
  6. Santino

    O.T. Watermelon everywhere are now a little safer.

    A Chemical Engineer that smashed things with a big hammer for a living. Much Love and thanks for the laughs. RIP!
  7. Santino

    Tru Oil finish- share your stories?

    Using Tru Oil is a labor of love. It takes time and patience. Most I've gone is 18 coats on an old Winchester Shotgun Stock. She's a beaut and it was worth the month it took me.
  8. Santino

    Tru Oil finish- share your stories?

    I've finished a few gun stocks with Tru Oil. This guy has done one of the best videos of using Tru Oil. Highly Recommended.
  9. Santino

    Steer me towards a ride I will like

    Pretty big fan of the BMW M5. Nice ride. The cymbal stuff has already been covered.
  10. Santino

    the last man standing has left the building

    Rip to rock's first true bad boy.
  11. Santino

    What’s the largest (complete) kit you’ve ever purchased

    My largest was also my cheapest, oddly enough. Yamaha Stage Custom in Chestnut 8,10,12,13,14,15,16 mounted toms, 20 & 22 bass drums.
  12. Santino

    Who is your favorite drummer demo-ing on videos for their shops?

    I'd reply to that but I lack motivation to do so properly.
  13. Santino

    Who is your favorite drummer demo-ing on videos for their shops?

    I like Nick DiVirgilio doing Sweetwater's demos. I'm too damn lazy to link a youtube video.
  14. Santino

    OT: Visiting friends in Cleveland this weekend and plan on a Rock N Roll HOF visit.

    I kid. Spent a few days in Cleveland and had a great time. the R&RHOF was more of a museum of guitars, though. Was cool seeing the old CBG&B awning as I played the club back in the heyday.
  15. Santino

    Best Snare Stand to Use With a Rack Tom?

    Any concert snare stand. Designed to sit higher and most have toothless tilters. DW 320A, Pearl S1030L, Atlas LAP923SSC and others. All worthy tom holders.
  16. Santino

    Thoughts on finances and noble and cooley

    Ludwig reportedly does $20mil a year. I can believe those numbers for N&C, especially being hand-made/artisan made by what was a handful of employees.
  17. Santino

    Sonor deal?

    No...you need 5 kits. this gets you in striking distance.
  18. Santino

    Audition Nightmares .....

    I thought MTv was responsible for the industries death?
  19. Santino

    Anton Fier R.I.P.

    I really liked his playing on Bob Mould's Workbook album.