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  1. gmiller598

    Let me get this straight...

    The Sabian 40th Anniversary ride cymbal is $900?!?!?!?!?! For example: https://memphisdrumshop.com/sabian-40th-anniversary-22-artisan-raw-bell-ride-cymbal-limited-edition-3428g-a2272le-1100422h
  2. gmiller598

    ISO Dyna Sync Double Pedal

    I have the single version and I like it a lot. I want to get the double version but my wallet and the new Starclassic in my basement say otherwise. Looking to possibly liquidate some of my snare drums and my Jazz Fest Reissue in Blue Sparkle that has never left my basement since I bought it...
  3. gmiller598

    Shoes - What do you wear?

    Debating on drumming footwear. I typically play in my basement in only socks but I'll occasionally sit down with some shoes on. Usually running shoes. I know it makes my feel different. I wonder if I should wear shoes more often to help with my foot control. I recall there was a company that...
  4. gmiller598

    Any tips and tricks for mesh bass drum head feel?

    I'm giving the Evans db One heads a try for some silent practice at home and the bass drum head is giving me some troubles with the rebound and bounce back happening. Any thoughts or ideas people have done with their homes setups to try to make the bass drum feel more realistic? Even with a...
  5. gmiller598

    Mesh heads and bass drums

    Hey all, I just put the new Evans db One mesh heads on my set in my basement for practice and I enjoy them quite a bit. The one thing I struggle with is feel on the bass drum. I also have it on a new 22" Tama Starclassic bass drum with the stock unported head on the front. If I replace it with...
  6. gmiller598

    Low Volume Cymbals

    Looking to switch up to some low volume stuff for my basement to save my ears and not annoy the neighbors. I'm going to outfit my kit with the Evans db One heads after getting a chance to demo them. The cymbals are nice as well but Im looking to expand my set up and they don't have a splash and...
  7. gmiller598

    Promark stick groups

    Ok, I haven't really played ProMark equipment for 20+ years since I was in high school but the high school group I teach have decided to switch to ProMark equipment. I'd never liked their marching percussion equipment in the past but in the last couple of years they've finally released a series...
  8. gmiller598

    Pearl SuperHoop Question

    I know Pearl equipment comes with the SuperHoop II on them. I assume there was an original SuperHoop before the II based on the name. Does anyone know when those changes were made and what the differences were?
  9. gmiller598

    Dunnett Snare Throw off position

    Ok, this seems interesting to me. I just received my Dunnett Stanton Moore titanium snare from Memphis Drum Shop. Assuming the SMDC badge is the front of the drum, my throwoff switch is on the right side of the drum. When I look at photos of others online. They all seem to be on the left side...
  10. gmiller598

    Titanium snare pros and cons

    I'm debating a Dunnett Stanton Moore Titanium to go with my Acacia drum as a present to myself for a big raise and job change. They are pricy so I'm curious of thoughts and experiences with titanium. Feedback would be appreciated.
  11. gmiller598

    For the Noble & Cooley fans

    Looks like they did a run of some special snare drums for Columbus Percussion to celebrate 40 years in business. I'm curious to see what they are. I may need to swing into the shop and see one in person. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYSOGUkMuAv/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CYSOGUkMuAv/
  12. gmiller598

    Sabian cymbal stamp?

    Does Sabian still stamp a logo on the Cymbals near the top? I have some Crescent Stanton Moore models right when the logo changed and they still have the old logo still stamped in the cymbal. Not sure if they still do any stamping or not. When I looks a photo of newer cymbals it is hard to tell...
  13. gmiller598

    Ludwig Blue Diamond Brass Snare

    Stumbled across this late last night. Is this new or did I miss this? I've seen their recent white and red snare drum releases. Had I not just picked up a Black Magic with die cast hoops I'd be extremely jealous of this drum...
  14. gmiller598

    Advantage/disadvantages of a 13” snare?

    I’ve only ever owned 14” snares and I’m curious about other sizes. What would be noticeably different about a 7x13 compared to a 6.5x14 for example assuming the shell construction was the same?
  15. gmiller598

    Anyone use the Evans Genera?

    I'm curious to try one. I'm not talking about the HD/SD or Dry versions. Just the regular 1 ply with the sound control ring underneath. I'm switching everything in my set over to Evans right now and I love the UV1 and UV2 heads. Much better than my previous experiences with the G1 and G2 heads...
  16. gmiller598

    How heavy is too heavy for a tom mount on a cymbal stand?

    I‘m set up in a stripped down setup right now but when I have all of my toms set up my 13x9 is on an atlas clamp connected to a cymbal stand. It seems to weigh down considerably more than my 12x8 does. Maybe I need a stronger clamp, maybe I should find a different setup method. I have a virgin...
  17. gmiller598

    Carter McLean is now an Evans Artist

  18. gmiller598

    Anyone ever bought a B-Stock Sabian?

    I came across some B-stock Complex Thin rides on reverb and I was wondering what actually constituted a "B-stock" cymbal. I can only assume this is minor flea bites or misprinted logos that might otherwise never be noticeable. What is everyone's experience with buying a new but "B-stock" cymbal?
  19. gmiller598

    Ludwig tone control

    Looking at a picture of an Acrolite, I see the screw underneath the tone control know but I see replacement items on Reverb and newer Ludwig drums have the screw on the top of the knob. I googled around and see photos of other acrolites where the screw position is reversed. I assumed this was...
  20. gmiller598

    Quick Dfd mounting screw question.

    I'm about to order some lugs off of Drum Factory Direct. For lugs on a 1/4" thick shell, should I order the screws that say up to 1/4" or go up a size to the 3/8" shell screws to be safe?