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    Like The Band, But Can't Stand The Drummer

    Following up on another post. Is there any band that you like but absolutely can't stand the drummer?
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    Gold Bass Drum Pedal

    Who would want a GOLD bass drum pedal? No one would ever see it. https://reverb.com/item/63678465-dw-9000-series-single-bass-drum-pedal-gold?gspk=cm9icGF2bGljazY2Mjg&gsxid=Zkm0l2r4wBni&utm_campaign=robpavlick6628&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=partnerstack
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    OT: Alex Or Geddy?

    Whose solo CD do you think is better, Alex Lifeson's or Geddy Lee's?
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    Promark Fire Grain Sticks

    Has anyone used these sticks? They seem good, but are expensive. Wondering whether they are worth the extra money. ProMark Drum Sticks - Classic Forward 747 Drumsticks - FireGrain For Playing Harder, Longer - No Excess Vibration - Lacquer Finish, Oval Wood Tip, Hickory Wood
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    OT: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Oops! Sorry, I didn't see cworrick's post.
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    Bill Ward - Black Sabbath

    Being that Bill Ward and Black Sabbath were big influences when I was a youngster, I thought I would ask "what is your favorite Black Sabbath album"? Mine is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
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    Neil Peart Drum Sticks

    I have ordered a pair of Neil Peart Promark 747 Shira Kashi oak drum sticks simply because he has passed. I received them and they are the same length as my usual 747's. I thought Neil played a longer 747. He was 6'4" so I can understand why he needed longer sticks. So what's up? How do I...
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    Extra Wide Snare Wires

    I'm considering a change in snare wire size. What do the extra wide ones sound like? What do you guys/girls use them for? Jazz, rock, polka...? Do you recommend any?
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    Which Wood Type

    Which wood type do you like best for your drum sticks, and why?
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    OT: DVD vs VCD?

    What is the difference between a DVD and VCD?
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    Zildjian Earth Ride Good For Jazz?

    I saw another thread about an Earth Ride, but I have a specific question about them. Have any of you actually used an Earth Ride for jazz? What are your thoughts on such use?
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    15 Inch Hi-hats

    What are your thoughts on 15 inch hi-hats for jazz? I'd like to try something different (larger). Or, maybe 13s?
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    15 inch Hi-hats

    What are your thoughts on 15 inch hi-hats for jazz? I'd like to try something different (larger).
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    Sonor AQX Drum Set

    Does anyone know anything about a Sonor AQX Drum Set? There is one listed on craigslist, and I'm looking for an inexpensive jazz set. Thanks in advance. Sonor AQX Drum Set (Blue Sparkle) - New, never played. - 14" x 18" bass drum (with spurs) - 8" x 12" tom (with tom holder/mount and single...
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    Marimba: Why Are Some Tuned To 440 And Others To 442?

    For you marimba aficionados. I have an old Deagan marimba, and A is tuned to 440 hz. About a year ago I bought a new Majestic marimba, and noticed that A is tuned 442 hz. Why the difference?
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    OT: Jet Li's Best Movie(s)

    I did this a while ago with Jackie Chan. https://www.drumforum.org/threads/ot-which-is-your-favorite-jackie-chan-movie.164506/ I am also a big fan of Jet Li. So, what is (are) your favorite movies of his?
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    Charlie Watts Article

    I like this article I found about Charlie: https://getup.radio/playlists/cult-heroes-charlie-watts-like-a-rolling-stone/
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    Foo Fighters-Joan Jett and Travis Barker

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    Brushes: Snares On Or Off?

    Just curious. Do you guys play JAZZ brushes with the snares on or off, or both? If both, how do you decide which songs to turn on the snare, and which to turn them off?
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    I Wonder What Led Zeppelin Would Have Sounded Like.....

    .....if John Bonham continued to play double bass. What do you think? https://maubrecht.wordpress.com/2020/10/07/double-bass-bonham/#:~:text=Unlike%20some%20contemporary%20drummers%2C%20Bonham,was%20touring%20with%20Vanilla%20Fudge.