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  1. BennyK

    Something fishy here ...

    Obviously not the correct strainer . That tone control knob isn't right ...? Did Keystone Pioneers come equipped with COB , NOB hoops ? What are your observations ? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-drum-percussion/ottawa/vintage-ludwig-pioneer-14x5-snare-drum-natural-finish/1638617787?undefined
  2. BennyK

    Pop stars who became prog rock weirdos

    Just wondering ... ?
  3. BennyK

    Ain't that a shame

  4. BennyK

    Vintage cloud badge Slingerland marcher - maple interior ?

    If so , any chance this is a steambent single ply maple shell ? If it's still round , maybe a good project - no lug bolt holes to deal with . https://davesdrumshop.com/products/slingerland-14-cloud-badge-marching-drum
  5. BennyK

    I shouldn't have looked

    I have the correct NOB five lug hoops for this one . I could use these clips and single flange hoops for the batter side of a seven lug 13" snare project I've been mentalizing . Shouldn't have looked ...
  6. BennyK

    In the pocket

  7. BennyK

    ASBA jewels

    https://davesdrumshop.com/products/asba-caroline-pedal-daniel-humair-model https://davesdrumshop.com/products/asba-14-x-5-steel-snare-1970s Dave ships everywhere . Exchange rate works in your favour, Yanks !
  8. BennyK

    OT Good book alert ...

    The Spy and the Traitor - Ben Macintyre The story of Oleg Gordievsky , British mole deep inside the KGB apparatus for decades . All those suspicions I've harboured about The Guardian have been validated .
  9. BennyK

    OT Internet banking and other essential services down in Canada ....

    Sometime this morning systems became snarled and ineffective . I went to the Bank in person and did an old school cash withdrawl in case this latest snafu is but the tip of the iceberg . As of yet I've no evidence this isn't cyber warfare . ' Experts' hold little credibility with me . DFO , an...
  10. BennyK

    tell it like it is ....

  11. BennyK

    serious inquiries only ?

  12. BennyK

    OT good book alert

    " The Islander : My Life in Music and Beyond " ... Chris Blackwell Founder of Island records . Get inside with Chris and how he discovered Bob Marley, Free , Traffic ( steve winwood,spencer davis gp.), Cat Stevens and whole lot more .
  13. BennyK

    yard sale-palooza !!

    Community sale in my neighborhood yesterday . Been too long , two years to be exact . I scored - 23 fantastic classic jazz CD's 2 1/2 ton hydraulic floor jack Sawsall ( no issues ) Fender 15 mini guitar amp ( missing handle, works good ) box full of vintage specialty pliers and hand tools (...
  14. BennyK

    Blast from der past

  15. BennyK

    I don't know what to say ....

  16. BennyK

    My kind of sale ...

    Looks like authentic B/O 's, Supraphonic and decent cymbals plus a whole lot more .This won't last long .If I lived in Toronto, I'd be all over this one. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-drum-percussion/markham-york-region/6-piece-drum-set-plus-more-conditionally-sold/1604711330 EDIT - ha ! sold while...
  17. BennyK

    Kenny Buttrey's Harvest snare

    1970-71 Sonor Ferro Manganese 5x14 . At a glance it was identical to a Supraphonic , with center bead and Imperial lugs , tri flange hoops. I lifted it off the shelf and immediately felt it heavier than aluminum with Zoomatic style strainer and eight not ten lugs. Previous owner had switched...
  18. BennyK

    beauty ( to me ) ride cymbal ...

    Anybody hazard a guess to its identity ? I'm hearing rivets too . Same cymbal throughout ? More intriguingly , three drummers credited - Roger Hawkins ,Kenny Buttrey ,George Soule ... together ? Headphones recommended .
  19. BennyK

    K Custom Session ride - opinions

    ...unlathed heavily hammered brilliant finish designed in collaboration with Steve Gadd . I've an opportunity to trade with a pal of mine for a snare drum I picked up on impulse recently that I'm not thrilled about , but he might be . Anybody have experience with this ride ? Other than a weight...
  20. BennyK

    Anything in the Paiste catalogue resemble Sabian's Leopard ride ?

    I may have to go beyond the edge of the Paiste forest ... yes ? Thanks in advance