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    Hacked - thanks @treviso1

    I second this. @aparker2005 passwords were compromised across several sites: The security can be increased by enabling 2FA so even if your password is compromised the hacker won't be able to 'normally' access the account: https://www.drumforum.org/account/two-step/
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    Alerts Still There

    After 4 days they disappear
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    Smilies get me every time

    You can enter your email as code so it won't be modified: So, if my name is ed inkling, my email address [email protected], gets changed to [email protected]
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    Can't reset my password - errors

    Send me an email from your i****nois* email account to [email protected] and I'll send you the password over there.
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    No longer receiving emails for Watched forums

    You should be able to get emails now :)
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    Not getting emails for conversation threads

    You marked a Drumforum email as spam on Nov, last year: I've whitelisted your email now
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    Locked Private Messages

    The user locked the conversation. When you start a conversation you can decide to do that:
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    Oops, we ran into some problems error banner

    Can you please post a screenshot?
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    Cell phone keyboard keeps disappearing

    This will resolved on a future update of the platform, it isn't an issue at our end (it's an issue with Chrome)
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    Upgrade and Maintenance to the site this Friday 10/12/18

    Upload file size has been increased to 5mb
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    Not sure I like the new format

    Because your display name was "Ely" but your log in was "Ross B"
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    Upgrade and Maintenance to the site this Friday 10/12/18

    It takes you to the latest post you have read. If you haven't read any, it will take you to the first post.
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    This is a test
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    Reputation will not open on my page

    This seems to be resolved now
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    cross script attack

    Please, if you aren't going to provide any facts I'll kindly ask you to stop saying Drumforum isn't secure.
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    cross script attack

    Could you please post a screenshot or send me more details? Detection tests say the forum is clean. Are you sure your computer doesn't have malware? The site is clean, there are no doubts...
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    Trouble loading A/v files from my ipad

    Hi, Could you please let me know the steps to reproduce this? Also please post the url where you are trying to load A/V files from. Thanks
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    Forum Hiuccup

    Guys, are you still having this issue?