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  1. campbellh

    Whiplash Backlash

    "One wonders how many potentially world-changing musical careers have been squashed due to all the negativity that was injected into the mix by some POS with a teaching degree" Captures my feeling watching the movie. I hoped it wouldn't discourage young drummers from thinking drumming was all...
  2. campbellh

    Wanted: Vintage drum catalogs, paying top $$$

    I have these - thank you for responding!
  3. campbellh

    Red Duco Lacquer WFL 7-Piece Kit

    O Outstanding!
  4. campbellh

    Advice on a vintage Ludwig and Ludwig snare

    The "bullet holes" in the shell are a killer for most collectors. At the least, it greatly devalues the drum. If no holes, then 1000-1500 upon close inspection for any defects.
  5. campbellh

    Vintage Changes

    you had to rub it in... lol.
  6. campbellh

    Vintage Changes

    Yep! I personally get annoyed when people call 70-80's drums vintage lol! (I was born in 1960)
  7. campbellh

    SOLD!!! Roland TD-20 (TDW upgraded) for sale $1900 OBO

    Roland TD-20 e-kit (TDW upgraded; TD-20TDW controller, 4 toms, bass drum, snare all mesh heads; 2 crash, 1 ride, hi-hat) - one owner - Indianapolis, IN area (Carmel) - prefer local sale and not ship if possible. Everything works fine, just want to upgrade to a TD-50. If interested, please send...
  8. campbellh

    wfl snare 14" x 6,5"

    7 x14"? I have two ducos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUx5tbzA9ga/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CQecutqBAev/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. campbellh

    1930s Leedy Broadway Parallel Strainer Questions

    I suggest checking with Mike Curotto as he has a number of these drums and also does restorations. I would guess that these parts are difficult are difficult to find... Mike will know.
  10. campbellh

    Ludwig super sensitive 50’s or 60’s

    Based upon the drums that I have in my collection, I would not expect this to be a stripped white enamel or Stipelgold or Ludwigold because the shell is stamped "Ludwig". Otherwise, I would agree. As Bijan said, it is very unusual to see a NOB snare with De Luxe hardware...Regardless, a very...
  11. campbellh

    2-piece Ludwigs: Where to start?

    More than twice...
  12. campbellh

    2-piece Ludwigs: Where to start?

    Exactly - makes no rational sense...
  13. campbellh

    Need expertise and advice!! On rare gold snaredrum

    It's hard to find documentation but perhaps you could ask Jim Catalano, who recently retired from Ludwig after several decades with company. Uli Salazar (Senior Marketing & Artist Relations Manager at Ludwig currently) may also be worth contacting.
  14. campbellh

    Need expertise and advice!! On rare gold snaredrum

    I've seen 3 of them (in person or pics from the owners) and those have name-plates. The lack of a name-plate could just mean it was from a different special run but not part of that "series" custom made for these high profile individuals (no disrespect for your father who was clearly quite...
  15. campbellh

    Need expertise and advice!! On rare gold snaredrum

    link? couldn't find on Reverb...