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  1. Ray Dee Oh King

    New single release

    Hi all, its been a while since ive posted. Randy Raatz Band latest release. Audio only with a video coming soon. Drums were recorded in my home studio. I played my INDē maple shells, and 6.5x14 brass snare. Cymbals are Paiste signatures and 602SE hats. Enjoy, Happy Holidays.
  2. Ray Dee Oh King

    Review Inde Kalamazoo 14x8 Bronze

    Yes INDē had been my go to as well. My #1 snare is Josh's original black brass with brass hoops 6.5x14. It just spanks. Sounds great at all tunings. I just cranked it up yesterday. Tuned my INDē maple set up to jazz tunings ( which ive yet to do, ive been tuning fairly low for rock and pop) and...
  3. Ray Dee Oh King

    Our new single !!

    Really cool drum part Houndog! Drums sound great.
  4. Ray Dee Oh King

    Who owns only one set of cymbals?

    Im content with this setup. Its all ive been using lately. Paiste 14" Formula 602 sound edge hats Paiste Signature 17" fast crash Paiste Signature 19" fast crash Paiste Signature 20" full ride
  5. Ray Dee Oh King

    Reso Opions

    Why not put Ambassadors for reso heads as well?
  6. Ray Dee Oh King

    I like the drummer but can’t stand the band

    There is footage out there.
  7. Ray Dee Oh King

    How many big name drummers…besides JHB …used a 402 Ludwig?

    Didnt Hal Blaine play one?
  8. Ray Dee Oh King

    What's the best way to record band rehearsals?

    We run 16 pres and mic everything. Isolate the the amps, and vocals.
  9. Ray Dee Oh King

    Jazz Albums - What are you listening to?

    This whole album just smokes. Getz is just phenomenal (as usual) on this album.
  10. Ray Dee Oh King

    Radio King Clamshell throw

    From my understanding these were sold for only one year. Part #967-1 on a 1940 Super Krupa. I own one as well. Great drum, but ive had a hard time finding wires that will work. If you find some, please let me know. 
  11. Ray Dee Oh King

    OT: Significant other thinks Sweetwater started skimping on the candy

    They sent me a whole glass "Sweetwater" jar of candy. Not being skimpy by all means
  12. Ray Dee Oh King

    OT - Song Link Game

  13. Ray Dee Oh King

    OT - Song Link Game

  14. Ray Dee Oh King

    OT fall foliage in New England

    Its a pretty big thing here. People from all over come here for it. The foliage came quick, and was over really quick. We had 2 weeks or so of it, only a day or two of true peak and its now snow.
  15. Ray Dee Oh King

    OT fall foliage in New England

    Eh, peak was a week ago, nearly 10 days actually.
  16. Ray Dee Oh King

    OT fall foliage in New England

    We get some nice foliage and auroras in the fall up here in the U.P of MI. Unfortunately I have to take a screenshot of my photos. I take them at high resolution but DFO doesnt accept them.