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  1. bassanddrum84

    Any one see these yet?

    I’ve seen 3d printed drums but not a full good kit curious to see other start doing this
  2. bassanddrum84

    What are these?

    So the guy I picked the barclay kit up from asked if I wanted these as well and I said of course 20$ later I got them and some misc hardware most of it junk. I tried researching these but I’m drawing a blank. I thought maybe tama? Due to the interiors but nothing came up for me with these lugs...
  3. bassanddrum84

    Recording lot

    I’ve recently upgraded to im selling all the stuff I used prior. I used all this with my iPad and garage band https://reverb.com/item/62396492-shure-behringer-cad-pyle-recording-lot-interface-and-mics-sm57?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=62396492
  4. bassanddrum84

    Zildjian s dark?

    Has anyone seen these yet? Seems pretty cool specially if it’s a good price.
  5. bassanddrum84

    Wow what a find

    So a buddy of mine has this massive garage sale every year in my home town and he finally had it there. We went down and I bought a couple vintage buck knifes for cheap. He then told me he had a drum kit. I stopped today and lo and behold there it’s is 20/12/14 barclay red sparkle kit. With...
  6. bassanddrum84


    So I started a post about a bass drum I got. Feel free to look at the post here ( https://www.drumforum.org/threads/ludwig-kick-26x10.200227/ ) Illinois pickup only. Won’t ship asking 200$ has brand new emad onyx on it and will keep the black spurs legs on unless you don’t want them. Would love...
  7. bassanddrum84

    Recording iPad question

    Does anyone use a behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD into a iPad? People on Reddit say they have using the right usb to lightning cord. I tried an adapter and well it didn’t work. Got a message saying audio was interrupted. But if I use a mic I to this interface xlr cord I have into the adapter it...
  8. bassanddrum84

    Evan’s emad or remo power stroke 26”

    Looking for a 26” Evan’s emad or remo power stroke 3-4. I have some items I can offer to trade. Would rather trade and try then buy a new one. Pm me if you have one and want to see what I got to offer
  9. bassanddrum84

    Ludwig kick 26x10

    I literally just got this. Traded some guitar stuff for it. I don’t know anything about it. I had some spurs I took the arms off and attached to the spurs pieces that was on it? I think that’s what they were for i don’t know? There’s no extra holes
  10. bassanddrum84

    Looking for this beater

    Looking for this Ludwig beater have a few odds and ends to trade.
  11. bassanddrum84

    Ludwig giglite rack tom

    Like the title says I’m looking for a Ludwig giglite rack tom.
  12. bassanddrum84

    What are these

    What are these drums? They’re in the movie pure country
  13. bassanddrum84

    More drums

    So a good buddy of mine said he had this old mapex kit he picked up for a project. He stripped the horrible red wrap and it sat in pieces. Well needless to say I bought it for what he paid for it from him 40$ it came with a 14x6.5 pearl steel snare. I get it home stain it and put it back...
  14. bassanddrum84

    Forum members

    It’s always nice meeting forum memebers. Met up with @KO and probably coulda talked for hours about drums. Shoulda snagged a photo. Can’t wait to meet more.
  15. bassanddrum84

    Deal of the day

    Had a buddy call me about some old Ludwig marching snare drums. 2 15” silver sparkle and 2 14” blue sparkle. All keystone badge. Guy wanted 40$ for all I got them for 30. And my buddy copped a b/w badge blackro for 45. Deals are out.
  16. bassanddrum84

    Ot denture

    So I have struggled with my teeth forever due to a calcium deficiency. Needless to say I have upper denture now and I tell ya what the swelling is insane. I look like a chipmunk or someone from whoville. Anyone else have dentures? Any tips or advice.
  17. bassanddrum84

    Looking for wood 22” hoop

    Have some misc stuff to trade for a 22” natural 22” kick drum hoop. Don’t care what brand or it’s wrapped or anything for that matter as long as it’s wood. Have a few pencil condensers I can offer to trade. Possibly some other misc stuff.
  18. bassanddrum84

    Off topic

    This is super random but does any of the fellow drummers on here live in northern cali southern Oregon and have any knob cones around them. I working on a project with the kiddos and need some?
  19. bassanddrum84

    Give away

    So awhile back I made some signs. And I have this gretsch one still it’s 8” round. I’m gonna do a giveaway right here on the forum. Post a number between 1-1000 and I will use a number generator for the winner. All you have to do is post a number and if you win pm your address and I’ll send it...
  20. bassanddrum84

    Interesting snare

    Rdavidr had this resin impregnated maple snare made and it sounds pretty good. Check it out if ya haven’t. Very interesting