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  1. Jolo

    Gretsch Round Badge 10x14 Snare Drum

    Now $200 plus shipping or pick up in St Paul.
  2. Jolo

    Yamaha Oak Custom 10" & 12" Toms in Masashi Black

    PRICE DROP - $450 plus Shipping or pick up in St Paul, MN.
  3. Jolo

    Why did this 1930's Ludwig snare bring so much?

    Super rare finish, Bijan! Now if you were a Packers fan you'd really be happy.
  4. Jolo

    Yamaha Oak Custom 10" & 12" Toms in Masashi Black

    Yamaha 8x10 and 9x12 Toms in Mint Condition. All sides of each tom are shown in photos though the grain doesn't show well. $520 plus $30 shipping to lower 48 states.
  5. Jolo

    Gretsch Round Badge 10x14 Snare Drum

    Get your "March On" with this vintage Gretsch 10x14 in excellent condition. It appears to be a 3-ply drum but I'm not 100% sure because the original calf heads have never been off and I don't want to let the factory air out. The inner ply is mahogany. It's all original including the wires and...
  6. Jolo

    Looks like Inde are designing a throne

    I throw a Zildjian padded cymbal bag on top of my lightweight seat for extra padding... Works great!
  7. Jolo

    Looks like Inde are designing a throne

    I was thinking about making one out of a super lightweight Yamaha Crosstown Cymbal stand base though I weigh in at 160 pounds. (The difference between a stool and a throne is about $50... It's called marketing.)
  8. Jolo

    Yamaha Oak Custom Musashi Black 14" Floor and/or 20" Bass

    Wow, this is a long shot! What are the chances of finding a mint condition 14" floor tom and/or a 20" bass drum to match like new condition 10" and 12" toms in (High Gloss w/grain) Musashi Black?
  9. Jolo

    A Drummer's View

    She's really good at torch songs.
  10. Jolo

    A Drummer's View

    Here'a a drummer's view of the Statue of Liberty.
  11. Jolo

    WFL Kit

    Marlboro Gold... Nice.
  12. Jolo

    Dawn soak question

    One way to get a more concentrated Dawn to water solution without using a lot of Dawn is to mix the two in a heavy duty ziplock bag and drop the parts into the bag, rubbing the parts around so the solution totally covers them. After a few hours I'll rub the parts around some more to make sure...
  13. Jolo

    Horrible news...our own Mike Layton has passed on.

    So sad. A great guy and a pillar of the drum and cymbal community.
  14. Jolo


    AOTS a beautiful drum, Mike. I have it's cousin, a Leedy & Ludwig Tophat snare.
  15. Jolo

    Some Clown is on the Drums

    And get way down in tiny Jeeps, too... Beep beep!
  16. Jolo

    Some Clown is on the Drums

    Wow! Cool set with a side order of Bongo Madness. I don't recall Gretsch offering combo color swatches in their catalogs but they would offer marching drums in Tri-Tone Finishes.
  17. Jolo

    Some Clown is on the Drums

    We just came off of International Clown Week (August 1 to 7) so here's a great Clown set. 1960's Gretsch 20/12/14/5.5x14 in Mint Condition that belonged to the Zuhrah Funsters out of Minnetonka, MN. It's also the only multi-band finish Round Badge Gretsch drum set that I know of though I have...
  18. Jolo

    Family Portrait - Picture Is Now Up

    "We're gonna need a bigger yard!" Fantastic backyard get-together, Steve. Looks like you still have room in the lower corners for more drums.
  19. Jolo

    Fibes Solid Black Crystalite 14x14 Floor Tom

    Excellent to Mint Condition. $400 plus shipping or local pickup in St Paul, MN. The last photo shows inside paint runs, not cracks.
  20. Jolo

    60's Gretsch Champagne Sparkle 16x16 Floor Tom.

    Late 60's Gretsch 16x16 in Excellent Condition. Nice chrome and zero fading (See fifth photo with leg bracket off.) A small ding at the top covered by the head and it doesn't touch the bearing edge. $750 Firm plus shipping or local pickup in St Paul.