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  1. rayboomboom

    Evans head doesn't fit on my bass drum...GGRRR!!!

    I use the Evans EQ 4 clear on all my bass drums. I went to replace the head on my Gretsch 22", that had the same head with the older logo, with the new one and the head would not fit. It fit in the hoop but I could not get it to go over the shell. I've never had this happen with an Evans head...
  2. rayboomboom

    Way OT: 7 into 28 (Time for a laugh)

    Comedy genius. Comedy isn't what it used to be.
  3. rayboomboom

    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    There are constant posts about snare drums: what's the best metal/wood; how many lugs; what brand, the best for jazz/rock/etc. So it's got me thinking. Is there a Holy Grail of Snare drums? There's only one made or one left, the One that has a mythical background, it's stored somewhere that...
  4. rayboomboom

    Sarah Thawer's amazing playing and special message

    Be sure to watch the whole video for her message at the end. I'm doing my part for #1 of three things to do.
  5. rayboomboom

    Bass drum tilt problem

    I finally finished the 20" Ludwig bass drum I bought off CL. What a chore it was, the shell was is pretty poor shape with cracks in the inner veneer, the wrap was pulled and not heated so there were chunks missing from the outer veneer that I had to use wood filler on. And there was a 2" hole...
  6. rayboomboom

    Hole cover plate?

    I bought an old Ludwig 14x20 bass drum from CL in REALLY bad shape. Someone took the Gold glitter wrap off and didn't use any heat. Took off chunks of wood. But, I'm not worried about it. It's not a restore, just clean it up with wood filler, sand, paint and play it. But the big question...
  7. rayboomboom

    500 mil snare side heads

    I like a medium tuned snare. On my gigging kit I play a 10" rack tom tuned as low as it will go but still 'sing'. The problem is the sympathetic buzz from the snare is really hard to control. I know there is no 100% cure for this, but I'm trying to minimize the buzz. I usually use a 200 or...
  8. rayboomboom

    Help id'ing Tama Snare

    I found this in a consignment shop and wonder what it's worth. Any ideas? The tag has a serial number: 014610. It's steel, not aluminum as per the magnet test and has 10 lugs, Tri-flange hoops. Nothing stamped or tagged on the inside. And this bag comes with it. Along with a low end...
  9. rayboomboom

    This is how I want to go.

    I knew George and got to play with him a few times. But if I had a choice on how I'd want to go out it would be behind the kit. http://www.taosnews.com/stories/taos-artist-george-chacn-has-died,39640? The top pic in the article is actually a video of his last performance. That's his wife...
  10. rayboomboom

    Raw Ride with lathed bell?

    I have a Sabian 20" AA Raw Ride that I use for quieter gigs and small rooms. I love this thing, but I wish the bell had a little more cut. I have to catch the sweet spot to really get it to sing. And when I do it sound beautiful. There are, of course, lathed cymbals with raw bells, but...
  11. rayboomboom

    Pearl Jupiter - what to do?

    I recently picked up an early 80's Pearl Jupiter 6.5x14 COB (magnet test confirms) with the parallel strainer. The drum itself seems in good shape so far, just needs a good cleaning and heads. But! The snare wires are shot and finding replacements is pretty much impossible. I've even talked...
  12. rayboomboom

    What do you look for in other drummers?

    Sub-title could be what mistakes do you often hear drummers commiting? Mainly drummers playing smaller venues, maybe bars and either cover bands or up-start bands. On the occasion you have time to go out and and hear some music, what catches your attention that you like but in order to learn...
  13. rayboomboom

    Sabian Sound Kit

    Came across this today. Anyone using/tried/have a set? Great idea to have something that you can use live and be able to record to. http://sabian.com/pdf/sabian_sound_kit.pdf &list=TLs1pNhjij400wMzAyMjAxNg
  14. rayboomboom

    keep my 16 aux kick or...

    I'm playing in a pretty eclectic band in that we play material like Talking Heads "Burnin' down the house", "The Chicken" by Jaco, "Chain of Fools", "Zoot Suit Riot", Ray Charles' "Hallelujah", Killer Joe, "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder and some other pretty cool stuff. The deal is I normally use a...
  15. rayboomboom

    OT band communication software

    There are 6 people in our band and the easiest way so far has been to communicate either via email or texting. We use Google docs for song suggestions and comments. It's all clunky and can be very confusing. I'm wondering if anyone here uses a forum tool or something else for band...
  16. rayboomboom

    Temporary finish on a bass drum.

    I recently acquired a 24" Slingerland bass drum, mid 70's - mid 80's. The wrap has been removed and there's a bad varnish (un-)finish on it. For now I don't mind the look/color so much except it stands out next the blue finish on my Gretsch kit that I use it with. I'm thinking of wrapping it...
  17. rayboomboom

    Old Slingy and Evans heads

    I posted a couple weeks ago or so about an old 24" Slingerland bass drum I found on CL. I got it and finally had time this weekend to try a new head on it - an Evans EQ4. It had a REMO CS on it. I had a bit of an issue getting the wood hoop to fit onto the collar of the head. I had to 'work'...
  18. rayboomboom

    Is this a real Slingy kick?

    Hey guys. I found this on CL and need help with iding it. http://santafe.craigslist.org/msg/4910296463.html The hardware looks right but I have no idea about the shell. What do you think? Thanks, Ray
  19. rayboomboom

    Hello from New Mexico

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I signed up a while back and never used the site so I thought I'd give it a try. BTW TheGirlFriend posted on another site and that's why I came back. I'll try to keep up when I can, which is usually at work. And later you'll find out more about who I am...