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  1. FatBoy46

    Seeking storage ideas for drums and cymbals

  2. FatBoy46

    Gig pay

    based upon my limited experience- PT gigs since 1990's-Most of which I got because I don't play LOUD. I got a lot of last minute Country gigs. Didn't get paid much- wasn't worth much. Don't sing, don't kick off songs and don't do solo's .. the gigs paid for my gear and I LEARNED about gigging...
  3. FatBoy46

    Gig pay

    Bo-- you'd PLAY for free. The $ is for hauling out-hauling in setting up- hauling out and back into the house. $250 in NYC?- isn't that walking around/mugging/taxi money?
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    Gig pay

  5. FatBoy46

    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    You may have it right. Plus age of equipment- time to replace or not. Nowdays the accountants run the business.
  6. FatBoy46

    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    Usually it’s because the artist mixed music/fame with their idiot politics. Springsteen comes to mind. For some reason Charlie Daniels doesn’t.
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    What drum brand have you owned the most snares from ?

    Rogers- 5---3 Dynasonics, 1 COB Powertone and a Luxor. TAMA-5 --3 Artstars- in Cherry 6x14, 6x14,3x14, 1 Superstar and 1 Imperialstar with parallel strainer. Slingerland-3--- 2- Student RK in Blue/Silver Duco and one fake BR 3x13 ( they didn't make a 13" BR- this is from an old solid shell snare...
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    When you learn a song...

    C consider the original drummer and band-and that song. You worked a week on it? 2 weeks? They did it for 2-3 months in the studio-maybe- He's played it every way he can think of to make the producer happy- now 30 years later it is a classic. the band is expected to play ALL their classics- and...
  9. FatBoy46

    Your last impulse purchase

    That would be 3 cymbals in a package deal... cracked. I didn't see the crack in the one I really wanted. paid waaay too much for trash. Gave to a drummer- and tossed in a good cymbal for him. lesson learned- LOOK ant the images READ the descriptions...
  10. FatBoy46

    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    even Buddy said it himself- "H*** I AM the band!"
  11. FatBoy46

    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    When Buddy solo'd- everybody stopped to watch. When Krupa solo'd everybody hit the dance floor. Buddy said that Gene made his career possible. Great drummers, different styles.
  12. FatBoy46

    Made In Japan drums: What does this really mean?

    Today it represents that the product was made in Japan as opposed to US or European or China, Depending upon the time period- could be more valuable
  13. FatBoy46

    Does anyone have Rudimental Jazz by Joe Morello?

  14. FatBoy46

    How difficult is it for you to keep the Hi-Hat chick going?

    Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. as for heel up/down. that can be the position of the HH away from you. too close and it's heel up..too far and you can barely reach it to do heel down. are your thighs parallel to the floor when seated? Yeah- I know- everybody is...
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    To Rivet or Not To Rivet. That is the question. ;)

    an old adage- if it sounds good without rivets- it'll sound good WITH rivets. Just don't drill them in the same radius or circumference. gotta be offset a little or you will induce a crack. Try a lightweight bead chain- available at craft and hardware stores - think light pull chains..see if...
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    Change my mind - Die cast hoops suck on snare drums

    The only die cast rimmed snares I own are Tama and Gretsch.
  17. FatBoy46

    Interesting Ludwig Development - 5" Acrolite no longer 8 lugs...

    Sounds like the accountants are running the business.
  18. FatBoy46

    Yet Another Slingerland question...

    $799 is a lot for a $500 kit.
  19. FatBoy46

    Joe Morello's Bass Drum

    Those old Jazz drummers tuned their toms higher than the rock drummers. IMHO- their cymbals were a higher pitch and more wash as well. I still like that sound.
  20. FatBoy46

    Pedal succession