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  1. Paistekid

    Who owns only one set of cymbals?

    Paiste Signatures: 13” Dark Crisp HH (with bottom on top) 20” Thin China 8” Splash 17” Mellow Crash 20” Dark Full Ride (21” Dry Ride for more traditional/focus sound)
  2. Paistekid

    Desert Island hi hats

    Traded my 2002 15” Sound Edge for it. I prefer the 2002 17” Sound Edges over the Steve Jordan 17” because it has more control and bites but not clangy or slow which is typical for hats in larger sizes!
  3. Paistekid

    Drumming in your (age range) Poll

    Hands down! The greatest drummer of all times!
  4. Paistekid

    Desert Island hi hats

    Same here! 13” Paiste Dark Energy today and 17” Sound Edge next week depending on the type of music!
  5. Paistekid

    What is the most versatile Zildjian Ride out there??

    Do you find your 24” Medium clangy? Mine is and uncrashable! I am thinking of letting it go! Now, the Paiste Reverend Al Big Ride is another story
  6. Paistekid

    OT: Hobbies beyond the drums

    M Me too! Beer League with vintage goalie equipments
  7. Paistekid

    Lightweight but stable hardware.

    Yamaha Crosstown Hardware is the answer for me after many years of playing
  8. Paistekid

    The Great Missouri Cymbal Swap of 1848

    Interested in your 18” Paiste Signature Full Crash. Please pm me privately. Thank-you
  9. Paistekid

    14” Signature Medium (top) and 15” Giant Beat (top)

    Been searching for these for years! If you have either one for trade or sale (reasonably priced), please contact me immediately! Thank-you kindly
  10. Paistekid


    If you ever sell your 15” GB top please let me know!
  11. Paistekid

    Despised Band’s Felon Drummer Replaced Mid-Set

    NAH! I’ll just stick with tribute bands rather than paying money to see bands without their original members
  12. Paistekid

    15" toms - Which famous drummers use them?

    This classic interview of Pat Torpey (RIP) outlining his set-up (including a 15”) is still fun to watch after all these years
  13. Paistekid

    My Band on Spotify

    Curious to know the kit you used for the recordings.
  14. Paistekid

    Terrible Bands You Still Like, Supertramp Edition

    After 40yrs+ a mix tape’s STILL the answer…LOL
  15. Paistekid

    Songs with ‘busy’ drums and their drummers.

    Tastefully executed with some of the finest and cleanest chops. Text book drumming at its best
  16. Paistekid

    Does anyone else NOT like 16" floor toms?

    I find my 15” is way easier to tension than the 16”
  17. Paistekid

    TV Theme Songs

    Believe It or Not (From "Greatest American Hero") theme song by Joey Scarbury featured some sophisticated textbook drumming
  18. Paistekid

    Which of these 13” Paiste hihats are the best?

    Have you tried reversing it? To my ears and specifically the 13” Dark Crisp sounds better with the bottom on top
  19. Paistekid

    Quick recording question

    I’ve never recorded with reverb! Maybe a bit of compression (here and there) depending on the room as Trey mentioned. I like to maintain the dry sound and work from there
  20. Paistekid

    Remember the Beatles launching on Ed Sullivan? Here is a good chuckle :)

    This dude‘s probably turning in his grave as we discuss