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  1. dwdave

    Should I sell a snare....?

    Folks, I have an 120 anniversary Gretsch snare in burmuda sand? In great players condition.. I'm trying to build the funds for a Indie kit. How much would this snare go for used ? I saw another 120 anniversary snare in a different finish on reverb but it was a different finish and more of a...
  2. dwdave

    Gretsch or Inde

    Ok, not the same I know. I'd like to replace my gigging kit, currently Gretsch NC (heavy drums maybe a bit loud) I like the sound and mojo of the Renowns but not thrilled about the finish and size options. The Inde brand seems like I can get exactly what I want but I haven't played or heard...
  3. dwdave

    Ludwig Snare Reso head.

    Folks, I have a question about reso snare heads. What do you like and why? I tried this question with facebook drummers and most just said "whatever you prefer" I get it, but that's not the question. I ask because I usually use Evans, but recently put a Ludwig on because I had it in stock...
  4. dwdave

    DW 9000 Kick pedal part question

    Folks, There is a black felt like strip under the chain on these pedals. It goes between the cam and the chain to keep from a metal to metal contact. I looked for the part but DW doesn't list that specific part in the schematics. has anyone here replaced them before or what other ideas are...
  5. dwdave

    Rug or not to rug....

    Folks, My wife decided we needed new flooring in the house. The "studio" room was included. There was carpet in the room and it sounded good. Maybe a bit lacking on the low end of the floor tom. Now it has "LVP" Luxury vinyl planks. It's great stuff and looks amazing. But.... no spikes...
  6. dwdave

    Indie Bronze Kalamazoo

    Well...... After 25 years of marriage and a few suggested snares purchased, my wife decided to just take it on herself to get me a new snare. Thank you Josh at Indie for helping her on this project. I am surprised and very pleased. This baby will be recording within the week. Oh, did I...
  7. dwdave

    Tempo map questions...

    Folks, Anyone here have experience playing to tempo maps that slow and speed up? My band has a song that starts at 135 then slows to 100 then speeds back up to 135. Playing live works well enough and using live bpm helps. Trying to come up with a useable tool so we can record it separately due...
  8. dwdave

    Sweet K 23"... any thoughts?

    Anyone have a Sweet 23" that they like?
  9. dwdave

    CRS cymbal isolation

    These look cool. Anyone here use or have tried them? https://www.crsnorway.com/
  10. dwdave

    Meinl rides... is there a model like a K sweet ride?

    I have a set of meinl dark dry cymbals. The set started out as a MJ box set. I hated the ride, and picked up a discontinued Sabian ride. What I'm looking for is dry/dark sound with a solid bell. Seems like all I've seen have really small or low/integrated bells. Do you folks have any Meinls that...
  11. dwdave

    Band did a music video!

    A friend of the band gifted the work to us. This is our first time doing anything like this. Shot in Napa Ca in town and up in the fire zone.
  12. dwdave

    APPs that work on split screens

    Folks, I use Live BPM on an Ipod but I really want to have easy access to a click to start off sons. I'm thinking about getting an Ipad or a Samsung tablet to run both. Anyone else do this?
  13. dwdave

    Remo Colortone

    Well, The orange sounded great today!
  14. dwdave

    opinions on upgrading drum spurs on Slingerland kick

    Hey folks, I have 70's 3ply 24" kick that had 4 spurs.... I removed the rear set and plugged the holes. I'm using the old mounts but with shortened floortom legs. I'm thinking it's time to upgrade, I prefer the DW/Gibraltar/Gretsch style 2 position fold up types but I'm wondering about the...
  15. dwdave

    New stick bag.....awesomewife!

    I had a birthday this week..... My wonderful wife picked this up for me. I guess I will never need a stick bag again...... https://www.anthologygearwear.com/collections/drummers/products/the-seville-drum-stick-bag-black-whiskey
  16. dwdave


    Hey, Just a share from a great night. I went to the Posies show in Sacramento last night. I really loved the first few records and LOVE the sound on Frosting on the Beater. Mike Musberger is a great drummer and a really nice guy. The band ended up staying at my house, We geeked out on drums and...
  17. dwdave

    No nuts?

    Hey folks, I picked up a set of these. The black version is a very hard rubber/nylon/plastic make. They push on the stand not thread on. I stopped using wing nuts along time ago and just cover the threads with clear tubing that is small enough to thread on. This looks much cleaner. It's a cool...
  18. dwdave

    make gloss finish a satin finish?

    Hey folks, I have a satin natural set. I wanted to get a larger floortom but they no longer make this model. I purchased a another companies drum and the color is a good match but it's gloss. It's not abif deal but if it was easy enough I'd like to make it a satin finish. Is there a way to...
  19. dwdave

    Calftone delam

    I purchased 3 Calftone heads for my toms and within 2 weeks they started to delaminate. I'm not a heavy hitter by any stretch. I reached out to Evans, sent some pictures and they are sending me a new set. Anyone have good luck with these heads? I'm impressed how evans handled the problem.
  20. dwdave

    Alesis sample pad VS Roland TM-2

    I recently added a Nord drum 1 and some pads to my kit. I'm thinking about adding other sounds both analog and digital. While they are different, they have similar functions as well. Any thoughts from you folks that have used them?