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    Under Pressure Isolated Drums & Bass - Cymbals?

    Love these isolated tracks! Lot of incredible cymbal sounds on this amazing track... and I dont think they are all the same brand. Guesses... Hi-hats: 15" New Beats Main Crashes: gotta be Paiste 2002's! (an 18 and a 20?) Ride: 22" A. Zildjian (at 2:15 ) Crash Ride beginning at 3:20: sounds...
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    McCartney "Maybe Im Amazed" (Live) - from 1977 or?

    If you've got satellite radio you know this one as it is on all the time. The tight snare, the toms and the playing sound more modern than "1977". Like early 90's (Chris Whitten ?) Paul's vocals too Am I on the mark or do my ears deceive me?
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    Steve Smith's ride on "Dont Stop Believin'"?

    I might be a little upset if I bought this thinking it was the actual ride used on the tune... https://reverb.com/item/803199-steve-smith-s-journey-a-zildjian-24-ride-cymbal-signed-authenticated According to Steve here it isn't, because he still has it! :)
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    Any Mick Fleetwood fans out there?

    Fantastic version of Over My Head from '76. Mick is deep in the pocket with 16th's on the ride, fantastic low tuning and a sweet right side crash with a big chunk in it!
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    Looking for a proper 1" Hole Saw bit

    Hello, I have a virgin bass drum and would like to mount this Yamaha tom holder bracket to the shell. The tom holder tube that slides into the bracket is 7/8" so I am assuming the hole in the bracket is about 1" (the part is in transit) I plan on mounting the base plate and drilling the 4...
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    Any sales via FB or CL lately?

    in the NY metro or other populated area... My asking prices are very reasonable and items are in excellent condition and ready to play (example: very clean 21 Sweet Ride for $175) (example: 80's Yam parallel action steel snare drum with new heads, cleaned and tuned properly for $225) But all...
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    22" K Con model characteristics?

    Thinking about buying one for the first time and despite having listened to them online and looking at the Z website, I'm still a little confused. These are rarely stocked in stores so can't judge feel, volume, etc I believe these are the models currently offered? Renaissance Bounce MT- Low...
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    Whats going on with this Remo snare?

    Had a couple of these Acousticon-shelled snares over the years and they are actually pretty good. So upon seeing this 3.5x14 for $79 in row of used snares at a GC I had to take a peak. Looks pretty good so far... But then, whoa this first bed doesnt look proper either Thoughts?
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    Small holes in steel Sensitone shell near bearing edge?

    I picked up a 5x14 today and while changing the heads I noticed these two holes on batter side and one hole one snare side. The heads pretty much cover them up so not sure what their purpose is, you?
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    Tell me about Pearl Sensitone Snares Plz

    I am considering a steel one and interested in reading your thoughts. Sound > Price
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    How to Fix Dents in a Metal Snare Shell - Tips?

    Got some major dents in this shell from it being dropped. The Big Drop landed on the butt plate and there is another that landed on the lug. Has anyone successfully pushed dents like this out? If so how did you do it? I'm thinking of shaping (2) wood 2x4's to the profile of the shell and then...
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    Sell Prices of New Dreams?

    Boy these have really crept up over the last few years... $380 for a 24" $330 for a 22" $240 -$320 for a 20"? For this kind of money Im buying something else! And be prepared for a shocker if you need to sell one of these a month or year later as "used" because resale value is peanuts
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    Incorrectly Described Cymbals at GC

    I think the first two are honest mistakes but the latter two I'm not so sure... 1. Looks like a regular A to me. The price isnt too bad, so no biggie 2. Same thing going on here, but however the price is getting up there 3. Encore's have a sandblasted blasted finish, no? Not sure how an...
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    Any modern cymbals appreciating in value?

    Are there any Zildjian, Paiste or Sabian models made in the last ~35 years demanding more $ than original MSRP, or trending that way? A couple come to mind: 22" K Custom Dry Complex Ride, Thin or Medium Thin (Gen 1's) 22" Paiste Rough Ride Potentially trending: 20" and 22" Sabian AA Raw...
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    Paiste t20 Prototypes - still have yours?

    A few years back these were all over the place at GC's. And they were cheap too, like $179 for a 22! The "t20" labelled versions were almost all great. Examples: This 3100g 22" has the sweetest stick feel and tah sound to it. Not sure what series.model it became -my guess is the Rosie ride...
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    NickelWorks Snare Drum

    It sounds great. Anyone else own one?
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    Does "playing drums" in the car help or hurt?

    Often when a great song comes on I find myself hitting backbeats on my steering wheel or lap, and big crashes in the air. I wonder if this making me a better player or a worse player? Does it help with timekeeping? Am I developing bad habits in regards to hand position and wrist action? When...
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    Aint No Sunshine live: how to setup this snare drum?

    Very unique sound here. Looks like a 6.5" Supra? Can't see anything on the top head...so...is it full pressure internal muffler and heads and strainer tensioned way up? Of course James Gadson's supreme mojo is 80% of the sound, just looking for some thoughts to get me in the same solar system.