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  1. phdamage

    good UK drum shops?

    The pound sterling just hit a 37 year low against the dollar!!! About to pull the trigger on a pair of Coles 4038s for like 35% off US retail. There have to be some killer drum deals as well, no? Hell, Matamps have never been so cheap, either. Where should we all be looking right now? Gotta...
  2. phdamage

    FS: Yamaha 80s Tour Custom and Tama Artstar II kits

    Up for sale is a ‘88 Yamaha Tour Custom kit with birch/mahogany shells w white lacquer. Dimensions are 24x18, 16x16 and 13x? (Gotta double check that one). It’s a great kit but I don’t need 6 kits and gotta make room for a Jenkins Martin I’m picking up next week. It’s a player’s kit. Bass drum...
  3. phdamage

    Inde aluminum kit owners

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on one of these. I'm curious what depths you went with. I'm thinking of what I'm used to: 22x16, 16x16 and 13x9. Josh seems to encourage folks to get shallower kicks. I've only had one 14" deep kick - a 70s Rogers kit. I liked it just fine, but preferred...
  4. phdamage

    SOLD: Tama Starclassic snare birch/bubinga

    Up for sale I have a Tama Starclassic birch/bubinga snare in like new condition. Sounds great and looks unplayed. Original heads and wires appear untouched. 14x6 $260 shipped to US. I bought this to farm the hardware for a shell I bought - but the shell arrived damaged so this can find a...
  5. phdamage

    Which Ludwig aluminum snare?

    So I had an LM400 for a while. It was okay but I don’t love snares any shallower than 6.5”. I do have a regular old Acro that is cool and useful for some things, but I’d really love a 6.5” ludalloy snare. I’ve been thinking straight up LM402 b stock or something (I’m a bit of a cheapskate...
  6. phdamage

    FS: AT4051 SDC pair

    anyone in need of some quality overheads, these will serve you well. I used them for years but graduated to a pair of Josephson c42s and various LDC options. I have mostly used them for acoustic guitar on the rare occasion I have one in the studio, or spot micing ride cymbals. in excellent...
  7. phdamage

    To stave or not to stave?

    I have quite a few snares these days - almost all metal shells of some kind. I do have a N&C solid maple that I love dearly - it's probably been my favorite for the last several years, though my #2-4 are all thick shelled metals (Duluth bell bronze, gretsch aluminum, keplinger black iron) I...
  8. phdamage

    Sabian hihat identification help

    So I’ve had this as my top hihat for some time. I think I bought it on eBay for cheap. It’s paired with a mid 90s new beat bottom. They make a very heavy pair of hats but I really like them. Just curious, should I ever crack it, what the hell I'm actually using.
  9. phdamage

    OT: How fat have you gotten since quarantine started?

    I'm definitely not stepping on a scale anytime soon, but I gotta get back to some form of exercise soon if my (non soft/stretchy) clothes are gonna fit at the end of all this. I used to go to the boxing gym 3 days a week, but haven't been in almost a year at this point! not so concerned with...
  10. phdamage

    SOLD: Sakae stainless steel snare 14 x 6.5"

    in original box with original heads and wires - very minor wear on the batter head. original box. barely touched it. bought on clearance last year and just not feeling it. hoping to get what i paid for it, more or less. $275 shipped to CONUS.
  11. phdamage

    keplinger players - what batter heads?

    posting on the "what snare are you playing" thread made me think to post this. i got this 14x7 black iron kep a few months ago and have been fairly underwhelmed so far. just rings quite a bit (i have a tiny moon gel bit on there - don't wanna totally kill the drum). i like dry, loud snares...
  12. phdamage

    FS 60s Slingerland 20x14 kick champagne sparkle

    So I bought this semi-complete kick years ago from a friend, hoping to finish the job, but never did. Kick is in pretty good shape overall - bearing edges seem clean and drum is in round. Wrap appears to be original and is in good shape (no bubbling or peeling) - some fading in a couple spots...
  13. phdamage

    SOLD Tama Starclassic maple 20/15/12/10

    I bought this kit recently but it was different sizes than was advertised and I have too many kits. I believe the finish is antique maple and the serial number says it’s from 1995. The shells are almost pristine. There are a few minor scratches on the kick near the spurs and that is literally...
  14. phdamage

    Sonor snare identification?

    So I just bought this snare. Seller didn’t know much about it. Performer series. Seems to be seamless and never to have had a muffler. Sounds somewhere between stainless and aluminum to my ear. Is this a d456? ferromanganese shell? Hoops?
  15. phdamage

    Any love for Gretsch solid aluminum?

    I've been going a little snare crazy this year. I grabbed this Gretsch solid aluminum (6.5") gently used on Reverb kind of on a whim and I gotta say, it might be my new favorite snare! I have a decent collection - new Duluth Bell bronze, noble and cooley solid maple, black beauty, a 40lbs...
  16. phdamage

    Sonor questions

    apologies if my searching skills have underserved me, but I didn't seem to find a clear answer - and I somehow can't even register at the sonormuseum forum? anyway, i've seen folks on here speak to Phonic being their top of the line. is that just for certain time periods - if so, which one(s)...
  17. phdamage

    Older Inde drums

    Found a used one (aluminum) for pretty cheap but it’s the older spun shell - no rivets. Anything special about these? I imagine they switched to riveted for a reason? Did these shells get made elsewhere? Been eyeing 6.5” supras but this one is far cheaper so considering.
  18. phdamage

    15 inch snare drums.

    so i try to have a variety of snares for my studio. i have a 13" that i offer to folks who are used to 13s instead of 14s and i feel like they can be beneficial for folks who play double bass pedals to have a little more room to maneuver. i'm curious about 15" snares. i've literally only had...
  19. phdamage

    vent hole vs no vent hole

    I don't own a snare without one, but I know Dunnett offers the hypervent. I'm pulling the trigger on a Duluth Brass custom shell and unsure what I want to do regarding a vent hole. searching "vent" here (or any forum, really) is not very useful - go figure. I am leaning towards including a...
  20. phdamage

    choosing a pricey/custom snare

    those of you who have taken the plunge on a custom snare - how did you go about deciding what to get? Not many shops have a large stock of fancy snares and youtube videos can only get you so far. I had this idea that I would just go up to Portsmouth Drum Center and try everything they have...