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  1. ludwig402

    Slingerland white interiors?

    Did Slingerland ever paint the interiors of their shells white? I picked up a tom from the mid to late 70s with a white interior that I thought for sure was painted by a previous owner. However, the grommet looks original to me, and there is no paint on it or in any of the lug, mufffler and...
  2. ludwig402

    A little help - natural or black hoops??

    I'm finally getting to the finishing stages on a Gretsch stop sign badge era rescue. The hoops are brand new from DFD and I can't decide whether to stain natural and clear coat, or to go with black. The natural hoop in the picture has not been stained/poly'd yet, so it's kind of an unfair...
  3. ludwig402

    Slingerland guys - which badge for this drum?

    Based on the photos, which badge would you expect to find on this drum? The spur brackets are for 3/8" spurs. Maple interior with maple re-rings. Appreciate the help - thanks in advance
  4. ludwig402

    In praise of Motsenbocker's "Lift Off"

    I bought this Slingerland bass drum because rescuing vintage drums is a hobby of mine. I wasn't sure what I would find underneath the blue paint, but for $40 I figured it was worth a shot. I used Motsenbocker's Lift Off Latex Paint Remover and it does an amazing job of removing the paint without...
  5. ludwig402

    Rattle can for Cadillac Green?

    I'm working on rescuing some Gretsch SS badged orphans, and the cost of wrap, when all is said and done, may be prohibitive. I was wondering if there are any spray cans out there (Krylon, Rustoleum etc) that could pass for Gretsch's Cadillac Green. I don't need to match anything, just want to go...
  6. ludwig402

    Hey Gretsch guys...

    Will this 70s Gretsch tom bracket work with a Yamaha hex tom arm?
  7. ludwig402

    ARDPOT anyone?

    WTH? https://www.ardpot.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=ludwig
  8. ludwig402

    Slingerland Rapid Strainer Repair?

    Hey folks, I recently picked up a Niles COS snare. Cleaned up nicely and it sounds great (really). The only problem is that the Rapid (?) Strainer isn't working properly. Two questions: 1) What exactly is missing? And assuming I can't find replacement parts, 2) What would you suggest I do to...
  9. ludwig402

    Wanted: 1 Ludwig Rocker Snare Lug

    Hey guys, I need one Rocker snare lug to complete a project. I need the one with the shorter bosses as pictured and not the Standard version with the long bosses that require cup washers. BTW, if you'd like to hold on to them, I don't need the spring, swivel nuts or mounting screws - just the...
  10. ludwig402

    OT: Eva Cassidy "Autumn Leaves"

    Holy crap! Had to share
  11. ludwig402

    Hack for Ludwig Standard Tom holder?

    I've got a Ludwig Standard kit with a double tom holder that has a hose-clamp as a memory lock and to help with height slippage, and it works fine. Anyone have a hack or any advice on how to keep the downtube from rotating in the bass drum mount? The pic is courtesy of the internet :)
  12. ludwig402

    Closest match for vintage Slingerland BDP?

    Hey guys, I have 3 orphans all from Chicago, late 50s. The toms need to be re-wrapped, and the bass drum needs a lot of repair work, but the BD wrap is in tight, nice condition. with some fade to a darker shade of black diamond pearl. If I can save the bass drum, I'd like to try and get the toms...
  13. ludwig402

    Slingerland Torpedo Ts

    Wanted: Slingerland torpedo Ts for a players kit. 10 would be nice, but I'll probably go with 6 to try and keep costs down. 4-1/4" measured from under the collar. I don't need claws. Thanks!
  14. ludwig402

    Help with Slingerland value please

    Hi guys, A friend of mine wants to know what his drum set is worth. The drums pictured are NOT his, but they are exactly the same, no snare. White - 12,13,16 (concert toms),22 5ply natural interiors Clip mount brackets on the rack toms (just like those pictured) Again, no snare Looking to sell...
  15. ludwig402

    Mounting options for toms with diamond plate slip-on clips ?

    I love the ease of using the diamond plate clips, but I'm not a fan of the limited positioning when using a rail consolette. It seems to me that an L-arm/ball type set up would be ideal - i.e., where the long part of the "L" is a spade, and the ball end can be used in a single tom holder with a...
  16. ludwig402

    Bum Wrap Ruby Strata?

    Just wondering if any Ludwig Standard owners have had Bum Wrap Drum Co match a Ruby Strata wrap. I've got a stripped rack and bass drum that I would like to match with this floor tom.
  17. ludwig402

    Quick Premier question

    Are sets sporting this badge made in England?
  18. ludwig402

    Slingerland guys - your opinions please

    I picked up a late 70s early 80s blue sparkle set that came with metal inlays on the bass drum. Was that a thing with the blue sparkle finish? Having repaired the lifting seams, I have my suspicions that the kit was originally a veneer finish that was factory wrapped, in which case the metal...
  19. ludwig402

    Queen/Hetfield - Stone Cold Great

    Roger Taylor et al killing it:
  20. ludwig402

    Bumwrap Psyche Red?

    Which one of these Red Psychedelic samples most resembles the wrap that would have come out of the Ludwig factory? Thanks! https://www.bumwrapdrumco.com/drum-wrap-designs/mods/