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  1. Bobby

    Gretsch Catalina Club Lug Issues

    I did a search on this topic and it seems I'm the not the only one who has had issues with CC lug issues. What I couldn't find is the specific issues or more importantly, solutions. Here is the issue: When tensioning the bass drum, I had noticed the rod wasn't tightening. My first thought was...
  2. Bobby

    Edrums and technique

    We all know mesh head don't play like regular acoustic heads but do you think they hurt your technique? I'm currently not gigging for personal reasons so most of my playing is on my Roland kit at home. The other night I jammed with some buddies and noticed my chops weren't "up to par". It wasn't...
  3. Bobby

    Dead Tom - what to do

    So I have a 72 Ludwig player I use for light blues and jazz gigs. 18 and 20 bds, 12 and 14 toms. The 12 Tom has always given me trouble. It has a very small tuning range. If I don't get it just right, it's sounds choked and lifeless with no resonance. The drum has a RIMS mount with a Yamaha...
  4. Bobby

    Ludwig mini classic lugs

    Does anyone else have trouble with tension rods "bottoming out" on older mini classic lugs? The ones with the longer extended lug nuts. The tension rods (may not be original) have a non threaded portion, then combined with the extended lug nut, they have bottomed out at higher tuning. Am I...
  5. Bobby

    Shipping a 4 piece

    Typically all the drum kits I've shipped were 3 drums in 2 boxes. Bass and small tom in a large box, floor tom in a box by itself. I have a 4 piece to ship, same config plus a snare. What do you guys do in that case. I would like to ship in 2 boxes. Its a 20, 12, 14 and a 5x14. Would you put the...
  6. Bobby

    Shipping drums across the pond

    I have a pending deal with a gent in the UK. I have nevver shipped overseas. I general stray away from the hassle. What can I expect to pay shipping from the US east coast to the UK? I generally ship Fed Ex. Any pitfalls I should be aware of? Advice? Thanks!
  7. Bobby

    Custom Ludwigs

    I probably should just ask a Ludwig dealer or contact Ludwig directly, but someone here will probably know... Will Ludwig make a custom size drum? I recently bought a 14x20, 8x12, 14x14 kit and would like to add a 12x18 jazzette BD which I know isnt a stock size anymore. Anyone know?
  8. Bobby

    Equipment gets hit by a car.

    Thank God today I can laugh about this. Sunday I did a gig at an outside Tiki bar. We had a sub musician so I was carrying more of the PA than I normally do. So in this case, my rock and roller cart had mainly PA gear on it. Specifically, 2 15" full range cabs, a small rack with a power amp, EQ...
  9. Bobby

    Beautiful Rogers Kit

    I realize 6.5 wood dynas are VERY rare. Also 14 FT's But........... 8K? http://cgi.ebay.com/...rs-20-12-14-wit ... 7C294%3A50
  10. Bobby

    Shipping Boxes

    Does anyone know of a good source for shipping boxes for drums? I'm mainly interested in a box for a 20" bass drum (with a tom nested inside). I've always shipped drums in boxes I had from drum shipped to me. I dont have anymore. Where do you guys go? Mailboxes Etc, UPS Store?
  11. Bobby

    Left your stick bag home? No Problem!

    http://www.youtube.c...atch?v=d3u_QUwo ... re=related
  12. Bobby

    Charly Antolini

    I've always been from the "less is more" school. Maybe it's because I could never make "more" sound this musical. 2 different styles of jazz, 1 amazing drummer. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=6AQgF5YuPK8 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=A08mhrMF4sc Enjoy.
  13. Bobby

    33 years ago today - RIP Al Jackson Jr.

    A VERY sad day. :cry: Rest in Peace Al. Your groove will never be forgotten. From Wikipedia: On September 30, 1975, Al Jackson was scheduled to fly to Detroit, Michigan, to produce a Major Lance session when he heard the DJ on the radio reminding everyone of the Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali fight...
  14. Bobby

    OT - Mac Virus

    I've been a mac user for a few years. I truely love it. I found it quicker, easier to use and safer than a PC. Awhile back I read that hackers were beginning to target macs now that macs were becoming more popular. Well, I got my first virus on my mac. I'm by no means a computer guru, but the...
  15. Bobby

    What a drum!

    Well the guy has alot of facts about Jeff straight and he has 311 transactions, 100%. Looks legit to me. God do I miss this guy! Talk about Mojo! I think it will sell. http://cgi.ebay.com/...p3286.m14.l1318
  16. Bobby

    A Bass Dum Question

    OK I got a bit of a weird one here. Last night I debuted my lastest aquistion. A 1970 Ludwig SS kit. I absolutely LOVE this kit (Thanks Jon!). Heres the deal: Ive never been a fan of Ludwig curved spurs (especially the older thinner ones). They ALWAYS creep for me (creep nothing, until I tied...