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  1. remhed

    Ludwig Atlas Arch and Mount

    Lightly used Ludwig Atlas Arch and Mount. Allows you to mount a Tom to your bass drum in a retro rail style. Asking $110 OBO + shipping.
  2. remhed

    Recommend a ride for me...

    I need to spend some time on that site that has all the sound clips of cymbals for sale (can someone remind me that site?). I'm looking to get a new ride and thought i'd reach out here for some feedback! I currently play mostly americana to alt-rock. I play a four piece Gretsch renown maple...
  3. remhed

    Question / Advice on Cases

    Hi all, I have a Gretsch Renown Maple kit that I gig with. 10, 12, 14, 22" I have had them in soft cases for a while now, and they are a pain to negotiate putting them in taking them out on stage. So i'm thinking about getting hard cases for them and looking for thoughts / advice. Are the...
  4. remhed

    Recommendations for hardware case

    Hi all, Was wondering if I could get some recommendations on a hardware case. My local stores don't have much stock so I'm stuck looking at pics and descriptions on line. I currently have a soft hardware bag. My biggest complaint with it is when I pick it up to carry it up/down stairs the...
  5. remhed

    Cymbal Advice

    I know it’s a highly personal thing, but I’m hoping to get some advice on what cymbals to buy. I am a hobbyist, not a pro. I play in a local band here in Indy and we play a Replacements/BoDeans/Gaslight Anthem style of Americana (here’s a video from a recent show if you’re interested ). My...
  6. remhed

    Benefits of a rack?

    Hi all, Infrequent poster here... I am considering getting a rack for my main kit. It is a 5 piece gretsch renown maple. I usually have two crashes and a ride- pretty simple set up. I"m a hobbyist / amateur and play in a local band. My two high toms are stand mounted, not bass mounted...
  7. remhed

    Cleaning pitted hardware

    I have a set of Gretch renown maple that I bought about 5 years ago. It has been out of the house maybe 15 - 20 times since then. For the last 12 - 18 months it has been sitting inside my house in soft bags. I just pulled them out yesterday and most of the hardware (lugs, rims) are starting...
  8. remhed

    Opinion on refinishing Yahama Stage Custom

    Hi all, Happy to finally have re-found this forum! I have an older Yamaha Stage Custom set that I am contemplating refinishing in blue/silver duco. This kit has the lugs that span the entire depth of the drums which I do not really care for. So what I am contemplating doing is filling all...
  9. remhed

    Cleaning an old snare drum

    Hi Guys, I know I have read a thread on this topic before... If someone with better search abilites than I can find that thread for me, great. If not, I'd like to revisit this topic. I have an old chrome over alum supra that I am cleaning up. It has some pitting and other surface issues. I...