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  1. cdrummer

    Pearl ISS Mount, Tom Arms, and Stand Adapter

    In great shape, only used at home. $45 plus shipping for everything.
  2. cdrummer

    Pearl toms and project snare

    A few Pearl items I'm not using at the moment: - 13X5 Steel Snare - Needs a strainer and snare, but otherwise in great condition - $25 - Pearl 10X8 natural finish tom with ISS mount - $50 - Pearl Roadshow Jr. 8" and 10" toms - really shallow and great to put above the hi-hat - $90 (double tom...
  3. cdrummer

    Zildjian L80 Low Volume 20" Ride and 10" Splash

    In great shape, just some patina building up, which has mellowed them a bit. $40 plus shipping for the splash $80 plus shipping for the ride Both for $100 plus shipping
  4. cdrummer

    Dark, jazzy, and thin early 60s 18" A Zildjian at 1328 grams

    Here's a really nice early 60s A that would make a great LSR for jazz. I bought it to pair with another 60s A, but that one is much brighter, while this one is dark and complex. Asking $225 plus shipping and open to trading plus/minus cash for the following: - Zildjian 60s A hats - Paiste 602...
  5. cdrummer

    Paiste Twenty 20" Prototype with Beautiful Hammering ~2100 grams

    Selling this beautiful pie as it doesn't really fit into any setups I have at the moment. Very nice light ride with some pretty extensive hammering. Great bell, as you can hear in the video, and it opens up nicely for crashes. (apologies for the shaky vid, I recruited my kids to help!) Asking...
  6. cdrummer

    Italian Tosco/B20 by Sabian Set - 20/18/18/16 and 14 hats!

    Moving in a week and decided to pass these amazing cymbals on to a new home. These are beautiful hand-hammered cymbals and not the cheap Toscos that appeared in the US some years later. Full details: - 14" B20 by Sabian Hats ~850/950g - 16" B20 by Sabian Crash ~ 900g - 18" B20 by Sabian...
  7. cdrummer

    Zildjian Low Volume Splash

    In great shape. Sounds fantastic but I'm just not that into splashes. $65 shipped.
  8. cdrummer

    DW, Tama, Pearl, and Ludwig stands (San Diego pickup) - updated with more gear!

    Getting ready to move and selling these: - DW 5000 straight cymbal stand. Never left the house and pretty much mint. SOLD - DW 3000 hi hat stand - In great shape, just a minor scuff on the foot board, which you can see in the photo. $90. - Pearl S930 snare stand - perfect condition - $50 -...
  9. cdrummer

    Ludwig 70s concert toms and Pearl 10" tom - much lower price!

    About to move and putting these up for sale: - Ludwig black cortex 70s concert toms - 6", 8", and 10" plus original stands. In good shape, but the badges on the 6" and 8" are bent a bit (see photos). Local pickup in San Diego only for now as the stands are pretty hefty. Priced to move at $225...
  10. cdrummer

    Rare vintage quadruple bell(Ludwig?)

    Quadruple pitched bell with working bass drum mount. This is the only one of these I've ever come across and, according to the person I bought it from, they were made by Ludwig in the 20s or 30s. Sounds great and works well, but there is a bit of pitting and rust as you can see in the photo...
  11. cdrummer

    Remo Silent Stroke Heads with Zildjian L80

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping for some advice on my practice setup. I've been using a kit with Remo Silent Stroke heads and Zildjian L80 cymbals and am finding that the drums are too quiet relative to the cymbals, which is making me overcompensate and hit the drums too hard. I'm wondering how to...
  12. cdrummer

    Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal - MINT

    Hi everyone, I bought this pedal to try out and decided I'm not a fan of direct drive. As I got it during the start of COVID when Interstate Music was shut down, I wasn't able to return it, but it's basically brand new other than the 10 mins or so I tested it out at home. Comes with the original...
  13. cdrummer

    Gefell/RFT MV201 Tube Condenser Microphones

    Hi folks, I've decided to sell the last pair of mics from my recording days. I was keeping them around due to how rare they are and the fact that they are amazing for drums, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that my life/career has gone with a different direction. If you're looking for...
  14. cdrummer

    Nord 3P - Holy Inflation!

    Was thinking of picking up one of these for some evening experimentation when the kids are sleeping and I can't play the kit, and I just noticed the price has gone up from $699 to $999. I know inflation is coming back, but a 43% price increase definitely caught me off-guard!
  15. cdrummer

    Do cymbals warp if stored certain ways?

    Hey everyone, quick question: is there a risk of cymbals warping if stored certain ways? For example, I know records should always be stored vertically to prevent warping. Anything I should know when storing cymbals? Thank you in advance!
  16. cdrummer

    Tosco/B20 by Sabian 18" Crash or Crash/Ride

    Long shot here but hoping to find a Tosco/B20 by Sabian 18" crash or crash/ride to complete a setup. Thanks!
  17. cdrummer

    1950's Small Stamp (no dot) A's

    Looking for small stamp 50's A: - hats (any size, but 13's would be sweet!) - 18" crash/ride - 19" crash/ride
  18. cdrummer

    Nord 3P

    Would love to try one of these out! Open to paying cash or trading some nice cymbals as well. Thanks!
  19. cdrummer

    Paiste Advice (SCDR, 602, etc.)

    I just bought my first Paiste ever from eBay, which is a 20" Sound Creation Dark Ride. I have to say that this is an amazing cymbal, the clarity, tone, and amount of sounds contained within it make it unlike anything else I've ever heard. It's heavier than what I would normally play, but it has...
  20. cdrummer

    WANTED: Sabian Big and Ugly Apollo 20" or 24" or similar

    Looking for a 20" or 24" Apollo to pair with my Apollo 22" that I just picked up. May be open to other similar Sabians. Have some nice 50s/60s vintage stuff to trade or can pay cash. Thanks!