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  1. dwdave

    Drum Accessories-The Good, The Bad, The Worthless

    No Nuts work GREAT, and they last. Gibraltar QR clutch, Snareweight M16/M80, Tackle stickbags, Kenner leather hoop savers, Evans drum keys (magnetic) Tune Bot, BFSD.
  2. dwdave

    Would In-Ear Monitors be the solution for my situation?

    I have the 215.... stay away IMHO. There are LOTS of better options. Get 3 driver bass heavy models. You can find them on Amazon for about 50 bucks.... The better you fit them to your ears the better they will isolate and the more bass you will get.
  3. dwdave

    UV1s G1s

    I have the UV2 on my Gretsch NC kit and love them! I am thinking about swapping out the head on the 10" tom for a UV1. This thread is great info.......
  4. dwdave

    Drum Dial versus Tune Bot

    I have both, I got the Drum dial first. It works but, for me there was always a lug that was kinda loose. I also didn't like the accuracy variance, it didn't give me a number that had meaning to me. I picked up the first version of Tune Bot and then the newer one as well ( I keep one in a gig...
  5. dwdave

    Sarah Thawer

    I really enjoy watching her play, the sheer joy and ability is wonderful.
  6. dwdave

    Gretsch USA Maple 2003, Jasper Shells?

    I have a 2003 120th Anniversary Jasper shell snare if you are looking for one! Maple/Gum.
  7. dwdave

    Drum Rug vs Area Rug?

    My 2 cents.... We put in LVP all thru the house and in the studio. I put the cheap outdoor carpet in and then glued hardboard to that to keep the brightness of the flooring. It's OK but I wish I had put carpet on top of it as well. I'm kinda foot heavy and without spurs stuff moves around too...
  8. dwdave

    INDe Aluminum WaFarer 22/16/13 - Demo

    my wife bought me a bronze snare from Josh, it's amazing......Oh, and yeah, it's good to be a trophy husband/concubine as well......
  9. dwdave

    Should I sell a snare....?

    Thanks, and that's really the crux of it. It gets very little stand time if any. It did a decade ago but I prefer 6"+ snares and have plenty. I have a 5" Craviotto and Supra so I've got that depth covered. After looking around it seems like it may only be sellable for 300 ish.... not sure it's...
  10. dwdave

    Inbound copper snare drum

    Who the hell would put beat to mess heads on a drum for a video ????
  11. dwdave

    Should I sell a snare....?

    Folks, I have an 120 anniversary Gretsch snare in burmuda sand? In great players condition.. I'm trying to build the funds for a Indie kit. How much would this snare go for used ? I saw another 120 anniversary snare in a different finish on reverb but it was a different finish and more of a...
  12. dwdave

    Gretsch or Inde

    What sizes did you get? I ask cuz I'm south of you a few hours but maybe I could check you kit out at a gig?
  13. dwdave

    Gretsch or Inde

    Ok, not the same I know. I'd like to replace my gigging kit, currently Gretsch NC (heavy drums maybe a bit loud) I like the sound and mojo of the Renowns but not thrilled about the finish and size options. The Inde brand seems like I can get exactly what I want but I haven't played or heard...
  14. dwdave

    I don't own a metal snare. Should I?

    There are lots of great metal snares and I'm sure all the ones listed here would be great. I will offer my 2 cents.... Get a Oriollo Mangana (Manganese) snare. Not really loud, kinda like a Supra on steroids, does everything well. A used Sonar Ferro Manganese would be a great option as well.
  15. dwdave

    Drum Selling Mistake - Do Overs ?

    I have a few as well..... Paiste 2002 21" ride 26" Zildjian gong Simmons SDS VII brain with HH and cymbal and pads 70's Supra
  16. dwdave

    To click or not to click...Metronomes Live on Stage?!

    this in so many ways!!!
  17. dwdave

    Mixing drums

    Seems like listening to music/mixes similar to what you are mixing is a way to discover what you may want to do or not to do.
  18. dwdave

    Best copper snare drum

    +1 on these snares. I have a 6.5 and it sounds great.
  19. dwdave

    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    Well, I'm activly looking/saving for a Gretsch Renown kit. 20/10/12/16......Will probably have to get a kit with a 14 FT and add a 16 FT.
  20. dwdave

    Paiste 22” Modern Essentials Ride SOLD

    I have one and love it. This is a fantastic ride, and the price is great!!!!