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  1. hardbat

    Help me learn how to do this twirl

    At 0:45 Sonny Payne does a twirl right into a cymbal crash. I'd like to learn the mechanics of that twirl so I can practice it: I'm not even sure exactly how he's doing the twirl part. But I'm hoping some of you out there are good twirlers and can show me!
  2. hardbat

    Trio Volume 2 CD is #28 on the jazz charts (now #21)

    Looks like we may have peaked at #28 last week. Not quite as high as volume #1, but not bad. We got a lot of airplay in Denton, Boston, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Cheney, and Sacramento.
  3. hardbat

    SOLD -- 14-1/4" Avedis Zildjian Trans Stamp

    14-1/4" Avedis Zildjian Trans Stamp, 1172g. $150 + shipping Probably a bottom hi hat... it's fairly heavy. Beautiful hammering and patina. Presumably 1940s-1950s. Odd size - if you have an oversize 14 that needs a partner, or if you want to do the Max Roach thing and have a slightly larger...
  4. hardbat

    Sabian 20" Artisan Light Ride

    Sabian 20" Artisan Light Ride - 1961g, like new condition with original plush bag and paperwork. $400 + shipping, preferably to the Continental U.S. The only possible imperfection is is a slight brown spot at the base of the bell, which was like that from the factory. It is visible in the...
  5. hardbat

    Our CD made the Jazzweek top-100 for the year 2021

    https://www.jazzweek.com/year-end/2021/ I think it's based on radio spins. Also, our opening track, "Un Poco Loco", was 3rd for the year on AAJ for number of downloads: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/media/yearend_downloads.php Volume 2 is being mixed now!
  6. hardbat

    Calfskin heads - 12" and 16" ---- SOLD

    SOLD - Calfskin heads 12" and 16". Made by Litik. Transparent. European-made real old-school pre-mounted on a reusable hoop. I purchased these 3 years ago from Purple Chord in the Netherlands. I mounted them on drums and used them for a very short time. They sound GREAT, I just didn't like...
  7. hardbat

    Anyone here buy that 20" old K that Steve Maxwell just had up on Reverb?

    It was pricey but sure sounded nice. I was mighty tempted. Sold within a day. This one: https://reverb.com/item/44672047-zildjian-k-istanbul-19-5-old-stamp-ride-cymbal-w-4-of-11-rivets-installed-1890g?show_sold=true
  8. hardbat

    13" Agop Sig Hi Hats - 725g/770g (video)

    SOLD - 13" AGOP SIG hi hats 725g/770g, BRAND NEW. $350+shipping
  9. hardbat

    looking for low-pitched but not too trashy 20" jazz ride

    Any suggestions for which modern cymbals fit this description? 20", low-pitched, but not too trashy. Also preferably not too heavy, i.e., something pretty but not pingy - some wash is nice. For use in jazz combo. Low-pitched easy to find in a 22, but I'd like to find it in a 20. Ideas?
  10. hardbat

    vintage (and new) cymbals - Old Ks, SCDR, 70s swish, Agop, C&G, Kerope, etc.

    Shipping cost depends on your preference for shipping, and your location. Photos and videos for each follow. SOLD PAISTE - SCDR (not New Dimensions) like new 20", 2550g, serial #926099 (1979?), couple of very tiny edge dings. $450+sh SOLD AGOP MEL LEWIS "1982" ride - 20", 1890g, No cracks...
  11. hardbat

    our CD is #16 on this week's jazz chart

    It's been slowly climbing for the six weeks. https://www.jazzweek.com/charts/
  12. hardbat

    MMO for demo-ing cymbals?

    I have several cymbals I wish to sell, and I'd like to make some decent videos for them. I have good mics, but I don't have any music-minus-one to play along to. Just a minute of something swingy (jazz) to give people an idea of what they'd sound like in context. What do people here use? Are...
  13. hardbat

    I'm on the "track of the day" at AllAboutJazz.com!

    The first track on our recent CD is "track of the day" today at AllAboutJazz.com. "Un Poco Loco" by Bud Powell, with that crazy cowbell pattern invented by Max Roach. Performed by the Dave Bass trio. https://media.allaboutjazz.com/track-un-poco-loco-by-dave-bass
  14. hardbat

    Here's a few....

  15. hardbat

    Deconstructing the Max Roach / Bud Powell "Un Poco Loco" beat

    Here is my second "deconstructing" video:
  16. hardbat

    Uzuiriope -- anyone else here ever use one? [major necro-bump]

    I have a pair of old 12" hi hat cymbals labeled "Stanople - Uzuiriope". I also have a 10" splash of the same brand. The hi hats are rather heavy, the splash is thin. They have a distinctive shape and color, and cool heavy hand hammering. Rob Scott's site says they were Italian and...
  17. hardbat

    Opossum #5

    The quest for self-sufficiency during the pandemic:
  18. hardbat

    Dave Bass trio - streaming concert

    Here's an original from the live show called "Mean Johnny". I'm playing drums.
  19. hardbat

    WTD ?

    I get "WTB", but what does "WTD" stand for?
  20. hardbat

    13" old A hi hats

    Preferably 1950s, preferably 800-900g range. Trans, small, or block stamp would be awesome. Would also consider trading... i have several cymbals about to go up for sale.