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  1. gwbasley

    OT- Cant Sleep - Midnight snack

    Another night of not falling to sleep and doing the midnight snack thing. For me that means crack open a beer and throw together some umami from the fridge. Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. gwbasley

    Looking For a Teacher in San Marcos , Texas

    I have an advanced beginner, 11 y.o. student moving to San Marcos and needs a good teacher. I posted this in "General" as well with more details. Please let me know if you are in this area, or know of someone who is, and would be interested. PM or post replys. Thanks, George
  3. gwbasley

    San Marcos Texas

    I just got news today that one of my students will be moving to San Marcos, Texas in June and will be looking for a drum teacher. I offered to post that request here on DFO. He is 11 y.o. and I would categorize him as an advanced beginner. He can read and plays basic 4 way coordination on the...
  4. gwbasley

    Working Drummers only...What did you get for your NYE gig...Let's be honest

    Full honest disclosure...I got $300 and not feeling great about it. I never have to ask about pay because my bandleader always takes care of me. but this time I'm feeling a little off put, if you know what I'm getting at. Last year we made $400 each and the year before I think it was $500...
  5. gwbasley

    I Can't Feel My Feet...are there any others?

    Back in '94 I had a spinal tumor that paralyzed me from the chest down. They fixed it but I still have very limited feeling in my feet. I had to relearn to play and the outcome was bittersweet...I still have independence but my speed and power are diminished. I kinda solved this by micing my...
  6. gwbasley

    Thumper..of sorts

    I didn't want to hijack another thread where this was being discussed and this subject is very interesting to me. When I studied with Gary Chester he used a low frequency metronome that produced a bass drum type of thump and it was far quicker to fall in sync with than a click. He ran it...
  7. gwbasley

    5 Year Old Beginner

    I teach at a moderate size music school. Tomorrow I have a new 5 year old beginner. We have agreed to try it for the month of June and then have an evaluation. Has anyone had any experience with a student this age and, if so, how did you handle it?...did it work out?
  8. gwbasley

    Suitcases Anyone?

    My neighbor has 2 old Samsonite suitcases that he was about to toss, so I told him to let me check and see if any drummers might be interested. Anyone?
  9. gwbasley

    Can you help I.D. this old set?

    A friend sent me these pics of an old set, from the 20's or 30's I'd guess, for some help to I.D. them. My first reaction was that they are old Ludwigs but it wasn't uncommon, even into the 60's, to paint a logo on your front head. The thing is, I'm not a collector and I just don't know, so I...
  10. gwbasley

    Have you had any gigs cancelled?

    I just got word that three of our gigs have been canceled, two of them this week, Has anyone else started to see this? After recent events, I am not a bit surprised but now I am curious if this is just isolated to my area (lots of older folks here in Florida) or more widespread throughout the...
  11. gwbasley

    Equipment malfunction...no Problem!

    Watch how a pro averts a potential fail...!
  12. gwbasley

    What is going on at Calato / Regal Tip?

    After a frustrating day of running down to Clearwater (Sam Ash and Guitar Center) to pick up a couple of spare Regal Tip 5As and learning that neither store could even get them, I decided to go online. Not only Steve Weiss and Lone Star show back orders but the Calato website lists them not...
  13. gwbasley

    Slightly O.T. - A New Book is Out...it's a good one!

    Ever wonder about those guys who worked their magic just outside of the limelight? You probably know about George Martin and Col. Parker but, if you think about it, there was someone like them who contributed to the success of every big talent that has come along. This book is Charlie...
  14. gwbasley

    I Think I Want a Rogers Kit

    I've always been a Ludwig guy, but I.m getting old and I don't have that UUMPH!... in my foot anymore. Every time I check into the Vintage section someone is raving about the power of the Rogers bass drums. I once had a Rogers set and loved them. Now i want them again....must be a 60's kit...
  15. gwbasley

    Castanets anyone?

    Do you play or have you ever tried to play Castanets? I was going through a percussion book today and came across Castanets...I have never tried to play them and that led me to do a little you tube research. Like any other instrument there are disciplines involved which turn out to be much...
  16. gwbasley

    Hardware Weight Loss Program

    After previous success in cutting some pounds from my throne base I decided to do the same for my other stands as well. After a trip to Lowes for the aluminum and a few hours in my garage I have 2 cymbal stands done. The net result is 1 1/2 lbs each in weight reduction, ( I use 4 cymbal stands...
  17. gwbasley

    O.T. Is There a Doctor in the House?....Trigger thumb!

    When I was in my 40's I had "trigger finger" and a hand operation that totally corrected it. so I am aware of the signs and symptoms. I recently developed a lesion on either my lower thumb tendon or it's sheath. Right now it only bothers me when I grip something large, but it arrived pretty...
  18. gwbasley

    How to make a great pedal strap - cheap

    Sometime back in the 70's I needed a pedal strap and my local music store said they would have to order one...what do you do? What I did then is exactly what I still do today, I made one out of a dog leash. A 3/4" dog leash makes the perfect strap and it is far better than leather...it doesn't...
  19. gwbasley

    Finally Finished My Swivo Gen 3 Project

    Backstory: I've been restoring and modernizing Swivos for a while but it's a TON of work and I've only done one for another drummer...(that would be red66charger on DFO). It would be way too expensive to make these conversions commercially, so I decided to just post it as a "how to" article...