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  1. dtk

    OT-What to do in Berlin

    I don't suppose Paiste or Sonor factories are near by. In late April an original band I'm in was invited to play a festival...I don't get 'way' out much... only doing one show (sort of a bummer but...I'm greatful for this opportunity). Anyway...let me know what I should see/eat... I'm...
  2. dtk

    DW Collectors - Wrap vs Stain/Finish on Maple/Mahogany

    I support the conclusion that wraps/finishes do not effect sound in any perceivable way. Ideally the finish of your kit should 1) Make you happy with your acquisition 2) reflect your sense of aesthetic 3) excite you. That said I've learned to love finishes (BOP, Red Glass Glitter) when kits...
  3. dtk

    What? (PDP Aquabats)

    would be nice to know the sizes...but I'm loving this video...its sort of a spoof in a way on all those other signiture drums/kits I like this much better than the Zildjian S Dark video...
  4. dtk

    Whiplash Backlash

    my favorite part of the movie is the dinner when the drummer tells the footballer that a touchdown just becomes a score in a win or lose in a season and noone goes back to watch it over and over...to me it was a movie about how to create art/how to break free...even if the guy's methods are...
  5. dtk

    Rogers Drum Identification

    Does it include everything in the photo? if so $250 is a decent price but those are not classic Rogers....but it would be a good starter kit if your wife is starting.
  6. dtk

    Brothers and sisters

    with one of my daughters in the marching band. The last few things we did together she really did me proud.
  7. dtk

    Getting a Supraphonic to sound like a Super Sensitive

    Perhaps you could if you changed out the wires and butt for something that would allow longer wires. I had a SLingerland 2 for 1 and you could use 14 or 15 snare wires on it. this snare/butt set allows for a longer wire ...
  8. dtk

    Gold Bass Drum Pedal

    Well...you know when you make it big...it'll be in the video...I've often wondered about cool lookinig bass drum beaters...
  9. dtk


    Never seen lugs like these on Premiers...look generic to me https://www.ebay.com/itm/334652967040?hash=item4deadf0880:g:IZYAAOSwjG5jjJ4A.
  10. dtk

    Head choices for acrylic fibes toms?

    i recently tried Cardinal 1 ply clears top and bottom. Very lively and very easy to tune up...I'd probably try a 2ply top...i tried Cardinal coateds over clears on a Nordic kit I have and they also tuned up easy...i wouldn't rule them out
  11. dtk

    Walnut! And my snare collection

    i really enjoy your posts. I've only had one Walnut and I wasn't happy...maybe it was the drum...or the tuning...or the player...might be worth retrying. Are you using the 10 much?
  12. dtk

    Hi hat bottoms..we don't talk much about them

    I recently obtained a 14" SE Paiste Sig. bottom hat. I think its my 2nd (I'm not a Paiste guy but they make everyone else's tops sound better IMO). So it got me thinking...what are the qualities of a good bottom hat? I had some Scimitar bottoms that were heavy and student B8 but they sounded...
  13. dtk

    Sexy Cymbal Photos

    a flat Hohner...a Meinl one of a kind 18 sizzle and me and wuhan linear... Meinl's gonna be for sale...the hohner i might have a buyer for too.
  14. dtk

    SOLD DW Drumroll / combo drum rug and hardware bag SOLD

    for grins...what would shipping be to 01534. Was actually thinking of planning a trip to your neck of the woods....nothing definite though.
  15. dtk

    Another marcher - is this another parts drum?

    So...it might have some value to a collector of Way...and from the pics there are no holes for mounting hardware so I'd proceed slowly on breaking it down. That said its not an unusual Way finish nor is it in great shape (shell finish). Me...I'd try playing catch and release and see what kind...
  16. dtk

    Where is the sizzle?

    my first teacher had a 20" Zilldjian with rivets and it was a pretty magical cymbal...at least impressive. I'm going to be selling an 18" Meinl 'one of a kind' sizzle cymbal (one of a kind i think is how Meinl labels custom order, I bought it off ebay)...as i didn't use it enough and...I bought...
  17. dtk

    SOLD!!! Take it all for one low price!

    if i read that right...3 sets of 15" hats plus a few....nice deal
  18. dtk

    Tell me more about Remo custom orders (7" head)

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/255849071388 I should know better but for the price...I'd like to put a mount on the block between the toms and play with sticks. The hide heads would never last. 6" heads are out there...there are synthetic 7.15 bongo heads that might be worth trying... thoughts...
  19. dtk

    More unidentified hardware

    hmm....they look a little like bongo tuners but not quite. It also reminds me of an L arm the Tama metronome (rhythm watch?) had as an option to mount it Is the threading and size the same as a cymbal mount? I'd imagine they're from one of those percussion like mounts...