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  1. bernard

    DWe, I think that I now realize why Roland REALLY wanted DW... (At least this is some of the reason...)

    Extremely strange product. To me the cables have been the least of the problems with digital drums. And I always carry a collection of AA and 9v batteries in my stick bag, to save guitarists/bassists that run out of power in their pedals, tuners and active instruments. Have no desire to go there...
  2. bernard

    Can you play all of these parts by yourself?

    Obviously. I wouldn't want to try memorize all that (and I'm sure i couldn't).
  3. bernard

    Lacquer or leave my copper snare

    I'd leave it to age (or might even try to accelerate the oxidation process). But, if you don't like the patina look, you should seal it. Keeping it clean will drive you crazy otherwise.
  4. bernard


    Thanks a lot, really helpful! Fortunately (for me), most of the sticks I use are not on the list, the exception being the Echo but I have a few pairs, and these are not something I usually slam...
  5. bernard

    Will a cymbal bag for 22" cymbals fit through TSA scanners?

    I'd be afraid to take a crash on a plane...
  6. bernard

    Show me your 6 lug snares!

    One of many good things with 6-lugged snare drums: you get to see more of the finish.
  7. bernard

    Anyone check out the new Zildjian Staccato rides?

    Just listened to the MD podcast (now thankfully taken over by John DeChristoffer) and Russ Miller says the staccato ride will be a regular Zildjian catalog item in the autumn.
  8. bernard

    Anyone watching the Grammies?

    There may be many reasons to complain about the Grammys, but Billie Eilish is definitely not one of them.
  9. bernard

    The “This Is Pop” documentary.

    Started watching yesterday, was initially put off by the start: "Boyz II Men? Huh? Couldn't care less". But, the documentaries are extremely well made and won me over -- by the Autotune episode i was hooked.
  10. bernard

    What Are Your Favorite Drum Introductions?(not the best or most complicated)

    My all time favorite drum intro. As simple and tasteful as it gets:
  11. bernard

    Electronic tablets instead of paper

    Fakebook Pro is a nice Android app for this, doesn't cost an arm or leg either.
  12. bernard

    New on Netflix: "Count Me In" Drummer Documentary

    Well, so maybe this film can help do something about this terrible balance. Putting the spotlights on some -- well-deserved -- role models is a good thing.
  13. bernard

    New on Netflix: "Count Me In" Drummer Documentary

    I wonder if this film is somehow restricted by region? Tried to search for it (in Sweden), but can't find it...
  14. bernard

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Charlie was all class. A huge loss.
  15. bernard

    Helpful drum head comparison chart I stumbled upon

    Awesome! I haven't seen this before, thanks for sharing,
  16. bernard

    I Finally Found a Pic of The “One Headlight” Snare

    That's a mean sound. In a good way.
  17. bernard

    ***Another crappy cell phone video with reworked snare beds*** Started building my solid Cuban Mahogany snare drum shell.

    Very nicely done, congrats to a unique and sweet looking drum!
  18. bernard

    The Greatest Snare Tuning Trick ever ..

    It won't hurt anything, so don't worry. I use it (though not often to that extreme) on several snares. Another useful technique, especially if you need different sounds for different songs, is the "big fat snare drum" thing. Buy the product, or just take an old head and cut out the collar. Works...
  19. bernard

    New Mike Dawson Podcast "Drumcandy"

    Thanks! I really have been missing the chitchat between Mike and Mike. Noticed one of the first episodes actually was with Mike Johnston!