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  1. cdrummer

    Italian Tosco/B20 by Sabian Set - 20/18/18/16 and 14 hats!

    Still looking for a home for these. This is less than the cost of most beginner-level cymbals and you're getting Italian handmade quality.
  2. cdrummer

    Ef note wonderful!

    Just picked up an efnote 3X last week and it's amazing! Had the Roland V-Drums in the past, but these sound so much better and for a lower price. Hands down the best-sounding and feeling electronic drums I've ever come across.
  3. cdrummer

    Pearl toms and project snare

    Bump, adding some pics of the inside of the Pearl tom.
  4. cdrummer

    Paiste 602 20" pre-serial medium rides

    I have one of these around the same weight - really great cymbal and super-versatile - the buyer won't be disappointed.
  5. cdrummer

    Paiste Twenty 20" Prototype with Beautiful Hammering ~2100 grams

    Yup, 20", thanks for flagging!
  6. cdrummer

    Pearl ISS Mount, Tom Arms, and Stand Adapter

    In great shape, only used at home. $45 plus shipping for everything.
  7. cdrummer

    Italian Tosco/B20 by Sabian Set - 20/18/18/16 and 14 hats!

    Bump, have been delinquent on bumping these, but they are still for sale/trade if anyone's interested. I'm on the lookout for the following: - Zildjian 60s A hats - Paiste 602 Medium hats - Paiste 602 18" Medium-thin/Medium - Paiste Big Beats - Cymbal hard cases in good shape
  8. cdrummer

    Pearl toms and project snare

    A few Pearl items I'm not using at the moment: - 13X5 Steel Snare - Needs a strainer and snare, but otherwise in great condition - $25 - Pearl 10X8 natural finish tom with ISS mount - $50 - Pearl Roadshow Jr. 8" and 10" toms - really shallow and great to put above the hi-hat - $90 (double tom...
  9. cdrummer

    Zildjian L80 Low Volume 20" Ride and 10" Splash

    In great shape, just some patina building up, which has mellowed them a bit. $40 plus shipping for the splash $80 plus shipping for the ride Both for $100 plus shipping
  10. cdrummer

    Dark, jazzy, and thin early 60s 18" A Zildjian at 1328 grams

    Here's a really nice early 60s A that would make a great LSR for jazz. I bought it to pair with another 60s A, but that one is much brighter, while this one is dark and complex. Asking $225 plus shipping and open to trading plus/minus cash for the following: - Zildjian 60s A hats - Paiste 602...
  11. cdrummer

    Paiste Twenty 20" Prototype with Beautiful Hammering ~2100 grams

    Selling this beautiful pie as it doesn't really fit into any setups I have at the moment. Very nice light ride with some pretty extensive hammering. Great bell, as you can hear in the video, and it opens up nicely for crashes. (apologies for the shaky vid, I recruited my kids to help!) Asking...
  12. cdrummer

    SOLD - Mark Nauseef owned cymbals…Paiste 602, Dimensions etc.

    Absolutely love his solo album "With Space in Mind"
  13. cdrummer

    Drum kit space during college

    I lived in three different dorms during undergrad and found basement rooms where I could keep a kit and practice in all of them. That's the most convenient option. If that fails, the music dept probably has drum/percussion practice rooms and, if it's a reasonably sized town, there should be...
  14. cdrummer

    OT fall foliage in New England

    Moved up to the Seattle area a few months ago from SoCal and have to say that colors/seasons are very nice to have again.
  15. cdrummer

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Just bought an 18" Zildjian A from @Skins_in_the_game and it was a perfect transaction: super fast shipping, packed well, and a beautiful cymbal. Thank you!
  16. cdrummer

    Murat Diril and Paiste Hats for sale

    Interested in the Zildjians - do you have weights?