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  1. dontfeartheringo

    Nuçi’s Space Fundraising Auction

    Hello, everyone! Since covid killed my touring career for a while, I started working for a suicide prevention nonprofit in Athens, GA whose primary focus is paying for mental health care for musicians. Part of the way we pay for it is by providing low-cost rehearsal rooms, an inexpensive...
  2. dontfeartheringo

    Before and After- Round Badge floor tom

    Really proud of this one! I can post more After photos tomorrow if anyone's interested. Badge is a reproduction. Finish is black nitro lacquer.
  3. dontfeartheringo

    :SOLD: Gretsch Early '60s Round Badge Kit 12-16-20 1960 Blue Sparkle - $1600 + shipping

    Round badge Gretsch kit from the early '60s. Sizes are 8x12, 16x16, 14x20. Here's the good: Kit is super clean. No extra holes except for the Ludwig tom mount, which is the only mount on the shell, so I suspect that it was installed at the shop at the request of a customer. It takes a modern...
  4. dontfeartheringo

    If you're bird-dogging that Cadillac Green shell on eBay, I can send you some patching material for the kick

    There's a Cadillac Green 22" kick on eBay right now. Someone but a big ol' hole in the top of the drum and the original wrap is gone. I have a 22" donor shell that I can send you patch material from. (This goes for anyone with a 22"round badge kit needing patch material, btw.) If you pay...
  5. dontfeartheringo

    Anyone got a 14" 8-hole die cast Gretsch SNARE SIDE hoop?

    Looking for a 14" 8-hole die cast Gretsch snare side hoop. Vintage and a little beat up is actually better for me! I am surprised at how many places are just back-ordered. That psycho down in Florida has some on Ebay, but I'm not interested in paying $80 + $20 shipping.
  6. dontfeartheringo

    5x14 Monroe Badge Super Sensitive - SOLD

    5x14 Ludwig Ludalloy Super Sensitive. Monroe Badge, Puresound wires, 100th Anniversary batter and resonant heads. All parts present and functioning on strainer. One tiny bubble in the chrome at 2 o'clock next to the badge (pictured). $25 shipping, CONUS
  7. dontfeartheringo

    On the hunt for '80s Imperialstar Tension Knob/Butt

    I have started working on a 5" Tama Imperialstar snare. I already have a parallel action Imperialstar King Beat 6.5, but forever I've wanted one of these 5" drums. The throw is a flip switch, and tension is adjusted on the butt. HOWEVER, the butt is kind of beat up. The threaded rod is bent and...
  8. dontfeartheringo

    Ludwig Atlas Tom Mount. $40 shipped or....

    Ludwig Atlas Tom Mount. I gigged with it once and I kinda like it less than my RIMS mount, so this can be yours for $40 shipped or a straight trade for a new 24" Coated Emperor! Everything that comes in the box new comes in this box. It's been to one gig, where we had to stop after two sets...
  9. dontfeartheringo

    Who played this kit? And where can I find more photos?

    I downloaded this photo from this very forum, but I can't seem to find the thread. I love the look of this kit and I want to know more about, especially if there are more photos somewhere.
  10. dontfeartheringo

    Big Pile of Parts- Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland, Yamaha

    Howdy, everyone! I am cleaning out the shed and getting rid of a bunch of random parts. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. All small parts will ship via USPS fixed-price box. Larger parts, please contact me with your zip code for a shipping quote! 12" six hole RIMS mount for...
  11. dontfeartheringo

    Ludwig Bass Drum Parts

    I finally found the elusive 24" 3-ply Ludwig kick drum, now I just need some t-rods and claws for it. Wanted: 12 Classic Ludwig t-rods and claws for '60s/'70s bass drum. 1 pair old-style thin (5/16) curved spurs. I'm willing to accept them in fair to very good condition. Not terribly bothered...
  12. dontfeartheringo

    Mystery kit: PDP prototype or DW entry level kit or ...?

    A friend has asked me to sell a kit for him. I'm having a heck of a time figuring out what they are. The shells are DW branded, and stamped on the inside as being manufactured in 1999. However they have what appear to be PDP lugs. My research indicates that PDP did not start selling drums until...
  13. dontfeartheringo

    Rounding over the edges on a 6-ply Ludwig kick

    I'm a Ludwig 3-ply guy. I don't think Ludwig has ever made a better sounding kit than the 3-ply Thermogloss drums. I have a set of mid-'70s Thermogloss toms (12-13-16. holler at me if you have an 18 to sell!) and a 24" 6-ply kick with a perfectly matching finish. It would not surprise me if...
  14. dontfeartheringo

    Hey, here's a long shot- Yamaha RCs with 24" kick, standard toms

    Piano Black or "Real Wood," I'm into either. I'm on the hunt for some Yamaha Recording Customs, made in Japan, 14x24, 9x13, 16x16, and 16x18. I have a round badge kit in black lacquer in 24-13-16 with an extra stop-sign badge 14x22" kick to trade, OR a set of Ludwig Thermogloss 24-12-13-16...
  15. dontfeartheringo

    Urgent SOS- need some floor tom legs in Shreveport/Bossier City, LA for a gig tonight!

    SOS- Got a buddy headed into a gig in Bossier City, LA needing a set of 9.5mm floor tom legs. This is for tonight 6 April. If you have to go to a music store to get them, I will PayPal you the money. Urgent! DM Asap.
  16. dontfeartheringo

    '70s Ludwig Stainless Steel kit 24-13-16 - $1400 SOLD!!

    Ludwig Stainless '70s B/O badge 14x24, 9x13, 16x16. Kick and rack have seen some road time and have some scratches and minor dings. Drums are round and sound great. Floor tom is pretty much perfect. There are four extra holes in the rack tom where someone drilled it for a diamond plate, which...
  17. dontfeartheringo

    WFL/Ludwig faucet-handle t-rods, 6"

    You thought the 7" Club Date t-rods were hard to find, the 6" ones that came on concert bass drums and on VERY old kick drums are nigh impossible. Anyone got any that they thought would work on a Club Date kit and now you're hiding them in the back of your parts closet? I will take them off...
  18. dontfeartheringo

    Drum sound Ronnie Free gets on "Parchman Farm" and "If You Live."

    What the heck is Ronnie whacking on 2 and 4? Is he cross-sticking on top of a wine cask? What an incredible sound. Rudy Van Gelder engineered. No great shock that it sound amazing. Wish I knew what snare that was.
  19. dontfeartheringo

    Zephyr Lugs

    I am restoring a gorgeous old 28" WFL kick drum and I am about four Zephyr lugs short. They are the 4 3/16" lugs. Anybody got some lying around?
  20. dontfeartheringo

    WFL Antique shop find. Maybe a Pittsburgh Rockets drum?

    I'm currently out on tour and went for coffee on my night off in Pittsburgh. Stumbled into an antique shop and almost immediately found a 14x28 natural maple exterior WFL drum. The finish has some patina but no scratches, Bearing edges are perfect. Interior is, of course, mahogany with maple...