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  1. ludwig402

    60s Ludwig Shell/Wrap Repair Questions

    I've stripped the paint off a lot of re-painted vintage interiors and bass drum hoops. I used to use Citristrip till they change the formula to be more eco-friendly. The past couple of years I've been using Jasco paint remover. Much, much faster - starts working within a few minutes...
  2. ludwig402

    Slingerland white interiors?

  3. ludwig402

    Slingerland white interiors?

    Some pictures. The grommet does feel thicker than what I've come across before. Hard to tell from the bad pics, but there is absolutely zero paint in any of the holes. The bearing edges, however, do have some paint overspill.
  4. ludwig402

    Slingerland white interiors?

    Did Slingerland ever paint the interiors of their shells white? I picked up a tom from the mid to late 70s with a white interior that I thought for sure was painted by a previous owner. However, the grommet looks original to me, and there is no paint on it or in any of the lug, mufffler and...
  5. ludwig402

    Horrible news...our own Mike Layton has passed on.

    A true gentleman. Condolences to the family. Rest in peace, Mike.
  6. ludwig402

    A little help - natural or black hoops??

    Wow, not even close, lol. Black with inlay it is! Thanks for the help guys
  7. ludwig402

    A little help - natural or black hoops??

    I'm finally getting to the finishing stages on a Gretsch stop sign badge era rescue. The hoops are brand new from DFD and I can't decide whether to stain natural and clear coat, or to go with black. The natural hoop in the picture has not been stained/poly'd yet, so it's kind of an unfair...
  8. ludwig402

    Slingerland guys - which badge for this drum?

    Thanks so much for this wealth of information. It helps me no end. Much appreciated!
  9. ludwig402

    Slingerland guys - which badge for this drum?

    Thanks for the generous offer, but I do plan to sell it - I don't play anymore, and I have taken up rescuing vintage drums as a hobby with the goal of breaking even on costs. Blood, sweat and tears are free :) I do have extra badges as well, but very cool of you to offer. Here's what the drum...
  10. ludwig402

    Slingerland guys - which badge for this drum?

    Good to know! Thank you sir
  11. ludwig402

    Slingerland guys - which badge for this drum?

    Yep, definitely drilled for a setomatic mount, but the center hole is a bit uneven, so I'm not sure if it was added later (i.e. originally a virgin). Thanks Rich.
  12. ludwig402

    Slingerland guys - which badge for this drum?

    Based on the photos, which badge would you expect to find on this drum? The spur brackets are for 3/8" spurs. Maple interior with maple re-rings. Appreciate the help - thanks in advance
  13. ludwig402

    In praise of Motsenbocker's "Lift Off"

    I bought this Slingerland bass drum because rescuing vintage drums is a hobby of mine. I wasn't sure what I would find underneath the blue paint, but for $40 I figured it was worth a shot. I used Motsenbocker's Lift Off Latex Paint Remover and it does an amazing job of removing the paint without...
  14. ludwig402

    Weldwood NF water based contact cement FAIL!

    Thanks for this thread Kevin - very helpful
  15. ludwig402

    Single Slingerland Set O Matic Tom holder

    Be careful, the Maxwell design has the flat edge of the "D" tube facing downward, so you'd either have to flip the bracket on the tom so that the set screw is on the bottom, (making adjustments awkward) or mount your tom upside down (again making adjustment awkward).
  16. ludwig402

    Favorite drum fills

    Pick any fill
  17. ludwig402

    Drum wrap measurement help

    For future reference, multiply your shell diameter (in this case 14) by 3.14 (pi) to get the circumference of the shell. Add the amount of overlap you want to that number.
  18. ludwig402

    Rattle can for Cadillac Green?

    I see that Bum Wrap has a wrap called "Birdland Green". Does this come close? (top left) https://www.bumwrapdrumco.com/drum-wrap-designs/cool-stuff/