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  1. hardbat

    Is Kenny G even jazz?

    Back in the early 1970s, Kenny G was an awarded alto soloist in what some consider the top high school jazz band in the country (Franklin High School). I saw that band at the Reno Jazz Festival. At that time, he played surprisingly like Eric Dolphy, very adventurous (yes, there are recordings...
  2. hardbat

    Is this normal?

    Try them on a different stand and see if they still hum?
  3. hardbat

    Is this normal?

    Are you sure that the hum isn't coming from the stand?
  4. hardbat

    Is country drumming boring?

    Up until about 6 months ago, I would have said boring for sure. But recently I've been subbing in a local Bakersfield-sound group, and it's been a fun challenge. I say challenge because to play it decently as a sub demands a lot of prep - those tunes aren't just 8-8-8-8, they're all over the...
  5. hardbat

    Should band members split tips equally?

    I commonly play gigs that collect hundreds of dollars in tips in addition to our pay. In every case the tips are divided equally. I agree, a leader who keeps them all, goes on the poopie list.
  6. hardbat

    Holy Grail cymbals

    And I need to clarify... I DON'T have such a cymbal. It is the last remaining "holy grail" that I'm still looking for.
  7. hardbat

    Some cymbals for swap

    That Zildjian looks like a trans stamp, and some of them were brilliant finish.
  8. hardbat

    Holy Grail cymbals

    I'm pretty much down to one... a 20" old stamp K that sounds like Blakey's from those old Messengers recordings with Lee Morgan.
  9. hardbat

    Uzuiriope -- anyone else here ever use one? [major necro-bump]

    My Uzuiriope mini-quest has ended with success... I found a 16" for sale on the Guitar Center used website. It was cheap, so I bought it. Just got it -- it's definitely on the very heavy side (1550g). Not sure I'll ever find a musical use for it, it's basically an expertly-hammered manhole...
  10. hardbat

    Paiste flat ride

    I have 16", 18", and 20" Paiste 602 flats - I love them all and they get used a lot. But the 2002s are just as good, in some ways better because of a little added sparkle. The 20" 2002 flats, at least the old black labels, are also very consistent and can be found at a reasonable price.
  11. hardbat

    The strangest sounding Ziljdian Hollow Block "Mystery" ride cymbal ever.

    Now that's something you don't hear every day. I would go so far as to say it isn't even a cymbal anymore. The woodblock kicks a** though.
  12. hardbat

    (Good) news about Regal Tip!!(?)

    Regarding their brushes, just a few weeks ago I was at a local music store and glimpsed a virtually unused pair in a misc sticks bin. They sold the pair to me for $10. The black rubber retractable ones. Mine were getting ratty after 30 years, but now I have a new pair! Haven't seen anything...
  13. hardbat

    Well, now I've seen everything

    Looks like it was made pre-keyholed at the factory.
  14. hardbat

    What is the best tip/video/resource to improve my double stroke speed? I feel like I've been capped at the same speed for a long time.

    Getting that 2nd (bounced) stroke to be strong is key. Rudiment #1, in fact, with the accents as noted on the 2nd hit, at the fastest speed you can. Alongside that is playing doubles on a soft pillow, or with brushes. Building up that technique of grabbing the back of the stick with the...
  15. hardbat

    Ole K, Japan, Kingston 22

    Those can be cool. I used to have a really nice one when I was a kid that I wish I still had. Didn't appreciate it and replaced it with a rather lousy A. The recordings I have of it sound really good, much better than the cymbal I replaced it with.
  16. hardbat

    Brushes: Snares On Or Off?

    The perennial question. It's really a matter of taste. I tend to prefer on, but apparently it's unhip and it can cost you brownie points with the cool cats.
  17. hardbat

    Anyone Play(ed) 12” hats!?

    I have a set of 12" old Italian Uzuiriopes that I use a lot, especially for trio work. They are on both of the Dave Bass trio CDs. They are fairly heavy, but still have a fairly dark sound.
  18. hardbat

    Nica's Dream

    The left hand plays whatever clave pattern you want. Could be with a brush on the head, or with a stick crossed on the rim.
  19. hardbat

    Nica's Dream

    Sounds like the fairly standard side-to-side brush bossa. At start he might be going faster than eighths... triplets or sixteenth, hard to tell, but ultimately settles into the bossa. Sounds wonderful, thanks for posting, I'd never heard that version.