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  1. Mabel3Thumbs

    Best Advice For Adhesive For Pearl Inlay On Bass Drum Hoop

    I bought a 1967 Ludwig Hollywood drum set. Everything is great except the bass drum hoops had a silver sparkle inlay that didn’t match the antique white pearl of the rest of the kit. I removed the silver sparkle inlay and thought that I might as well prime and paint the hoops before I put the...
  2. Mabel3Thumbs

    What Is This Mystery Snare Drum

    This listing is the local Craigslist. I can see that is a Ludwig six lug drum, but the photos aren’t great. So what six bow tie lug is this? $275, is that a fair price? I can’t say why, but that seems high for this mystery snare drum.
  3. Mabel3Thumbs

    How Do You Figure Out What a Drum is Worth?

    I have been bitten by the need for vintage snare drums. And of course one is never enough. I have a bad feeling I overpaid on my most recent purchase. I did my due diligence and studied the past sold listings on EBAY and Reverb, but looking back I don't think that was as good a guide as I was...
  4. Mabel3Thumbs

    My Impetuous Heart And A Rogers Luxor Snare Drum

    I just bought my first wooden snare drum-a 1966 Rogers Luxor. I am really happy with the purchase, but this is my first wooden snare drum so I have some questions. 1. The snare had some ply separation that the seller (AP Drum Company, Magnolia Texas) was honest about. He repairs and restores...
  5. Mabel3Thumbs

    Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King: How Bad Did I Get Cheated?

    I have been looking for a Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King and I thought I found one on EBAY. The serial number was 148213, it had 1960s hardware, was in good condition, and the owner told me it was all original. He said that the only thing that wasn't original was the snares, but not to...