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  1. storsav

    Sonor SQ Pipe dream

    I owned a Newport kit for a few years. It was very much like the Phonic sound, only more brightness and sustain. This no doubt attributable to sharp new 45 degree bearing edges, lack of wrap finish, and modern suspension mounts. Loved the shorter floor toms too 14x12 and 16x14, though I bet...
  2. storsav

    Bands that needed to hire another drummer to record one track because their drummer wasn’t getting it right

    Steve Bowman out for Denny Fongheiser in, on Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones" always comes to mind. I love Steve's playing, but I guess they needed that song to be "perfect". Obviously a huge hit for them.
  3. storsav

    1950’s Zildjian 22 Light Ride Sizzle Large Stamp II 2445 grams $350--OFFERS?

    Not an expert on these. It's a lovely cymbal. Feel free to make an offer.
  4. storsav

    I hope you're happy...

    Based on the pic of the rod head, I bet the action and feel will be more accurate than 100% of other tension rods out there. My big beef with square heads is how much play ther always seems to be. Using "speed" keys usually ends up with the key sliding off a rounded "square" head. Bravo!
  5. storsav

    What can you guys tell me about the Sonor S-Classix?

    Very thin birch shells sourced from northern Europe. The cold winters help harden or temper the wood (kinda like rock maple). Shells are 5mm for toms and 6mm for snares and bass drum. Mounting system works well. When I've heard them, they are loud and articulate. Check this:
  6. storsav

    WTB: Sonor Delite

  7. storsav

    1950’s Zildjian 22 Light Ride Sizzle Large Stamp II 2445 grams $350--OFFERS?

    Thank you, I figured the rivets would not be factory, but the holes I couldn't be sure. They are all perfectly symmetrical, though I feel like anyone working at Zildjian would not have drilled a hole in the Zildjian stamp area.
  8. storsav

    1950’s Zildjian 22 Light Ride Sizzle Large Stamp II 2445 grams $350--OFFERS?

    For sale is a beautiful old Zildjian Large Stamp type 2 Ride cymbal with 8 rivets installed. Looks to be a very old installation, possibly factory. 2445 grams, with slight keyhole. Some minor edge wear as pictured. This flat-top bell cymbal is very washable, clear stick, lots of wobble. Just a...
  9. storsav

    Sonor Delite 20" Red Birds Eye Maple

    PM sent just in case.
  10. storsav

    WTB: Sonor Delite

    Looking for a nice older set of Sonor Delites, the earlier the better. Have top end Sonor stuff to trade+cash if interested, or just cash. Located in SoCal and local-ish is always nice. Thanks.
  11. storsav

    Bentleys drum shop

    Dana is a super nice guy and good "old school" retailer. If you're after some rarities, it might be worth it to send an email or mention it when you get in there. Sonor was a specialty of his, among other stuff, so I've bought quite a bit from him over the years.
  12. storsav

    Did we mention that starting a drum company is hard?

    Bravo for starting a new drum company and innovating. Love the strainer design and usability. Keep the patents flowing! :)
  13. storsav

    Ayotte - Wood Hoop Kit

    Saw this one. Interesting sizes and finish. https://the-correll-collection-2.myshopify.com/products/ayotte-6-piece-custom-drums
  14. storsav

    Need advice: New Order cover band, live sequencing, setup???

    Thanks, also found the article here: https://www.moderndrummer.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/md121cs.pdf
  15. storsav

    Cherie Willoughby

    She provided a great lesson to a lot of people on how to corner the market on old Gretsch bop kits and parts. The prices we see today can be attributed to restorers/sellers/collectors like her. The same thing had already happened with guitars by that time (early 2000's), but no one was paying...
  16. storsav

    Long Beach California Drum Shops

    I live in Long Beach, nothing to see here...unless you want to get your hands on some classic Sonor stuff in my home studio. ;) Pro Drum is the best around. GC Hollywood is fun too. Go when traffic is light--10 am-1 pm.
  17. storsav

    Sonorlite Offer: I need help

    Having owned a lot of Sonor drums, and just having just sold a large Hilite Exclusive set like this one, the set is worth it. NOW, as JDA asked--where will you play them all? Store them? etc. If you sold off some pieces, you'd make the set more affordable...but PITA. Shipping is stupidly...
  18. storsav

    When in doubt, leave it out! Best minimal fills?

    Love the third fill at the end of "No Time This Time" by The Police. It's at 2:58. Considering the chaos of the song and the preceding triplet monster fill before it, I just love this simple fill which is pretty hard to do in the heat of the moment.