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    1920's Ludwig for sale

    Not mine, and a long way from home, gave a look at these. Love the painted head.. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-1920s-Ludwig-Drumkit-/293680007322 Enjoy
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    Hardcases_ $$$or $$$$$$

    I've always used soft cases... But I decided to "upgrade" to hardcases recently. Why are they so expensive? Doesn't seem to matter where in the world or which brand $$$$$. I Could buy a nice kit for just about the same price. Why? Material cost? Relatively small production n numbers? I just...
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    the little finger and little bits of paper

    Did an interesting exercise last night.. I had to place a postage size piece of paper between the little finger of each hand and the stick, and play. Predictably (?) I spent most of the night trying to find little bits of paper on the floor! Looked like wedding confetti by the time I was done. I...
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    a fourth pedal

    So... I had a bit of a play with a fourth pedal (so in addition to the double pedals, and Hit hat), I borrowed Gibraltar attachment (what do you call these?) with a spare pedal and added a jam block (then a cowbell, and then a tamborine). Can't say as I was real good, but it was only 15 minutes...
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    Hip Pain (more than normal old man pains)

    So.. here's the deal. I'm been doing a lot of double pedal work recently, not for any aspirations to be a monster metal player (I just don't have enough hair or tattoos for that) but I like 5 stroke ruffs, some fast tasty double stuff thrown into a groove or fill, and just because I want to...
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    My 15 seconds of fame

    So.. I get a call late on Friday night.. a young country duo (Neilly Rich) I know are doing a video clip for their next single and their drummer bailed at the last minute.. can I come and be the "drummer" in the video. Sure can! I even loaded up the "never leaves the house dream kit".. my...
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    OT: for the trombonist in all of us

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    Anyone know what we have here? Looks interesting, Slingerland?, cymbals look ye olde kind Thanks in advance stu
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    Top Hat & Cane Wrap

    Anybody know if anyone makes a version/ copy of this wrap? Any clues appreciated
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    New Content

    For some reason, when I am in the forum (i.e all the forum sections displayed) and I click on "view new content" I'm getting all of my posts I've ever made, not any new contect posted by others. Logged on multiple times and tried the same thing secveral times and the problem remains. Bug? or...
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    Parallel action snares

    I have a snare with them, but I have no idea what advantage/difference what a parallel action snare assembly is supposed to give? What's the idea behind them? The concept seems to have dropped off the map.. too complex? too expensive? didn't work? Thanks
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    Give yourself a pat on the back

    We don't have much self congratulation here.. so without an ego explosion.. give yourself a pat on the back.. what did you good this week(month/year). The simple things often go unrecognised. For me; Played a gig last week with the new country band, a couple of guests who just bring charts for...
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    Early Start - Bass Solo

    My new grand daughter.. got that bass solo look (and a serious bass solo at that).. or could just be wind.. (much the same thing sometimes).
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    Mike Cables

    Mic cables are just cables? There's cheap one's, not so cheap ones and expensive ones.. but does it make any difference. Does it make any difference.. They will just be used for (good quality mics) at smallish live gigs.. (maybe to play around with some home recording.. nothing serious). Would...
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    Country Music Newbie

    I picked up a new gig, playing country. No rehearsals, straight in. On the first night we went through about 60 songs and I had only heard of two of them.. I asked for the singer to count it in, kept an eye on the bass player and figured it out as we went. Actually came out very good.. so I have...
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    Business Cards for Drummers

    I think a business card is useful to have... what do you have on yours? I was thinking maybe a picture of a kit or cymbal, my name and simply "Drummer". Don't give lessons, and didn't want to limit the drumming to a particular genre, didn't want to be too much of a wise-ass. Thoughts?? Thanks
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    New Kit.. nearly

    My new kit is nearly ready! Next week ready for pick up. Missing a 16" FT at the moment, (somehow it disappeared from the shipment, so a frantic scramble for the builder to get a replacement shell but at least I was kept up to date on the problem). Sleishman custom 100% bubinga with a satin...
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    Decision Made

    Finally after 12 months of tortuous indecision (which brand, used or new, which finish, what configuration, will I, won’t I). A decision is made and an order in the works. Sleishman. I spent a few hours with David Sleishman just talking about what I want and Sleishman drums in general. This guy...
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    the Brain chart

    My performance brain works like this; Look at set list; I don’t remember ever playing that song.. where’d that come from I’ve written some cheats on the set list.. Ok.. guitar intro, I’ll remember then Still have to count in.. wide eyed stare at bass player Sort of remember.. sing the chorus in...
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    Roto Toms Remo V cheapo

    Any advice on cheaper roto toms (Peace, Powerbeat etc) v the original Remo? It's all hardware and air, so I can't imagine there's a huge difference other than price. I had a quick look at some Peace (I think) today and the hardware seems solid enough? Wouldn't get a drum from the same makers...