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  1. doubleroll

    SOLD - Beato Pro 1 Cymbal Bag

    Beato Pro 1 Cymbal Bag 22” never used. This is the light weight one that has no dividers as delivered from Fred. Put some cymbals for storage at home, never left the house. Cost new is $99 +$25 shipping direct from Beato. I put a cymbal in the bag just for display :) $75 + actual shipping cost...
  2. doubleroll

    Zildjian k Custom Ride 22”

    I have a Zildjian k Custom Ride 22” not Dark. Anyone know anything about this cymbal, years made, cost new or value today? I think Dennis Chambers used this similar ride at some point. I can get a picture later today but its a heavy ride with a pretty big bell…TIA!
  3. doubleroll

    Zildjian K/K Custom Dark for Paiste Dark Energy

    Hi all, Looking to swap some Zildjian K China and K Custom Dark Crashes for Paiste Dark Energy Ride Mark I or ? Using my Custom Nicky Moon, 2002 or Dark Energies mostly so these jut sit in a hard case at home. K Custom Dark Crash 19” - SOLD K Custom Dark Crash 18” - SOLD K China Boy 17” I...
  4. doubleroll

    Gretsch Bass Drum hardware

    Looking to build an 18” bass drum to match my Tangerine Sparkle USA custom kit. I can get the shell and wrap done but where is the best place to source the lugs, rods, legs, badge, etc? See pic for reference. I have a 18x22, 8x12, 14x14, 16x16 and the 18 would make a nice Bop kit. The badge...
  5. doubleroll

    Adding a bass drum mount

    Finally reaching out to Precision Drum to have a Pearl mount installed on my Pearl Masters MRX 16x20 bass drum. Trying to reduce weight and HW. Any thoughts on doing this as opposed to a drill-free mount like indie or atlas? I think the position of the drilled mount is better but never tried a...
  6. doubleroll

    Needs Band intro song recommendations

    We are at a crossroads with the band…bass payer wants the Tighten up and keyboard and guitar want Layla for songs to introduce the band members to the audience. My thought anything but Layla. What does your band use or do you even do a band intro?
  7. doubleroll

    Soundseat retro

    I have a soundseat retro on a Gibraltar tripod. It’s great but the only issue I have is the seat gets loose all the time. Has anyone found a way to keep the the screws tight that secure the seat to the tripod rod?
  8. doubleroll

    Another Lightweight HW thread

    Looking to lighten the load…Most seem to love the Yamaha Crosstown but no booms is a deal breaker. Looking at the Sonor 2000 LT series since they have booms…Anyone use these or suggest another brand? TIA!
  9. doubleroll

    Bongo advice

    As we start to open things up here in NY got a call to join a new band. Looking to do some latin-y tunes and mild percussion so only thing I’m missing is a set of bongos. Any suggestions for a pro set of bongos for lounge type gigs? Looking at LP, Gon Bops, Toca...the usual suspects. But open to...
  10. doubleroll

    Help counting this one

    Is this all in 4/4 or does it start in something different, drums are throwing me..
  11. doubleroll

    Road Runner Tom Bag *SOLD*

    I am updating my bag sizes due to new drums and these are no longer needed: Beato Pro 1 USA Tom Bag 10” x 12” new is $80 plus $15 shipping...asking $45 plus $10 shipping Road Runner Tom Bag 11” x 12” asking $25 shipped since this is easier to pack Please see pics both bags are in great...
  12. doubleroll

    Grooving tune...

    These cats can groove...R.I.P. Robert Palmer Google search says Chris Parker on drums...is this the guy who did some collaboration with Steve Gadd back in the day? Nice feel and that bass line is sublime.
  13. doubleroll

    Cymbal transformation by Nicky Moon

    Big thanks to Nicky Moon for transforming my old Zildjians into works of art! They sound fantastic... Ride: Zildjian Rock Ride 20” circa 1977 Splash: Zildjian K 12”
  14. doubleroll

    Double pedal slave placement

    I have always set my double pedals with the slave bass drum pedal to the right of the the hi hat. I guess the standard way? But wanting to get my hi hat closer to the snare was thinking of moving it to the left...see link below: https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/tech-tip-drum-pedal-placement/...
  15. doubleroll

    Definition of Jazz...

  16. doubleroll

    After a long wait...SQ2 has arrived

    Thanks to Shane, DCP for getting my SQ2 here safe and sound. More pictures to come...
  17. doubleroll

    Got asked to fill in

    So I was asked to sit in for a local popular classic rock cover band for one gig. Only one short rehearsal, setlist is fairly common. I agreed of course...now their full time drummer is a real pro who was on tour with a big time country band for the last 10 years or so. The guy is super cool and...
  18. doubleroll

    Zildjian K Custom Dark or Constantinople MTL

    Looking to add a 20” Z ride and these two on the short list. I have K Custom dark crashes 16, 17,18,19, 14” hats and 22” K Custom Ride (not dark) currently. The obvious choice seems like the K Custom Dark which I was able to try at my local GC. Not the MTL however. The YouTube videos of the MTL...
  19. doubleroll

    Debut performance with a new band Yorktown, NY

  20. doubleroll

    Got asked to sit in...Yonkers, NY

    Got asked to sit in for a fantastic drummer by Robin & the Hoods... https://www.facebook.com/events/353673678757313/