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  1. gwbasley

    Is Jazz drumming snobby?

    I mentioned Mitch because I knew the Millers quite well. I grew up literally across the street from them and was in the same classes as his son. The mere mention of someone like Elvis or Ricky Nelson would provoke an onslaught of negative comments from Mitch...he was dead set against "all this...
  2. gwbasley

    Is Jazz drumming snobby?

    Well put. Buddy just reflected an opinion held by most of the guys who came up through the Big Bands. Mitch Miller was the head of Columbia in the 50's and absolutely despised pop music, including Be Bop Jazz. I think that a lot of the snobbishness may have come from the newspaper reviewers...
  3. gwbasley

    The relationships between furniture manufacturers and Musical Instrument companies

    I have read that early 3 ply Ludwigs were made from sheet goods that were outsourced to a furniture company. The 3 ply sheets were delivered in flat sheets, with the finish Laminate already applied, (so you can't really call it a "wrap"). This makes sense, since the wrap dove into the scarf...
  4. gwbasley

    Sam Ulano book on Ringo's style

    Sam Ulano was an interesting drummer. I have several of his books from that era, (but not that particular one). Hr practiced with two 16" pieces of electrical conduit instead of sticks. Are there any "unique to Ringo" type of exercises in it?
  5. gwbasley

    Please Direct Me To Obscure Classic Rock Instrumentals

    Ed Roth and LA studio guys, (Earl Palmer on Drums):
  6. gwbasley

    Session Drummers

    Buddy Saltzman was another east coast studio drummer who got little acclaim. He played for Dion, The Four Seasons, Laura Nero, Sinatra and more...worth checking out as well!
  7. gwbasley

    Session Drummers

    This from Drummersworld may explain it a bit: Gary Chester If the subject is great studio drummers, this man's name inevitably comes up, and Gary Chester can also take credit for both writing and co-writing a pair of books that are acknowledged...
  8. gwbasley

    Pre-Play Stretches for Drummers

    1. Arrange your sticks parallel tip to butt. Hold them in your hands, palms up, straight out in front. Lightly grip them one hand at each end. You are now in the starting position. 2.Raise and rotate your right hand and bring it towards yourself so that you end uo with your right hand inverted...
  9. gwbasley

    OT fall foliage in New England

    Fall foliage season is quickly followed by Snow Fallage season!
  10. gwbasley

    What are you goals as a musician, specifically as a drummer?

    At 75 my goal is, now, to be packed up, home in bed by midnight and only do it a few times a month.
  11. gwbasley

    Vintage Pedal Recommendations for Project

    Here is a link to a Gen 3 that I did: https://www.drumforum.org/threads/finally-finished-my-swivo-gen-3-project.151479/
  12. gwbasley

    Vintage Pedal Recommendations for Project

    Yes, they are strap drive and they are adjustable in just about every other way...travel, tension, throw, pedal height, pedal angle, beater height, and (this is maybe my favorite one0 quick disconnect. They were originally made with a single rod base but my mod incorporates a flat floorboard...
  13. gwbasley

    Vintage Pedal Recommendations for Project

    I have played a Swiv-o ever since I got my first one in 1969 with a new Rogers set. I have 3 that I use, 2 being the Gen #2 version, (my personal favorite). I picked them up in distressed condition and re-worked them, fixing any weak points. It takes many hours but I also deburr and polish...
  14. gwbasley

    Best Mic for Bass Drum (internal)

    Beta 52 all the way! It's great for both studio and live and engineers are familiar with it.
  15. gwbasley

    Overnight price jump on drumsticks. Did anyone notice this or any other hikes?

    I can't find Regal Tip 5A Nylon at ANY price!
  16. gwbasley

    OT: Members in the path of hurricane Ian

    You are in the predicted path but wind will be way down...likely a TS by then. That forcast chart is interesting, it looks like the eye crosses over sometime between 11am and 2 pm where it takes a big dive, (42 to 12). Hopefully the day ends well for all of us.
  17. gwbasley

    OT: Members in the path of hurricane Ian

    This one is it may be a rehash of "Charlie". It had Tampa area folks on edgebut it is now looking like we may have dodged a bullet and will be down to TS category by the time it reaches you in the Sanford and Deltona areas. I am mostly worried about losing power because my wife is on O2 and we...
  18. gwbasley

    Do you allow other people (non drummers) to help unpack and pack your gear?

    Ok, well here is a great Bass Player story: After leaving the lead players guitar out side in the rain, ( one incident) and another time leaving his bag of mics outside and adjacent to a homeless encampment, (they "disappeared'), he was banned from"helping" forever... and soon after ejected...
  19. gwbasley

    Do you allow other people (non drummers) to help unpack and pack your gear?

    It ends up taking longer because you are dividing your concentration between your normal breakdown procedure and watching over your "helper". Even loading the truck...there is a definite order that things have to go in, plus this is always my last check that I haven't forgotten something...
  20. gwbasley

    What are the current top 3 Afro-Cuban books?

    What is this?... no one mention of Dough Auwater's " Essential Latin Styles for the Drumset...? This book is a must for anyone delving into Latin Rhythms....foe me it is the Bible!