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  1. mattmalloy66

    The rest of my collection.

  2. mattmalloy66

    `50s -`60s American made snares

    Looking for great condition ( doesn't have to be museum quality) American made snares from only the `50s and `60s. Nothing earlier, nothing later. Drums with interesting wraps. Not really looking for COB or other metal drums unless they are special in some way. I don't need a flaking...
  3. mattmalloy66

    About half of my snare collection.

    Left to right, top to bottom. `58 WFL Super Classic 6.5x14 red sparkle , `61 Slingerland New Brass Snare 5x14 COB, `60 Leedy (Slingerleedy) Reliance 5.5x14 sparkling blue , Early `60s Gretsch Dixieland 5.5x14 starlight sparkle , `62 Slingerland 5.5x14 either a Student model with the $4...
  4. mattmalloy66

    Back to basics

    Tonight I was asking about what companies we are producing the most shells for, and what types of woods they are asking for. Gretsch, SJC, Ludwig, DW , all seem to be going with maple , poplar, and gum right now. They aren't ordering many exotic woods due to cost or lack of demand. Maple and...
  5. mattmalloy66

    Surprising wrap fade

    Early `60s Gretsch Dixieland. Would not have guessed that the original color was a red sparkle. It is much more red than the photos show. It is very evenly faded to a gray sparkle that looks like Starlight Sparkle.
  6. mattmalloy66

    Robert R Keller marked shell snare drum.

    I am looking for a snare drum made with one of the Keller shells produced for a short while in the `90s, that had the Robert R Keller name (signature) stamped on the inside of the shell. Not just a snare with a Keller shell, it has to have the reproduced signature clearly visible inside. This...
  7. mattmalloy66

    The Immediate Family

    I love my brother. He got us front row tickets to see The Immediate Family perform next month here in NH. I hope I can talk to, and get a photo with Russ Kunkel. Meeting Waddy Wachtel would also really make my day.
  8. mattmalloy66

    Leedy Reliance snare

    Just bought this Leedy snare which cleaned up beautifully. I think it is a Reliance model. Sparkling Blue. Date stamp looks to be Oct. 8 1958. Mahogany /poplar/mahogany. COB hoops. 8 lugs with all collar hooks in good condition, and Leedy 3 point strainer working fine. Had cheap non original...
  9. mattmalloy66

    `60-`61 Slingerland New Brass Snare

    I have a couple of mid `60s Slingerland Sound Kings in standard and 6.5 depth, but this approximately 1960 Slingerland New Brass snare with a smooth brass shell and three point strainer just sounds better to me. Maybe not rare, but not common. Who else here has one, and can give their opinion...
  10. mattmalloy66

    Quaker City Night Hawks / concert toms

    Floor tom is double headed. but the mounted toms are single. Music starts 1:00 in.
  11. mattmalloy66

    Photos vs just memories

    Stories are good, but photos are better. Lots of us here have them, and some of them will hopefully last longer than we can imagine.
  12. mattmalloy66

    Where it all began

    My brother just went through all my father's old slides, and converted them. Here is my earliest known drumming photo circa `68 or `69. Mom on maracas, sister on guitar.
  13. mattmalloy66

    Sold. Newer A Zildjian 16" thin crash. $125

    Bought this new about 2 years ago, but not using it enough to keep it. A Zildjian 16" Thin Crash. 961 grams. No flaws at all. Brand new condition at a less than brand new price. $125 plus actual shipping cost.
  14. mattmalloy66

    Sold. Zildjian Armand 19" Beautiful Baby Ride

    Armand Beautiful Baby 19" in excellent condition. Still has the barcode decal under the bell. The only thing preventing me from saying brand new condition are a couple of tiny dimples near the hole on the bell. See photo. They were there when I bought it. No cracks, no keyholing, no flea bites...
  15. mattmalloy66

    DCP museum photos

    Visited Drum Center Of Portsmouth again today, and took some photos of my favorite things in their museum. I'm hoping Bun Carlos can tell us a little bit about the `90s Ludwig, with a bass drum with a small batter head and large reso head. Looks like a stubby flashlight. The toms have reso...
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    Drum Center of Portsmouth

    Finally took the short drive over to the new location of Drum Center of Portsmouth, now located in N. Hampton (NH). Wow!! The old store was a drum shop, this is a drum mini mall. I have never seen so many drum sets, and snare drums, in one place. Pretty much every line of drums from every major...
  17. mattmalloy66

    Zildjian 19" Mini Cup Ride

    Bought this awhile ago because I had never seen a Mini Cup Ride that was 19". It has a `70s stamp, and a very faded hollow ink stamp on bottom. I know better than to say it is rare, because as soon as I do, a dozen members will say they have one. Maybe. All the advertising and catalog info I can...
  18. mattmalloy66

    Omar Hakim with Jeff Healey.

  19. mattmalloy66

    Kate Davis. Damn.

    I am not even a jazz guy, but Kate Davis really wowed the crowd with this.
  20. mattmalloy66

    Quaker City Night Hawks

    Nothing fancy here, just a good band that most people have never heard of, and a drummer looking like he is having a good time.