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  1. Peterk256

    Old Pearl Hi-Hat Stand - Bushing Needed

    My best drum buddy has an old Pearl Hi-Hat stand that needs a bushing for the mid section. See the attached photos (screen shots from his text). Thanks for looking.
  2. Peterk256

    Pearl Fiberglass Floor Tom - ID Year?

    I just acquired this Pearl 16x16 Floor Tom. It is fiberglass and has 1.6mm hoops so I'm guessing it's from the 1970s. Can anyone give me a better idea on the year it was made and what is this color wrap called? [EDIT: I figured out it's Gold Satin]. I'm planning on selling/trading it so if...
  3. Peterk256

    Scored a KB Supraphonic LM400 for $30 at an antique store!

    Luck has finally shined upon me. Picked up this beauty in the rough for $30 while I was shopping out of town in an antique store. S/N is 446396 so it's likely from 1967. Has some pitting but not the worst. P83 is bent, will probably need to replace. Batter hoop is cracked at one hole and will...
  4. Peterk256

    SOLD - Yamaha SS-745 Concert Height Snare Stand for Regular Height

    Trade for a similar quality regular height single braced stand. Great condition as pix shows. Thanks! .
  5. Peterk256

    Rock Biography/History Books For Sale

    Bored? Now is a great time to catch up on some reading. All were read once and put on the shelf. They are as close to new as you would want. All are hardbound except the last two. $8.95 each including Media Rate postage. I'll net less than $5 a book accounting for the postage and the envelope...
  6. Peterk256

    A. Zildjian Light Hi-Hats find

    I just acquired a pair of A. Zildjian 14" Light Hi-Hats. Since there is little documented information on the web about these I wanted to provide this information. They are clearly from the 1980s. The stamp on the bottom cymbal has CO. The stamp on top is so faint that it cannot be seen with the...
  7. Peterk256

    New Ludwig L203 Speed King Pedal

    Spotted on Ludwig's website under New for 2020.
  8. Peterk256

    Ludwig ATLAS Arch Rail Mount opinions

    I'm considering buying a Ludwig ATLAS Arch Rail Mount but I haven't seen much mention of it on DFO or any follow up since it came out. The reviews on some retail sites complain a bit about its weight. For those of you who have gigged with it and from a practical/functional perspective - do you...
  9. Peterk256

    Acrolite with 1970 date stamp and B/O with s/n 808444

    I just acquired an Acrolite with an October 13, 1970 date stamp and a B/O badge with s/n 808444. It has a small muffler knob with the screw on the bottom. Doesn't have a nylon washer under the knob, don't think it ever did. I've had many Acrolite drums cross my path but I never saw one with a...
  10. Peterk256

    2019 Classic Maple Comparison vs. 1970s Ludwig 3-ply - mini review and video

    In this thread I chronicled my reasons for selling a 70s Ludwig kit to buy a new Fab 22 Classic Maple kit. Without rehashing the details of that thread, here is a mini review and video of the new vs. old kit. The video was recorded with Zoom Q2N, no compression, limiting, or EQ. I've posted the...
  11. Peterk256

    20" KB Club Date bass drum worth salvaging?

    EDITED: I know these are rare. Can the damaged hole around the collapsing spur holder be repaired for a reasonable cost? I would re-edge and re-warp if so. There is also an 8x12" matching tom that only needs edging and re-wrap which I plan to have done. My original post said I bought the tom...
  12. Peterk256

    SOLD - Trick GS007AS Chrome Throwoff and Butt, NOS, $50 shipped

    I purchased this Trick Chrome Throwoff and Butt in 2012 but never installed it. This is a GS007AS Single Step strainer, NOT multi-step. It is in brand new condition. $50 shipped CONUS, PayPal. Thanks for looking.
  13. Peterk256

    Recommendation for lightweight cymbal boom stand to hang a 13" tom

    I'm looking for a lightweight cymbal boom stand that can hang a 13" tom from without falling over. I own several heavy double-braced stands, hoping there are lighter single-braced ones that will also work. This would only be for indoor use, not worried about strong winds. Thanks.
  14. Peterk256

    Please move this thread

    Please move https://www.drumforum.org/threads/advice-on-buying-a-new-ludwig-classic-maple-kit-downbeat-or-fab-22.162814/ to General if possible. Thanks!
  15. Peterk256

    Advice on buying a NEW Ludwig Classic Maple Kit - Downbeat or Fab 22?

    I've had it with the finicky tuning of my vintage 70s Ludwig drums that I've struggled with for 15 years. After getting edges redone, countless head combinations, checking the hoops, Drum Dial and Tune-Bot machinations, installing INDe mounts, I'm convinced they are just duds. When the phase of...
  16. Peterk256

    Original or Hack Grommet on WFL badge?

    I have a 1958 WFL Supreme (6-lug, basically a Pioneer) 5.5x14 with a strange looking aluminum grommet. I have every reason to believe the WFL badge is correct to the drum. I'm thinking the grommet is a hack aftermarket job but I'm not sure. Opinions?
  17. Peterk256

    SOLD - Bass Drum Spurs, Drummaker 5225, Never Used

    I purchased these for a project than I never moved forward on. They are still in the original plastic bag. See http://www.drummaker.com/share?5225 for details. Stock photo below. $28 shipped to US 48 states.
  18. Peterk256

    SOLD - Gibraltar SC-GDR40, Dunnett R40 Throwoff & Butt, NOS

    Gibraltar SC-GDR40, Dunnett R40 Throwoff & Butt, never taken out of the package. I purchased this for a project that I never followed through on several years ago. $45 shipped to 48 states.
  19. Peterk256

    Help identify these die-cast hoops

    I purchased this set of used 14" 10-hole die-cast hoops several years ago through eBay but I don't know what brand they are. Please help me identify the brand. Thanks is advance.
  20. Peterk256

    SOLD - Paiste Pre-Serial Formula 602 15" Hi Hat Pair

    These don't come up very often. Paiste Pre-Serial Formula 602 15" Hi Hat Pair, 1013/1125g for sale. Holes are perfect. There are a few minor rough spots on the edge of each cymbal, I never noticed them until I just checked. 1013g cymbal has some ghosted writing on the bottom from a magic marker...