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  1. amosguy

    SOLD - Zildjian 15" A Custom Mastersound high hat cymbal set - SOLD

    Zildjian 15" A Custom Mastersound high hat cymbal set. Excellent condition No cracking or keyholeing $300 cash shipped for DFO
  2. amosguy

    Slingerland Niles Badge Cymbal Stand Base

    Picked up today with some other misc hardware. Slingerland base and second tube. No upper tube or tilter. Red sticker with "Slingerland Niles Illinois USA". $20 + shipping from Seattle. Any additional information welcome. - Believe last picture shows a complete stand - I only have the base.
  3. amosguy

    Noble & Cooley Has Arrived

    Pickup up this about a month ago. Still adapting the iNDE Low Profile Drill-Free Rail, but happy so far. On front lugs at the moment, but may move to the rear lugs to try that out. 2017 CD Maple in Honey Maple finish. 10-12-14-16-22. Came with RIMS mounts on top of the lugs, and I moved...
  4. amosguy

    Singerland Vintage L Arm Hoop Clamp

    Cleaned up nicely. Believe from early 60's, but correct me if you know for sure. Original tightening screw on the hoop clamp has wear in the middle and could be replaced. Will tighten with some additional hoop protection rubber. L arm clamp in excellent condition. L arms are approximately...
  5. amosguy

    WANTED - Used Protection Racket Case for 6" Tom

    Wanted matching Protection Racket case. Used is preferred. New is pretty pricey for 6" dia x 8" height tom. Not wanting an $80 new case. Protection Racket has a couple in the 8" diameter that would work. Any help appreciated.
  6. amosguy

    OT - Interesting Story - Long Time Coming.

    Just became aware of this story. https://www.kveller.com/this-rockstars-survivor-mother-was-discovered-in-old-holocaust-pictures/?mpweb=1161-45711-498923
  7. amosguy

    Just Because I Could - BOP Kit Finished Finally

    Finally finished . . . . Example of Just Because You Can – Go Ahead Create One Of A Kind Drum Set. Custom Rogers XP-8 orphan/rescue shell Bop setup. Shells with sizes of 6-8-10-12-14-18 + 13 snare. Wrapped in Koa wood veneer. EDIT NOTE: Veneer wrapping was shared among Jeff Christensen (cabinet...
  8. amosguy

    Identify Bass Drum Round Head Tension Rod

    Bought these over 10 years ago and cannot remember/find the company I bought them from. Any help identifying them is appreciated. Look similar to Sonor but no Sonor.
  9. amosguy

    25 Drum Solos Article

    This showed up today in my News feed. https://www.yardbarker.com/entertainment/articles/25_drum_solos_fills_breaks_and_intros_that_everyone_should_know/s1__34581800
  10. amosguy

    Shipping Problem With Reverb

    Anyone know how to get Reverb to actually respond? I sold a drum set 4 days ago that required 2 packages. They have very good shipping rates with UPS, and did set up one package with no problem. But the website does not have an option to add additional packages beyond the original. You are...
  11. amosguy

    Cymbal Stand Toaster?

    Never know what some "genius" will do when the need for toast hits you.
  12. amosguy

    I Teched / Roadied for Kenny Aronoff Yesterday!

    Well, I DID HELP set up for a clinic Kenny gave at the West Coast Drum Shop. Kenny is a great speaker and gentleman as well as drumming phenomenon. He was around for a couple of hours after the clinic signing posters and pictures. Great time this afternoon. The West Coast Drums Shop knows...
  13. amosguy

    OT? Maybe not - Updated Art History

    Somewhere, someone has updated a classic Johannes Vermeer painting.
  14. amosguy

    SOLD - Premiere Clone Bop Kit

    Just because I like the look, I collected enough Premier vintage hardware (except tension rods) to put together a tribute/clone bop kit. 10"-12"-14" Pacific birch toms, 18" Tama mahogany bass from converted tom. Original hardware holes plugged and matching Premier hardware mounting holes...
  15. amosguy

    Another Scammer Alert - Jasmine1200

    Should have know better. Joined the day I got his message. Stupid on my part. DUH. Passed this along to a friend and he got scammed. **************************************************************** I can help you out with a lead. contact Huff in VA. on [email protected], regarding...
  16. amosguy

    OT - UPS Again. Great This Time

    Check out my delivery time for a small package (not drum related) from Latvia to Seattle area. Including clearing Customs - 3 days from Riga to Redmond. Have had 7-10 days on shipping across the USA! 06/10/2021 10:32 A.M. Delivered REDMOND, WA, US...
  17. amosguy

    Slight OT - Reverb Changing Listing To FREE SHIPING - UPDATE

    I noticed that Reverb has started to change SHIPPING CHARGES posted in my shop to FREE SHIPPING on large priced items without any notice to the seller. Does that mean REVERB is going to pay for the shipping? Somehow don't think so. I used the online Help to send message that will not be...
  18. amosguy

    2021 Tacoma Guitar and DRUM Show June 26-27 - $20 for 2 days!

    https://www.tacomaguitarfestival.com/ The Tacoma Guitar Show includes a DRUM ROOM. It takes place in the Tacoma Dome exhibition spaces. Only 10 table spaces but it is a start for the Pacific Northwest. Donn Bennett helped arrange the shows and likely will have some items for sale himself...
  19. amosguy

    SOLD - INDe Snare

    6x14 INDe black nickel over brass shell. Steel rims. Mint condition. You will not be disappointed. Just thinning the herd in the basement. Using interior badge serial number, this is 2019 date. $300 + shipping.
  20. amosguy

    Guitar Center - YET AGAIN!

    I bought a couple of the Road Runner cymbal bags GC on sale a while back. They sent them in separate shipments, local store pickup. First one arrives and picked up no problems. Notice for second one by email so I go to store again for the second bag. The store cannot find the box, but pulls...