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  1. tomo221

    ******************* SOLD *******************

    I bought this as part of a thin/medium/heavy hi hat trio kinda thing so I’d have options, and lately I’ve found myself just using the thin and heavy, so I’m letting this one go. Put it on top of, or below, your existing 15” cymbal for quick and easy hi hat pair! HHX hammering, relatively low...
  2. tomo221

    Live knee mic?

    Anyone use a knee mic live, and if so, which one and why? I’m venturing into IEM territory and am exploring options for hearing everything (with hopefully less effort than overheads and close mics).
  3. tomo221

    ****************** SOLD *******************

    16” AAX Studio crash over an HH prototype. The crash too is in good condition; couple little rough spots on the edge, a bit of oxidation, lots of fingerprints, but no cracks or keyholing. Bottom is in great shape. 950/1665 grams. Asking $150 plus actual shipping from NH.
  4. tomo221

    Brand new piece of Gold Sparkle wrap for 8x7

    Bought from Precision for an add-on tom build that never happened. Sheet measures 28 1/8” x 7 1/2”. Could fit an 8x8 if you leave a 1/4” of shell exposed at the top and bottom, which is common. Or maybe cut it up for inlay strips? Up to you. Ships from NH. $15 plus shipping.
  5. tomo221

    Small Sonor T Shirt

    I used to fit into a small, but not so much anymore, so I haven’t worn this much at all. Just cover shipping ($5 maybe?) and I’ll send it out to ya!
  6. tomo221


    Details and video on the Reverb page. $295 shipped (within contiguous 48 states) for DFOers! https://reverb.com/item/48174819-ufip-est-1931-19-crash-cymbal-1424-grams-video?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=48174819
  7. tomo221

    *************************** SOLD

    I custom ordered these from Paiste back in 2019 and only brought them out a handful of times (for lower volume gigs). 1004g & 1324g. They’re still in great shape, save for some fingerprints and stick marks. The normal stuff, you know. No dings/flea bites. I’m hoping to sell them together...
  8. tomo221

    Pearl Masters MMX 14x5.5 Snare Drum Purple Storm w/Satin HW

    $300 shipped east of the Mississippi, $310 west. Reverb link is here.
  9. tomo221


    Sabian ‘track jacket’ sweatshirt, N&C hoodie, Paiste T, George Way T. All men’s medium. All worn but clean with no rips or snags. No charge, just pay shipping from NH.
  10. tomo221

    A few random issues of Modern Drummer

    Decent condition. I just don’t want these anymore, so just pay shipping on any one you want and it’s yours. (Of course I’ll send you more than one if you’re interested.) 25th Anniversary, January 2001 Glenn Kotche, August 2007 Taylor Hawkins, March 2000 and/or May 2006 Steve Smith, May 2003...
  11. tomo221


    Excellent condition. Gigged since the beginning of 2020 ..... which is to say, not very much (thanks COVID). I really dig the sound of this drum, but I just have too many snares right now. It has a Remo Controlled Sound head and some Canopus wires, but I’ll throw in the unused Ambassador and...
  12. tomo221

    Want a 24/13/16 project?

    Hope the mods don't mind this, but I figured I'd link to some project shells/hardware I'm looking to unload over in the For Sale section: https://www.drumforum.org/threads/somebody-please-make-drums-out-of-these.176317/
  13. tomo221


    I dabbled in drum building many years ago, and got out of it. Then about 3-4 years ago someone on DFO was selling a bunch of nice shells and I thought I might have a go at it again. Then life happened (house, kid, new job, yada yada), and here these things sit. So please, someone take these...
  14. tomo221

    OT: what do you think of where you live?

    The wife and I are sorta kinda halfway maybe perhaps possibly considering making a move from New England - where we’ve lived for most of our lives - to somewhere else (for several reasons), but we’re unsure where exactly we’re hoping to end up. We have a few places in mind that intrigue us, but...
  15. tomo221


    Pearl Vision Birch 18x14, 12x8, 14x14, 14x5. Walnut gloss. Upgrades include: Kick: Adding in Dixson no-drill bass drum lift. Tom: Optimount, 2.3mm Superhoop IIs Floor Tom: Gibraltar 2.3mm hoops Snare: Sabian 20-strand bronze wires Tom arm and FT legs included (snare stand not included). I will...
  16. tomo221

    ********* SOLD **********

    Pics available upon request. One of each line item available unless otherwise noted. Condition is used unless otherwise noted. Open to reasonable offers/combine orders. Actual shipping will be added based on location. I will of course combine shipping for multiple items. 16" maple bass drum...
  17. tomo221


    Solid brass snare lugs. Set of 24. These measure 1 11/16” end to end, and they have a single mounting point. I can throw in some 5/16” long mounting screws if needed. I’ve had these lugs for years, and I don’t even remember where I got them from at this point. (I think eBay, maybe?) Anyway...
  18. tomo221

    *************************** KEEPING IT FOR NOW

    Killer little all birch bop kit! This was a limited run kit, so I don't think these pop up too often. 18x14, 12x8, 14x14, 14x5. Walnut gloss finish. Upgrades: Replaced the 1.6mm tom and floor tom hoops with 2.3mm hoops Replaced the basic ISS mount with an Optimount Sabian 20-strand bronze snare...
  19. tomo221


    Thinning out the herd a bit. These are in excellent shape. Probably some stick marks from normal use (in my home studio only), but on such a raw finish, you couldn't tell! No cracks or fleabites. Now, according to Meinl, the Vintage Pure cymbals can be prone to edge warping, but this is...
  20. tomo221


    Thinning out the herd a bit. This is a rare one, and it's in excellent shape. Stick marks and fingerprints from bringing it out to a few gigs, but no issues. This is essentially one of the new K Sweet crashes, but with with some K Con Renaissance-style hammer clusters sprinkled about. At its...