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    My first time playing 17” Hi Hats

    Out of pure curiosity, I bought these 17” Istanbul Agop XIST Dry Dark hats on ebay. So far, they’re a fun rehearsal space novelty.
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    Cutting efx holes?

    I’m interested in adding effects holes to my crash of doom. Are there people who do this or tools with which I can do it myself?
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    I’m playing Nashville for the first time

    I took over drum duties for the James Cook Band in March and for the first time in my life, I’m a touring drummer. We’re playing the Music City, June 11th at Tennessee Brew Works.
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    Texas twist on the iconic monogram bass drumhead

    I recently began playing drums for a Texas country artist and designed a bass drumhead based on the iconic monogrammed heads of the swing band era. Yes my initials are J.C. but also the name of the band is the James Cook Band, which adds weight to the design
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    Looking to Book Shows in Kansas City/Lawrence area

    I'm now playing drums for a Texas Country/Americana artist (much in the style of Nathaniel Rateliff) looking to book in the KC/Lawrence area. What are the best venues for this type of music? Are there DFOers active in the scene looking to share a bill late-summer into fall?
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    DFOers in Lubbock

    For the first time ever, I’m playing a show in Lubbock, TX. Tonight 3/31/2022 Blue Light Live It’s also my first show in support of James Cook Then were on to Fort Worth, Saturday night
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    Recent Discovery - Drummer Bruce Guttridge

    A YouTuber I subscribe to recently featured the performance of an INCREDIBLY gifted guitar player named Johnny Hiland. Johnny's three-piece band is anchored by drummer Bruce Guttridge. I went to Bruce's youtube page to find clips of numerous studio sessions spanning over a decade. The video...
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    Revisiting Ben Folds Five & the drumming of Darren Jessee

    On a whim, I threw in my DVD of 'Ben Folds Five - The Sessions at West 54th Street', a sensational performance from 1997 featuring a young, intense and determined band from North Carolina. In the 20 plus years I've owned the DVD, I've grown more impressed with drummer Darren Jessee. While very...
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    Best K Zildjian Ride?

    What, in your opinion, is the best K Zildjian Ride for contemporary applications (rock, funk, fusion)?
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    Anderson Paak plays cool Ludwig kit during Little Richard tribute

    Anderson Paak has fun while Bruno Mars delivers the goods
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    OT: Insurance coverage on 'old' pickup truck?

    My father recently gifted me his 2001 Ford F-150. It's in pretty amazing condition inside and out (save for some paint scratches) and it's about to hit 70,000 miles. So, now I own a 20-year-old vehicle which overall isn't overly valuable but the paint is in better shape than my much newer cars...
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    Help me identify this drum break

    I was watching this great set by DJ Jazzy Jeff and he played this drum break that sounded vaguely familiar but...I just cant place it. It's a kind of Booker T and the MGs or Lonnie Smith vibe. It occurs at about 26:54 in this set. This link should take you there
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    Set up in the park and vibe a little

    We had a rare 70-degree day last week so I set up in a park downtown and played for around 45 minutes. The owner of a local arts publication came out from his office and shot some video. This was the first 'public performance' of my recently acquired vintage Slingerland kit. Imma guessin' you...
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    In search of bass drum mounted cymbal arm...

    It appears I have a stock cymbal arm mount on my newly acquired Slingerland bass drum. Were these pretty much universal from brand to brand? What size (diameter?) cymbal arm should I be looking for? Does Gibraltar make a sturdy plug-n-play version?
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    Have you ever auditioned for a Branson show?

    Has anyone here assembled a demo reel for auditioning purposes? A friend of mine in Branson, Missouri (working musician) is encouraging me to put together a demo packet and sending it to all the shows/theatres there. After losing my job back in August, the prospects of finding local full-time...
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    I landed myself a beautiful '60s Slingy 5 piece...

    Quick back story - These belonged to a fella that I jammed with quite a bit at our local country jamborees. I never saw him play the drums because I knew him as a guitar player. He passed away after a long illness and one day his widow called saying he left behind 4 drum kits and she invited me...
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    Band’s from 20 years ago w/ great drummers...

    That I’ve just become aware of... Don Caballero Faraquet Hella I’m not sure how these bands got past me I find Caballero to be the most interesting musically
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    Order with Custombassdrumhead.com?

    I placed an order with custombassdrumhead.com on the April 14th and got a confirmation the next day. Despite their claim to ship heads "2-5 business days" after ordering, I haven't heard a peep from them since. I've emailed them twice in the past 5 days with no response. They've had a message on...
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    Wow! This is great (Randolph & Stewart in Vic Firth Duo)

    I love that they're playing together and not necessarily trying to outchop each other
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    THEE most impressive recent drum kit performance I've seen (Maison Guidry)

    This is one of the most impressive display of chops and feel I've seen in a recent performance Maison Guidry in support of the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra in Tiny Desk concert at NPR Yikes!