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  1. Peterk256

    Interesting Ludwig Development - 5" Acrolite no longer 8 lugs...

    Forumites and geeks in the know prefer an 8-lug snare (as I do). But I bet the rest of the world that buys new drums wants 10-lugs.
  2. Peterk256

    Doug Clifford has a "new" album out

    Oaklawn. Here are a couple of other photos I took at a previous visit in 2019.
  3. Peterk256

    Doug Clifford has a "new" album out

    Speaking of Doug Clifford, I had to take this photo at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ today.
  4. Peterk256

    Doug Clifford has a "new" album out

    Thanks for sharing. It's amazing how much Doug held back (or was forced to) with CCR. I had no idea he had chops and a range of style beyond what was represented on CCR records. Adds to the big respect I already have for his accomplishments and impact on my own playing.
  5. Peterk256

    Slingerland Field Snare found online...

    I recently sold a 1963 Legion Heir in very good condition, all original, for $175 on eBay. Originally listed for $225 but I slowly reduced the price until finally accepting an offer after being listed for 2 months. It could make a cool rack tom and I had it set up that way on my practice set for...
  6. Peterk256

    For Charlie Watts

    My tribute from a couple of weeks ago. Strange angles are distortions by the camera, not how I set up my drums.
  7. Peterk256

    Fantasy Fill-In, One Song, Which Band?

    Rolling Stones, Brown Sugar.
  8. Peterk256

    Pirateship.com who has details on how this works?

    I do nearly 50 eBay transactions every month as a "thrift store flipper". The flipping community uses and endorses Pirate Ship on a regular basis. Their discounted UPS rates used to be less expensive from eBay's but now they are the same since eBay negotiated a better rate. It it totally...
  9. Peterk256

    Anyone used Pirateship for shipping?

    I use it all the time. It's legit.
  10. Peterk256

    Old Pearl Hi-Hat Stand - Bushing Needed

    My best drum buddy has an old Pearl Hi-Hat stand that needs a bushing for the mid section. See the attached photos (screen shots from his text). Thanks for looking.
  11. Peterk256

    Victor J. LaPage cymbal

    I think I scanned this Victor J. La Page ad from an old MD Magazine.
  12. Peterk256

    Remember the Beatles launching on Ed Sullivan? Here is a good chuckle :)

    I didn't catch the debut performance but I saw their picture in the newspaper some days after. I also thought they had haircuts that looked like Moe from the Three Stooges and I wondered why. I was 10 years old at the time.
  13. Peterk256

    ebay.. OFFER RECEIVED...

    I sell a lot on eBay flipping thrift store and estate sale items, an average of 50 transactions per month. Sellers can send offers to watchers, with 5% being the minimum discount offer. Sellers also have the option of allowing for counteroffers or not. It's anonymous, the seller does not know...
  14. Peterk256

    Long Island 1970s revisited: The Good Rats @ My Father's Place 1974 + More Concerts "Before the Fame"

    I remember them as a (minor) big deal on Long Island, NY FM radio. Their song "Tasty" got the most airplay IIRC.
  15. Peterk256

    Michael Nesmith, dead at 78

    Mike wrote Mary, Mary which was the first song I played on drums. RIP.
  16. Peterk256

    Ringo's Cymbals- a timeline

    Adding these to the mix. Not sure the about the dates.
  17. Peterk256

    OT: Old farts trying to be hip:

    "More cowbell". I hated it then, I hate it now.
  18. Peterk256

    Ludwig 6-hole snare hoops?

    I'm a big fan of an S-Hoop for the Pioneer batter side. I believe the added stiffness makes up for the 6 lugs so it plays like an 8-lug Jazz Festival.
  19. Peterk256

    Ludwig Pioneer - Wow!

    I had the same thought a while back. Since I couldn't find a diecast hoop I theorized that an S-Hoop would have a similar effect so I bought one. Bingo, it DOES improve the sound and feel. It now plays like an 8-lug!
  20. Peterk256

    The Rolling Stones - Live in 1972

    Charlie didn't always lift the hh, he started doing it around 1974-75. Old videos (and your ears) are proof of this.