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  1. drummingbulldog

    OT: James Webb Space Telescope image

    The infrared image from the JWST struck me as Capri Pearl wrap.
  2. drummingbulldog

    Gretsch New Classic kit

    7x8 tom 350.00 usd plus shipping 18x22 bass drum 500.00 usd plus shipping 9x12 tom 350.00 plus shipping 14x14 floor tom with legs 400.00usd plus shipping I have paypal Wrap is called vintage nitron glass. Only been out of my house once. Thinning my herd. Would sell as a kit if you want or...
  3. drummingbulldog

    Tama Silverstar bass drum.

    I have an 8x12 and 14x12 floor tom with legs in good condition in the green chameleon sparkle. Does anyone have a matching bass drum 18/20 in that wrap or does anyone here need these toms? They are birch shells and well made and sound amazing but need cleaning and new heads. I am willing to...
  4. drummingbulldog

    Ludwig 10x14 transition snare

    Chrome over wood. Interior is white painted but airhole shows imprint of blue olive badge. Stardard lugs. Throw is shown in photos. This drum is likely early 70s. This shell is in excellent shape for it's age. Would make a nice shallow floor tom or a great orchestral field drum. Fits on low boy...
  5. drummingbulldog

    Gretsch New Classic kit

    Mint 2010 New Classic kit in vintage glass nitron wrap 10x8 tom 12x9 tom 14x14 floor tom 22x18 bass drum $850.00 plus shipping MSG me for photos
  6. drummingbulldog

    1985 Yamaha Recording Custom drums

    Cherry Wood finish. 10x8 12x10 13x11 14x14 16x22 comes with dbl tom holder for bass drum. Non YESS tom arm for 10" tom. Kit is in good shape for age. Pitting on chrome can be restored using .0004 steel wool and a quality chrome polish. Drums has scratches on the kick and toms but they are hard...
  7. drummingbulldog

    Slingerland Radio King Capri Pearl

    I am selling my 5x14 Capri Pearl drum. It's clean and all original. Lugs are pitted. Drum is approximately 1961 with the purplish color instead of more black. Seams are tight. One ply shell. PM for more info. $1000 obo
  8. drummingbulldog

    Hey guys n gals-been awhile

    I just had this as a memory on fb. The kit is a Gretsch Catalina Bop kit in 10/12/14 with 18" kick. This is me doing my take on the purdie shuffle. It was recorded on a Zoom Q3 with no effects or eq.
  9. drummingbulldog

    Imagine- my drum room Gretsch SSB

    It has the sign above the door which reads "Imagine" in the Lennon font from the album. Thanks Mom R.l.P.
  10. drummingbulldog

    UPS just dropped this off

    Also 10/12/14 pack of Remo clear Emperors
  11. drummingbulldog

    Gretsch Microsensitive screws question

    Does anyone know what size the machine screws are that attach to the shell/throw off hinged plate? I have the new remake version so I don't know if it's different compared to the original.
  12. drummingbulldog

    Slingerland Radio King Capri Pearl finish.

    I am selling my 5x14 Slingerland Radio King snare drum. All original. 1962. 3 point strainer/throw-off & butt. Finish is in great shape. Wrap is fine & no lifting at the seams. Make a reasonable offer $500 & up. Will come with bag. Buyer pays shipping.
  13. drummingbulldog

    Info on Ludwig 10x14 snare

    Ludwig experts please. My new/old drum is a 60s I think. White interior with rerings. No badges. No hardware except 16 small stand lugs and triple flanged hoops. Chrome over wood wrap. What do I have?
  14. drummingbulldog

    Evans G14 head

    What in the hell? Check out my G14 coated. It looks like water but the 12" tom bag is fine. The 12" tom is fine. It just sat in a Tuxedo bag for 2 years.
  15. drummingbulldog

    Gretsch New Classic 5 pc kit

    18x22 bass drum/10x8 & 12x9 toms with tom arms/14x14 & 16x16 floor toms with legs. Drums in Vintage Nitron Glass wrap. Diecast hoops on all drums. Bass drum has Pearl bass drum hoop protector. 8" tom & 20" kick have sold. Shipping will be 300.00 plus. $1600.00.
  16. drummingbulldog

    Gretsch New Classic kit is partially sold

    20x16 kick & 8x7 tom are gone. Feels good to downsize a little. The guy I sold them to is using them in an Elvis tribute band. He sent a link. They are excellent. They really do justice to the 50s & 60s stuff. Nice guy too. I told him about the forum so be on the look out.
  17. drummingbulldog

    Jazz drummers kits timeline

  18. drummingbulldog

    Fibes cymbal cup

    Has anyone ever used the black rubber/plastic cymbal cup thing for their rides. I have 2 of them. The cymbal fits on the nipple where the threaded cymbal topper is. The cup goes into the cymbal bell. I used to use one.
  19. drummingbulldog

    Mapex Cherry snare drum

    Mapex Deep Forest cherry shell. Has cracks in outer veneer under lugs. What do you do to fix it? Should I sand it and paint? It's a beautiful drum with gold hardware. If I paint, do I need to remove the veneer.
  20. drummingbulldog

    Repairing cracked veneer

    Mapex Deep Forest cherry shell. Has cracks in outer veneer under lugs. What do you do to fix it? Should I sand it and paint? It's a beautiful drum with gold hardware. If I paint, do I need to remove the veneer.