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  1. mydadisjr

    BONHAM... Can YOU hear the squeaky bass pedal in "SINCE I'VE BEEN LOVING"?? (SQUEAK KING!)

    WARNNG... TOTAL BONHAM NERD-DOM ALERT Always heard about the infamous Zep Speed King squeak on the studio version of "SINCE I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU" (third album), but I cannot hear the squeak on either the studio Spotify or Youtube examples. Is the squeak only on the original vinyl? Maybe...
  2. mydadisjr

    OH NO!! Not another TIME SIGNATURE discussion! HOW ABOUT.... 6/4, 3/2, 4/2

    Anybody here play regularly in 3/2, 4/2, 6/4? I used to play some classical guitar, saw 3/2 and 4/2 every once in a while but rarely saw this stuff in concert band (except maybe cut time... 2/2). **************************************************************** My GF (also my BFF!) is a...
  3. mydadisjr

    WHOA NELLY!! Do not know if I LOVE or HATE this JELLYBEAN DW kit

    Hey, I am not a DW basher... I had a 6x14 Keller shell vintage DW snare that was my go-to bar band snare for years back in the day, and man, it was GREAT... should not have sold that one. I still have a DW brass snare, and also have loved me numerous PDP (MIM) kits in the past. But this one...
  4. mydadisjr

    FACEBOOK MARKET PLACE... I just do not get it!

    I sell a lot on Craigslist and I hear over and over that CL is dead, and that I gotta move to FB marketplace. Well, I have tried, drum friends, tried mightily on and off over the last six months BUT FB seems to be the stupidest, most ill-conceived site ever! (Possibly designed by drunks or 12...
  5. mydadisjr

    69 year old PAT BENATAR still rockin'! Check out this video...Who's the drummer?

    Man, PB is still singing good, still looking good, still married to Neil. She is so cool!
  6. mydadisjr

    20x18 BASS DRUM sighting (Ludwig)... aren't these illegal?

    Saw this Ludwig set when I was browsing the SWEETWATER used site... thought it was pretty cool for $900 until I realized there was something really wrong with the bass. Why, Ludwig, Why? I just sold a beautiful Yamaha SC set cuz of the stupid 20x17 kick (guess I shoulda cut it down). I cannot...
  7. mydadisjr

    Jeff Porcaro shows us how to play a slow song... WOW!

    I heard this song on the radio today, and I thought "well crafted song, who the heck is the drummer? Keeping it really sparse and tasty". Turns out it was Jeff. Man, he is good. Check out the fill at the end of the sax solo at 2:45
  8. mydadisjr

    Holy Cow! Check out ROY HAYNES at 94 years young! Still be-bopping strong.. AMAZING!

    Born Mar 13 1925. This cat is still going strong... he played with Charlie Parker, gosh dang it! Video from 2019 Also played with: Lester Young, Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, Sarah Vaughn, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Getz, Chick Corea...
  9. mydadisjr

    My favorite "DRUMS FOR SALE" picture of the week

    Just had to share this pic... drums for sale, only $500. Only problem is you cannot get to them because of all the junk in the way! Accessible by helicopter. What the heck are people thinking? Gotta love Facebook..........
  10. mydadisjr

    Cheapest drum kit by MAJOR company? FENDER STARCASTER!

    FROM FENDER!! Somebody just posted this on the PHX craigslist...Wow, does this kit look cheapo! I believe that is a 13" 5 lug (!) power tom on the bass. Might be the only 13/5 power tom in existence. Also, a 6 lug 22" (I think) bass with metal hoops. The kit has an 8 lug (not 6 lug) snare tho...
  11. mydadisjr

    Was my DW 13" snare drum CURSED?

    I bought this snare a few years ago but never warmed up to it, as I am pretty much a died-in-the-wool 14" metal (brass or aluminum) snare guy. Drum in question is a very cool 13x7 maple DW performance USA snare, no longer being made, rare gloss maple finish. Anyway, selling this thing was a...
  12. mydadisjr

    very odd new SCAM website... TESENI... brass Ludwig snares for $89!!

    I keep seeing this odd website come up when I do Google searches for drums or guitars... the website is supposedly... teseni.com but if you put that in the search bar, nothing. But then, I got the page from teseni to load (see below) The site sells mostly women's clothes but has a...
  13. mydadisjr

    HELP! Is my neck roasted? (Fender guitar neck, that is)

    I always hang out here, so I figured I would give it a whirl, even tho this ain't a drum! I bought this nice 60's Vintera Modified Strat guitar a while ago. Fender is doing the ROASTED thing on a lot of their necks (baking them in a controlled oven) to give them more "snap" or "crackle" or...
  14. mydadisjr

    RANT...Sweetwater is a pretty good online company, BUT their reviews are SO FAKE/CHEEZY!!

    Hey, maybe I am just a grumpy old man, BUT... I purchase regularly from SW, and they do have good customer service, BUT I have noticed so many SW reviews that devolve into praising the company and /or praising a specific rep at the end of the review. It feels really fake and made up. In...
  15. mydadisjr

    one more CA thread... here's CARMINE in the third video ever shown on MTV! (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

    When MTV first started up in 1981 the first three videos were: 1. VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR (Buggles) 2. YOU BETTER RUN (Pat Benatar) 3. You guessed it, Rod and Carmine... SHE WONT DANCE WITH ME Redefines the word CRINGE-WORTHY ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  16. mydadisjr

    slightly OT... FENDER American Made Guitars no longer MADE IN USA?!?!

    I have been a lifetime lover of fender stratocaster guitars... I blame Hendrix, Clapton and SRV. Anyway, I buy and sell a few of 'em when I can for fun, mostly the mid priced Made In Mexico versions (and I even play a little...). Lately I have noticed a few USA strats that say CORONA CALIFORNIA...
  17. mydadisjr

    REVERB and the new $600 tax reporting... is anybody gonna set up an LLC?

    I am really considering setting up an LLC for my selling on Reverb... I have lots of stuff that I need to unload this year to pay some bills. I went a bit crazy buying fender electric guitars last year. As I understand it, if I have all my ducks in a row with Reverb and a SCHEDULE C...
  18. mydadisjr

    Price Cut! ENGLISH Premier ARTIST MAPLE 22-10-12-14 (floor) KIT in ROYAL BLUE STAIN $500

    Monster 22x16 10 lug bass... really a great BD sound! All good Evans matching heads, a few scuffs/scratches... bass hoop was cracked but a very nice repair was done (see pics). 11x14 FT legs/mounts are non-original, but very nice installation. Tom mount is PDP, also comes with "shorty" snare...
  19. mydadisjr

    semi OT... crazy stat... "OVER 42% OF ITEMS PURCHASED ONLINE ARE FAKES (counterfeits)"

    I enjoy listening to financial advice podcasts/videos in the morning over a cup of coffee (I know, what a nerd... I am supposed to listen to The Led Zeppelin Story or The History of Punk videos). I heard this stat this morning about buying on ebay, Walmart.com, Amazon etc (the stat refers to...
  20. mydadisjr

    very odd video of DAVE CLARK FIVE "Concert in London"... only slightly live... good ROGERS shots!

    I was always a fan of the DC5 but have been hearing lots lately about how Dave Clark controlled everything. Seems he did not even want videos of him actually playing drums to be out there. Supposedly all of the tight stage shots and closeup shots (90% of the video) were not done live at the...