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  1. bbunks

    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    The other one is Bruges, Belgium. Besides good beer, you have another reason to visit!
  2. bbunks

    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Fred Pierce’s Studio Drum Shop
  3. bbunks

    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    I think you had a bad sales associate and… …have you given any thought to sharing your feedback with the manager? If this were my business, I would want to know (and I regularly solicited client feedback - and a few times for an earful). But for all the time writing and thinking about this, go...
  4. bbunks

    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    I’ve often wrestled with the “Art vs Person” question, and wondered if someone’s excellence as an artist contributed to their deficits as a good human. But I think we all have the capacity to be difficult humans, some just more so. That said, my interest and respect in the art increases when...
  5. bbunks

    Copper Snare - Limited Projection on Stage

    what drum do you have these on?
  6. bbunks

    For you Fusion Fans - RTF and Headhunters, 1974

    From Soundstage. I think my head would have exploded if I had seen them at this time
  7. bbunks

    Best Quick Release Cymbal Nuts

    B But they’re not “Bill Proof” - I’ve whacked them a few times when I went for my ride bell and had them fly off the stage. I can be an excitable boy. I added a set of Inde “gummies” to the Crosstown stands I bought this year. Overall, I like them a lot. I will say they were tough to put on...
  8. bbunks

    A&F at GC - update

    I’m biased, but I like ‘em ‘cause they’re pretty. Plus, after silver, exotic wood is the loudest finish.
  9. bbunks

    Your personal gig dress code

    With my former band, it was usually black jeans and a funky shirt, in this case, a Rockmount western shirt. The band I joined last summer looks like old guys at a bbq, and my goal this year is to spruce us up a bit.
  10. bbunks

    The Greatness of Art Blakey

    Love Art! I had the privilege of meeting him twice and recording the Messengers in 1980 for the NPR station I worked for. It’s an okay recording - no sound check as the Messengers were walking onto the stage as the last mic was put in place - and it sat in a cassette for 20 years before it got...
  11. bbunks

    How MUCH Gear Do I Need?!?!?!?!

    My motto is never confuse need with want
  12. bbunks

    Craviotto 7X13 Snare Drum

    I owned a walnut 7x13 Craviotto that was nice. I ultimately sold it because I like 14” drums better.
  13. bbunks

    Aluminum snare drum

    Welcome to OpinionLand - you’ll get lots of them! So here’s mine: if you want an inexpensive one, look at the old Slingerland student models. It’s the fifth drum on this video
  14. bbunks

    Anyone play Led Zep’s “Rock and Roll” at tempo?

    Well…that’s what I’m trying to do
  15. bbunks

    Anyone play Led Zep’s “Rock and Roll” at tempo?

    This is my current challenge. Can’t get it to 170-172 bpm - low 150s is pushing it for me. Remaining relaxed at higher tempos is tough.
  16. bbunks

    Who is your favorite drummer demo-ing on videos for their shops?

    Chris is good and I really enjoyed George Sluppick doing demos for Memphis.
  17. bbunks

    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Pre-loved PDP Concept Maple bop kit
  18. bbunks

    What have you got on order now ?

    A 5" Joyful Noise Standard is in the pipeline to be made by Curt.
  19. bbunks

    Most expensive kit?

    The most expensive new is going to be with something custom, and you could quickly spend a bunch with DW, Tama, Craviotto and Sonor before you finished a cup of coffee.