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  1. florian1

    FS - Werkins 22" Cymbal bag

    in great condition, but no shoulder straps...the messy pot metal clasps broke off on day 1. Make me an offer, I want this gone. 100 shipped CONUS - OBO F
  2. florian1

    Werkins 22" Cymbal bag

    Bought a couple months ago...I prefer the PieSafe bags, so this can be yours for 150 shipped to your door CONUS F
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    WTB - Paiste 2002 15" hi hat top

    anyone selling an orphan 2002 15" top? Eager buyer. PM me. F
  4. florian1

    WTB - Paiste Dark Energy Crash

    Looking for the 17" crash....anyone selling? F
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    Booked every weekend from now until November. I havent started and I need a break. F
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    WTB - older Paiste 602 rides 22" Blue label era

    Title says it all...looking for another ride to add to my 602 stable...anyone have any older 602s theyre looking to part with? PM me F
  7. florian1

    SOLD - Beato Pro1 Bag 12x9 (fits up to 14 x 10)

    FS - One very nice Beato Pro 1 rack tom bag. I used this a few times for gigs, but found it to be far too large for my 12 x 9 tom even with the RIMS mount. In the picture you see my 14 x 7 snare and there is STILL room to spare...you could go as large as 15 x 10 and be comfy in this thing. I...
  8. florian1

    Sonor Ascent 18" FT in Iridium Diamond

    Anyone have this unicorn? 18" Sonor Ascent FT in Iridium Diamond...will pay you handsomely for it. F
  9. florian1

    GIGS are ON!

    the Govenor of the state has just opened bars/restaurants for dining later this month - this is good news for all the musicians that have been jonesing for a check and a chance to play. First one is 23 May....looking forward to getting back on stage for Mem Day weekend. F
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    Shout out to all you DFO'ers that have given their time and input here on the boards. I have learned quite a bit from you all and for that Im grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone and to all the Mods and Admins that make this place possible. F
  12. florian1

    WTB - Paiste 2002 hi-hat - top 15"

    Found a couple of cracks in my top hi hat...would like to not go fishing on Ebay, wondering if anyone has an orphan top 15" 2002 laying around they want to get rid of. If you do, hit me up and lets talk F
  13. florian1

    FS: S-Hoops!

    Was digging around my parts bin when I came across a large stash of lightly used S-Hoops and triple flanged hoops. Here's what I have if youre interested: (1) 8" 5 hole (1) 10" 6 hole (1) 12" 6 hole (1) 14" 8 hole (1) 14" 10 hole - snare side (1) 16" 8 hole Triple Flange: (5) 14" 10 hole...
  14. florian1

    Nord 3p w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    For sale in the Drum Section - here is a link to that listing: https://www.drumforum.org/threads/fs-nord-3p.162546/ PM me if interested. F
  15. florian1

    Your internal metronome

    I was reading another thread regarding tempo and fluctionations therein, and it came to mind that I have an internal metronome that Im most comfortable playing at - right around 80 bpm. Was curious if others here find that they have tempo "comfort zones" where you could play for hours on end...
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    SOLD!!!!!! Mods please remove.

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This fine example of Oriollo goodness can be yours. I picked this up a week or so ago - about the same time I picked up a Joyful Noise Luminary. Well, after hearing both, the Oriollo must go. You even get a brand new Evans ST head that I put on. 325 gets it shipped to your door via UPS...
  18. florian1

    SOLD - - - -Evans Reso7 resonant heads 10/12/14/16 - - - SOLD

    You know what a drum head looks like, so Im not gonna post pix. Used em once, literally 1 practice session on my SQ2 set and wasnt thrilled with how they sounded, so I took em off. These are in near mint shape. Lets say 50 shipped CONUS for the whole set. No trades, PP Gift preferred...
  19. florian1

    SOLD - Beato Pro 1 Stick Bag - SOLD

    My stupidity is your gain. Bought this from a fellow forum member last week. Arrived in great shape as promised. This bag is brand new, no issues, perfect shape....except I have 2 extra stick bags in my basement that I didnt know I had, so, I dont need this. These are 85 new, Im asking 50...
  20. florian1

    SOLD - Black Widow Drum rug - SOLD

    I bought this back in the spring thinking they would be great for studio and one for bar gigs. Well, I laid out my kit and it didnt fit on the rug as I had hoped, so these have been sitting around collecting dust for 6 months. This are NIB (with the exception of the time I pulled them out to...