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  1. FatBoy46

    Heads up.

    I got an email from Harry Cangany. Nice! Except Harry passed away years ago. It had a link in it. Beware! If you were part of the old DCI drum forum, you may get one. ( for the younger folks Harry ran Drum Center of Indianapolis and hosted a forum online. He was a prominent collector and a...
  2. FatBoy46

    Drum throne seats

    I had trouble staying seated for more than 45 minutes at a time. Legs go numb, pain. Even using a Roc-N-Soc hydraulic. Changed the seat to a Carmichael. They aint cheap. But they help a lot. Big Dudes Music sells them. Available drilled for Roc-N-Soc hardware mount with backrest and standard...
  3. FatBoy46

    Rosewood Superstar 6.5x14

    Badge has no serial #. And two tacks in it. It was this way when I bought it in ‘98-2000. Any ideas?